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"Genocide is good if an Anti-Imperialist Country(tm) is doing it!"
  • Gee, I didn't know not being American means you're automatically Russian. Either way, you're intentionally missing the entire point of my replies. You don't know how your own government works. Helping Ukraine in no way is draining tax payer money, ya dunce.

  • A Majority of Voters Backing Biden Are Mostly Motivated by Stopping Trump — Poll
  • "Everyone i disagree with is a centrist. If I spilled my bowl of cereal, it was a centrist. If I stub my toe, it was a centrist. If I get called out for being a giant crybaby who victimizes themselves in every argument, its a centrist."

    Seems to me that there's a massive global conspiracy that everyone in your life and on this planet is a centrist and are specifically only fucking with you, and only you Ensign_crab.

  • Just a reminder
  • This is what you're guilty of invincible ignorance fallacy, or better yet, the argument by pigheadedness.

    the person in question simply refuses to believe the argument, ignoring any evidence given. It is not so much a fallacious tactic in argument as it is a refusal to argue in the proper sense of the word. The method used in this fallacy is either to make assertions with no consideration of objections or to simply dismiss objections by calling them excuses, conjecture, anecdotal, etc. or saying that they are proof of nothing, all without actually demonstrating how the objections fit these terms. It is similar to the ad lapidem fallacy, in which the person rejects all the evidence and logic presented, without providing any evidence or logic that could lead to a different conclusion.