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This sddm bug is driving me insane
  • Also a solution: Use Wayland, it'll probably break other things, and Nvidia support is only just getting there; but it's multi monitor support is amazing, so it should fix that issue. So maybe it's worth a try?

  • How to force all chromium apps to use wayland, instead of xwayland by default?
  • For electron, if ELECTRON_OZONE_PLATFORM_HINT and electron-flags.conf don't work, you can also add --ozone-platform-hint=wayland to the end of Exec in each .desktop file (also works on Chromium, but not CEF AFAIK and sometimes CEF).

    There's also --ozone-platform-hint=auto if you find yourself switching between X11 and Wayland.

  • Ubuntu Talks Up A RISC-V Octa-Core Laptop
  • I don't think I've ever seen an AMD powered laptop unless it used an APU.

    There's at least 4 on AMD's website, so they do exist but they don't seem very common.

    Also Intel has laptop chips, but I'm not sure if it's actually discrete or just another die on the CPU.

  • Raspberry Pi launches its IPO
  • ADCs, DACs, IO extenders

    These should all work without kernel drivers. For example, here's a user space python library for ADS1*15 ADCs, or Nuvoton MS51 IO Expanders. Unless you need very specific timing or require the kernel to know about it, you shouldn't need a kernel driver.

  • Raspberry Pi launches its IPO
  • Idk, with I2C if it's not something that needs a kernel level driver, there usually isn't a problem with interacting with it from user space, for example basically all RAM RGB controllers are I2C and OpenRGB has no problem with them. I'm pretty sure I've only ever used an I2C device tree overlay for an RTC.

    Also I2C/SMBus is present everywhere on x86, like some graphics cards expose it through their HDMI ports, even some server motherboards have a header for it; but for GPIO I'm unaware of any motherboards that expose it, so good luck researching the chipset and tracing out the pins.

  • Pop!_OS Wake from Bluetooth
  • but I can't figure out which of the "0000:00:whatever's" correlate to my Bluetooth card

    lspci will list your PCI devices and their ID, but if it's a combo WiFi & Bluetooth card, they usually use PCIe for WiFi and USB for Bluetooth.

  • Does anyone know where the old original GPT-2 (transformer) model ended up?
  • I don't remember OpenAI's website, but I know there was 'Text To Transformer' which was just run by some guy who eventually couldn't keep running it.

    I used to use a Google Colab notebook after it shutdown, which would have similar results.

    There's also Write With Transformer which is probably the easiest, but it's not the same.

  • Make my IPv6 selfhosted service available on IPv4 network.
  • If you can't get the VPS to work, alternatively there's Cloudflare but last I checked streaming was a little out of their free terms. With it, you should just have to set your AAAA record and make the cloud orange, that way Cloudflare will proxy it, and IPv4 will work. There's also Cloudflare tunnels which lets you host websites without port forwarding anything.

  • What's computer architecture?
  • Because how can linux ARM run on a device that used to run windows x86?

    Have you misread AMD64 as ARM64?

    AMD64 is the 64bit extension of x86, often also called x86_64.

    As others has said, ARM is a completely different architecture which is not compatible with x86 without translation layers. ARM also has a 64bit version called ARM64 (or AArch64).

  • Just going for a swim
  • then there's definitely the type of water ditching where the plane angles into the water at full speed, and I don't think that's gonna have 80%

    Pretty sure last time that happened it was still ~30%, which seems pretty impressive considering the video: (SFW but it is a plane crashing)


  • [Solved] Best way to do an NTFS -> ext4 conversion?
  • I don't know anything that can do an in-place ext4 conversation, but there's ntfs2btrfs which is already in the Debian repos if you're okay with BTRFS.

    Of course, backup anything important, ntfs2btrfs should create a backup snapshot if you need to revert back to NTFS, but I wouldn't count on it.

  • (Newbie question) Did i handle my system crashing correctly?
  • This might be just me, but I prefer remembering what the keys actually do:

    • R - Raw keyboard
    • F - Free mem
    • E - End everything
    • I - kIll everything
    • B - reBoot

    Also good to know:

    • S - Sync drives
    • U - Unmount drives
    • O - power Off
    • C - Crash
  • Babe wake up: Cold War spy kitties just dropped
  • The CIA has in the past said both this, and also that cat wasn't hit by a car and lived a normal life afterwards. The latter was more recent, so maybe they published misinformation earlier to make it seem like they stopped using cats, or maybe they're just trying to cover up animal crewelty?

    Also I don't believe there was 15, maybe you've confused it with the 14 french space cats?

  • KDE: Fix to weird theming in flatpaks

    This is more of a public note to self, but if anyone else had screwed up fonts, default cursors, and missing minimise/maximise buttons in flatpaks on KDE Wayland, put this in your /usr/share/xdg-desktop-portal/kde-portals.conf:

    [preferred] default=kde;gtk; org.freedesktop.impl.portal.Settings=kde;gtk;

    Then restart xdg-desktop-portal.


    Apparently this will be fixed in 5.27.9 releasing on the 24th anyway, but I've tried so many different 'solutions' and this had been annoying me for weeks.


    Anglican Church sacked Headmaster over compensation to child sexual abuse victims

    I'm not usually one to share links, but my old school's Headmaster (Dr Paul Browning at St Paul's School) is in a little bit of trouble with the Anglican church for compensating child sexual abuse victims from incidents in the 80s/90s. As he started in 2008, those victims technically weren't his problem but he refunded their tuition fees anyway because it's the right thing to do. However the Anglican church doesn't see it that way and sacked him.

    I graduated in 2021, but he was truly an amazing person, somehow remembers everyone's names, greeting them whenever and while I never had him as a teacher, I've heard he was really an amazing & energetic teacher when in the classroom. I was even at the school earlier this year and was asking how I was doing with uni and stuff. I genuinely believe he doesn't deserve this.

    Please share this as much as you can, there is a petition, but I feel raising awareness and maybe writing to Bishop Greaves and the Anglican Schools Commission are probably the best ways that you can help!

    Thanks for Reading!

    Edit: A few more news outlets have covered the story including: