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Software developer in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Dad to 2 kids.

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Before your change to Linux
  • I still use Windows for work, but the last version I used on any of my personal computers was XP.

  • Most consumers hate the idea of AI-generated customer service
  • If AI is better than the existing voice-prompt systems, then I'll take it, but I doubt it will be.

  • Linux during the mid to late 90s (Windows 95 and 98 era)
  • I remember running Slackware and having to recompile the kernel for just about any hardware you added. I configured a box to be used as a router before routers were something you could get commonly at Best Buy.

    I was taking comp. sci. at university and all our work was done on Sparc workstations. Having a Unix-like machine at home was a great help during that time

  • Looking for a music server
  • Navidrome is still the best music server, even with all of its limitations. For what it's worth, the developer is currently working on features intended to support multiple music libraries. It's going to happen eventually.

  • [SPOILERS - DISCUSSION] Season 1 (Series 14) Episode 9: Empire of Death
  • Did they ever explain what the hand motions the old woman was doing were all about?

  • [SPOILERS - DISCUSSION] Season 1 (Series 14) Episode 9: Empire of Death
  • I still don't understand WTF Ruby's mother had to do with Sutekh. Why was knowing who she was important to the god of death?

  • A self hosted chores calendar?
  • Does nextcloud deck have recurring tasks yet? I didn't think it did.

  • How do y'all backup docker databases with backup programs like Borg/Restic?
  • +1 for long-ass backup script. First dump the databases with the appropriate command. Currently, I have only MariaDB and Postgres instances. Then, I use Borg to backup the database dumps and the docker volumes.

    Database SQL dumps compress very well. I haven't had any problems yet

  • Contest could well be short of 'concurrent testing'
  • I always thought that the word "island" was just short for "isolated land" -- There has to be some reason there's an 's' in there right?. But some etymologist told me it didn't come to be in that manner.

  • Release v1.104.0 · immich-app/immich · GitHub
  • v1.105.1 is already out. Apparently there was a critical bug in v1.105.0 to do with external libraries.

  • Anyone else feel like their ADHD was always there but got progressively worse as an adult?
  • I'm not sure if the ADHD got worse or it was just the consequences that got worse. Either way, I've had to try to find coping mechanisms. I make a lot of lists and use the reminder app on my phone a lot.

  • Selfhosted rss w/ push?
  • I wanted to follow up here because I became aware of a pretty good solution for this. It's called pine pods and it's an open source self-hosted service that also syncs with GPodder (or Nextcloud's version of it) so it will keep AntennaPod and itself synched.

  • Removing "Season Unknown" with no episodes

    I recently added some files to my Jellyfin instance, and some of them had their metadata scraped incorrectly. This was no big deal, they weren't named very well. These files ended up being displayed in a "Season Unknown" season of the show. So I fixed the names, and the files' metadata was corrected automatically. However, the "Season Unknown" remained, with no media displaying in it. I can't figure out how to get rid of it. Anyone have any ideas?

    Chris Pine Was Surprised by New ‘Star Trek 4’ Writer Hire Because ‘I Thought There Was Already a Script…I Was Wrong or They Decided to Pivot’
  • Seems like Chris Pine is getting surprised a lot these days. Maybe we shouldn't be asking him about these things.

    "Chris Pine Is ‘Stunned’ by ‘Wonder Woman 3’ Getting Axed"

  • Selfhosted rss w/ push?
  • I currently use AntennaPod with NextCloud's version of GPodderSync; which is...adequate.

    My ultimate solution would be one where a self-hosted app that tracks and download my podcasts, and then proxy them with some sync mechanism to an android app, but keep them as separate shows with artwork and stuff rather than consolidate them into one feed. I could then choose to listen on the self-hosted web interface or the Android app, and they would be kept in sync.

  • Something like multi-library support for self-hosted music? Trying to recreate iPod feel
  • I use it! It is miles better than other Jellyfin apps for music, but there are still things I wish it still had.

  • Something like multi-library support for self-hosted music? Trying to recreate iPod feel
  • I maintain a Jellyfin instance for audio that points at the same music library as my Navidrome instance does just so I can use the Jellyfin client for Android TV. I would absolutely LOVE to have a subsonic-compatible Android-TV-focused app, so I could finally single-source my music. It's just not friendly to guests to have them have to log in somewhere using their own device to my music server and then have to cast to my main entertainment system at home, when Android TV is just sitting there, acting as nothing more than an old-school Chromecast.

    So, don't get me wrong, Jellyfin is THE BEST video server software FOSS or not, IMO :)

  • Something like multi-library support for self-hosted music? Trying to recreate iPod feel
  • Multi-library support has been one of the most-asked-for features in Navidrome. I believe it's even currently being worked on. Maybe just hang on? :)

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    Massive spam account wave? Call to Lemmy instance admins! - Geddit

    As you can see, there is a massive spam wave going on on Lemmey based instances. This can be avoided by enabling CAPTCHA with signup and also LIMIT the registers per X seconds! Currently the accounts are idle but this can change soon… Please take action NOW!

    Stux from think that the massive recent wave of ~100k new Lemmy accounts is likely mostly spammers. Captchas suck, but are they better than the alternative?