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Beethoven's 9th Symphony
  • The real answer is 70-80min, because that's just how long the 9th symphony takes to be played. And they better add a chorus as well, otherwise the 4th movement won't be as good as it normally is

  • CEO of Google Says It Has No Solution for Its AI Providing Wildly Incorrect Information
  • Never understood this argument. It has nice rethorics but proves nothing. the problem with text prediction != intelligence is that we can't even define intelligence. I hate AI as much as the next guy here, but that doesn't mean we should do lazy assertions and quoting dumb arguments.

  • Rumours point to Total War: Star Wars in the works at Creative Assembly
  • Don't know what you mean with no concept of trade? Are you not excited for a minigame mechanic to gamble on Canto Bight to gain access to all the most profitable weapon traders? I in turn cannot wait for this cheapest of all the criticisms of capitalism.