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Three Wishes
  • Because once the dictatorship of the proletariat is installed it needs to defend itself from counter revolutionaries who want to reinstate class inequality. Actually similarly to how the US and other capitalist states are heavily surveilling and infiltrating communist and other anti capitalist groups in- and outside of their own countries.

  • 274 killed, 698 injured...
  • Bro what is Palestine supposed to do? Disarm and allow Israel to kill half of them and use the rest as cheap labor 2nd degree citizens?

    Most of the Israeli attacks are not to fight Hamas but to spread terror over the Palestinian people. Israel are the real terrorists living on stolen Palestinian land. Israel doesn’t want peace, they funded Hamas because they thought Hamas would keep fighting, which is proven to be untrue as Hamas offered several long term peace treaties by now which Israel denied.

  • Meta’s new AI council is composed entirely of white men
  • When talking about representation, class representation is just as important, if not more important than race and gender. A rich woman’s life experience is much more similar to that of a rich man than that of a poor woman. So you’re right that this hypocrisy deserves to be called out, but we shouldn’t stop when race & gender diversity is reached.

  • Non-binary
  • The comment you were replying to wasn’t about the image in the op though. It was a discussion about someone not liking people who do not identify as man or woman referring to themselves as non-binary.

  • TNG v DS9
  • So speculation isn’t allowed either? When 2 people in a show are having secret meetings together I think it’s pretty normal for the audience to speculate that they are dating (which was the case with Kira and Jadzia). I’m just expressing my disappointment that this speculation was false.

    Also, I don’t like it when shows include obvious hints that two people of the same gender are dating and then never actually show it. Because this tactic is very often used to bait queer people while also keeping their homophobic audience. The result is that many shows won’t actually express any queer relationships because hinting at it is enough. Not saying that this is the case in ds9, but imo it’s a bigger problem with more material effects than what you’re describing.

  • Non-binary
  • Also have you ever considered the fact that maybe you (or other people) don’t really care about gender labels because you were assigned as the gender you prefer? It seems a bit silly to criticise a group who currently faces a lot of discrimination based on their gender preference. Also are you aware that your argument is often used to discredit the experiences of and as a reason to discriminate against people who identify as non-binary?

  • TNG v DS9
  • There was a slight hint towards her and Jadzia dating in the beginning of the show so I assumed she was lesbian. Then I got endlessly disappointed when she only dated men… The fact that she’s bisexual only in de evil dimension makes it even worse because of the implication that gay = bad.