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Mostly harmless

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You ain't fooling anyone
  • I really hope and wish you get to experience a development environment at least once that is not just badly managed short burst waterfall efforts with some buzzwords slapped on top of it.

  • PayPal Is Planning an Ad Business Using Data on Its Millions of Shoppers
  • I use disposable card numbers on unknown websites.

    Go on Wise/Revolut, generate a new card number, wholly legit with expiry and all, pay for your shizzle, flick the card to inactive until the next online purchase. Even if they sell your card details, they will fail to steal your money because the bank will reject your card until you unfreeze it again.

  • forbidden posture rule
  • A few years ago somebody pointed out that twump looks like the front end of a centaur and I cannot unsee it.

    Then again, his current posture could be the successful result of a species realignment surgery from mythical to femboy.

  • Ukraine and EU push to start membership talks in June
  • Great idea! Let's also expel Italy with its fascist government, or France where the nazi woman got 40+% of the votes last time, or the Dutch and their largest faction in their parliament that happens to be far right. Shall I continue?

  • What it's like to be a developer in 2024
  • The English word 'speaker' has multiple meanings. In Hungarian, there is a different word for a speaker device that casts sound (hangszóró, "sound caster") and Speaker of the House of Parliament (házelnök, "president of the house").

    Still, when googling one, you may get results for the other. 🤷

  • Dear God
  • Yeah, that was a fun moment when Pope Francis declared that Adam and Eve were not real. Dude, your firm just spent two thousand years killing and torturing countless thousands of people due to the concept of the "original sin", which had been committed by a fictional character??!?