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Ric Flair wooo-ing in a blind granny's face, while out for pizza.
  • Saville jumped into the wrestling ring a few times. Though it was mostly mockery a la Andy Kaufman, but not funny, and Saville trying to be a tough guy. The legendary Adrian Street did not like Saville mocking his business, so when a promoter put them in the ring together, Street beat the every living snot out of Saville, ripped out his hair by the roots and broke a few bones, ending Saville's wrestling bullshit.

    Note: Adrian Street was a precursor to Goldust and other flamboyant characters that were actually tough as nails. Street dressed like a mix of Liberace and Ziggy Stardust, but was a tough guy from Liverpool who could wreck anyone.

  • City scraps downtown pedestrian bridge project in Guelph Ontario.
  • Lol here's my moving guys carrying all my furniture on bicycles.

    Oh shoot my kids are done school, and I gotta take them to the dentist right after. Let me strap them and a baby seat to my back while I climb on this bicycle.

    Oh here comes the bicycle delivering my new 60" tv!

    Sucks I'm disabled and have no way to ride a bicycle, guess I'll fucking die

  • What American Fascism Would Look Like
  • When you send in your cia to round up citizens of foreign nations and execute/torture them, and fund death squads that disappear people without due process, what do you call that but fascism?

  • In Self-Defense - 1876/10/28
  • People don't know shit about nuance anymore. If your art isn't obvious and the message isn't directly in your face, young people now can't process it and don't know if they should be outraged, they do love to be outraged.

  • Man Set Himself on Fire Outside of Trump Trial Man Set Himself on Fire Outside Trump's Trial

    A man set himself on fire outside Donald Trump's criminal trial in New York on Friday, just as the full jury was selected.

    Man Set Himself on Fire Outside Trump's Trial
    Dave Meltzer apologizes for 10 year old video

    Dave Meltzer should never be regarded as a journalist. This is par for the course for him, running with a story as fact without doing so much as the most basic of research. Like reporting tommy dreamer as the new tna head of creative, without so much as a phone call to dreamer to ask if it's true.

    0 Jimmy Carter Calls Late Wife Rosalynn His 'Equal Partner in Everything' After Her Death at 96

    Former President Jimmy Carter paid tribute to his wife, former first lady Rosalynn Carter, in the wake of her death on Nov. 19. They were married for 77 years, the longest of any first couple.

    Jimmy Carter Calls Late Wife Rosalynn His 'Equal Partner in Everything' After Her Death at 96
    Barack Obama declares the start of World war 2 (2023)

    Dunder Mifflin Son_of_dad
    You seriously never noticed? Hey, hats off to you for not seeing race.
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