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das bagel
  • We have bagel here, so.

    I never saw a reason to get a bagel if I could get better tasting alternatives. However since every bakery get stupid expensive I haven't bought anything but blank buns there anyways. I'm not going to pay 6€ for some bagel and still be hungry afterwards. Keep it

  • What is your least favorite Marvel movie and why?
  • After Endgame I think only the spider-man one's are okay. I stopped watching the rest because I'm pretty fed up with the MCU and going by all their business decisions lately I highly doubt I'd like any of the new content.

    I want more movies like Logan, hyper realistic down to earth heroes. Let Denis Villeneuve direct one.

  • YouTube testing server-side ad injection to counter ad blockers
  • Even embedded ads will always be detectable because they always stick out. Be it audio, video, frame timing or the simple fact that an ad is always the same. They'd need to random generate dynamic AI ads and I don't think we're there yet, nor would most companies accept the possible public outrage when the AI content has a glitch or a different dynamic than what the marketing had in mind.

  • ich🚌iel
  • Wir sind nicht dein persönlicher Zoo. Die Inhalte die du hier teilst sehen alle. Also wundere dich nicht, wenn dir jemand sagt, dass der Inhalt schlecht ist. Dann pfostiere lieber gar nichts.

  • Die Förderung der Erneuerbaren wird teurer als geplant
  • Wenn man lieber in China Milliarden versenkt (Thema China Fördergelder), anstatt sie bei uns inländisch auszugeben, tja dann passiert das eben. Danke liebe Union die in den letzten Jahren federführend daran beteiligt war.

  • No, a Remote Amazon Tribe Did Not Get Addicted to Porn
  • I never believed it because progress wouldn't be that fast and someone certainly would've started to blame a company or organization for delivering all the hardware and installing the infrastructure. Which then would be illogical because how would tribal people pay for this? I think even in the poorest countries of the world, internet doesn't magically drop out of the sky for no money.

  • Why the gradual death of the console exclusive makes business sense
  • The vast majority of Nintendo customers doesn't care about graphics and will happily buy a new 80€ controller every year. They are pretty resistant to negative elements, as they are very depending on Nintendo for delivering that special feeling no other on the market gives them. I don't even blame them on that, it sadly just is a self absorbing construct. Nintendo doesn't have to improve if fans buy 20 years old emulator ports for 80 bucks and the fans won't stop buying it because it's Nintendo, their childhood. I have a Switch myself and love the innovative controls and also am guilty to pay for a year of NSO premium just to play that one game on emulator. Sure I could've hacked my switch, but on the other hand it's time investment to do so and I can't bother.

  • Why the gradual death of the console exclusive makes business sense
  • I think it's just a temporary thing. Suits love nothing more than forcing people into their own wallet garden. Sony will notice less people pay for PS+ and then will turn back to exclusives. Maybe it's also only temporary, to hook people on Sony games and then reach again. I'd love to see it a permanent thing though.

  • Elden Ring's developers know most players use guides, but still try to cater to those who go in blind: 'If they can't do it, then there's some room for improvement on our behalf'
  • I usually try myself and if I can't progress a quest, I carefully read the wiki to the point on where I'm currently stuck. I never do that for bosses unless it's a gimmick fight. Like anybody remember that giant, you could ONLY beat by picking up a sword, on a corpse, behind a pile of stuff, in the very same boss battle arena and then quickly equip it mid fight? Something like this sounds neat on paper, but plays horrible if you have people not knowing this fine detail.

  • Every day.
  • Not to forget, how we now "only" work 40h (for most people), but productivity went up and a lot of down times and social interaction in the past, were replaced by workload grind in a now stressful office environments.

  • What's the dumbest blockbuster movie you have seen that somehow received high praise?
  • Because it's easier to put someone in a suite than teach them years of experience of drilling. You might remember that even the experianced driller had trouble. They also send astronauts with them as well to do the astronaut things, not just the driller crew.

    The smashing into things thing and still taking off...well the movie was supposed to have a happy end for the remaining crew. It would've still been a happy end to have them die, but this way you get a lovely reunion with the families.

    I don't know you, but if you go by questioning plot-armor, you'll have a really hard time to find something to watch.