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  • You gotta address the elephant in the room for it to exist

  • Unbelievable luck!
  • And my axe

  • A cool guide to the carbon footprint of major travel methods
  • I get what you meant but just to avoid any confusion, it's not the most energy efficient but the one with the smallest carbon footprint.

    I assume that's the case but I'll watch the video and get back in case I'm wrong (I might not have left this comment if I wasn't wont to forget about leaving a comment at all but people can reply and get me notified to update this in a day or two)

  • cow's rule
  • Milk

  • Seriously, why aren't most people using adblock these days
  • Disable ad blocking temporarily because it's not on the "right side of the law"

  • We have to stop ignoring AI’s hallucination problem
  • What specifically in Google I/O?

  • Reality check
  • DiCaprio would object to people older than 25 being in his group

  • Music from the browser
  • Chrome has a media thing which shows all currently playing media with controls

  • Imagine denying other living and breathing lifeforms agency to thrive and change lol lol lol
  • How's incinerating bad? Unless you're keeping the leftovers I guess

  • Rabbit R1 is Just an Android App
  • Isn't that more non standard implementations by OEMs? Because pixel and stock-ish Android devices don't have such issues afaik.

  • Anon revisits early youtube
  • Let 'em cook

  • Green or red flag?
  • They can only know after watching it, after all solidjj can't be categorised based on thumbnails

  • Microsoft Just Released MS-DOS Source Code!
  • Next step, bind them to unused keys on your keyboard and press them in the right order

  • Plappa, an Audibookshelf/Jellyfin/Emby app for iOS
  • Thank you! Really appreciate the advice too, didn't know that was a thing

  • High Court In India Rules That Viewing, Downloading Child Porn Is Not A Crime - The Publica
  • You're generalizing too much, so many Hindus have spoken against him and OTOH there are also Muslims like Shehla Rashid who became turncoats or have stayed silent.

  • Plappa, an Audibookshelf/Jellyfin/Emby app for iOS
  • Does anyone here know any sources to find good iOS apps? Idk where else to ask, and this seemed the most relevant.

  • Youtube is now unusable without a frontend
  • 1 minute videos aren't put into the shorts interface, so it's not YouTube noticing that you disabled shorts but rather some YouTuber trying to follow the algorithm using a channel they made for shorts and mistakenly (I assume) uploading a video longer than minute on it. All such videos appear as normal videos instead of as shorts.

    Google is terrible though, so I understand why you would think that.

  • The Old Continent has so much space
  • Where we are going, there are no directions

  • saving lives is hot
  • Would probably find that out before you decide on a date

  • The Pixel Tablet is actually just a few spare parts in a half-empty body [article headline]

    I am not sure where I land on this issue, I am not entirely sold that it should have been filled to the brim and packed tightly but it does seem like they could have done better either for repairability or at least having things like a headphone jack and maybe better speakers (I have read that speakers can do better with more hollow space without adding much weight but I'm not knowledgeable enough)

    The comments have a lot of good viewpoints

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