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This could be humorous… but it’s actually tragic
  • The small one is an E30 3 series and the big one is an X7 (pre-2022). The X7 does get slightly better fuel consumption than that, 27-29 mpg on the petrol engine. The 3 series is probably somewhere in the low 20s based on forum posts but I'm not sure where to get actual data for that one, and I've got no idea which engine is in it

  • Denmark Will Allow Ukraine To Fly Its F-16s Into Russia Proper
  • Oh, that I'm not sure of. I misunderstood what you were asking, sorry about that

    While I don't know about actual jets launching munitions over Russian airspace, Ukraine did successfully hit a Shahed drone factory over 1,000 km from the Russia-Ukraine border with what appears to have been one of these light aircraft converted to be unmanned. So Russia's air defence is definitely not impenetrable.

  • Denmark Will Allow Ukraine To Fly Its F-16s Into Russia Proper
  • Well they've been flying Su-24s, and the F-16s certainly shouldn't be any less capable than those for this sort of thing

    Can Ukraine use stormshadows within Russia?

    The UK okayed it a couple of weeks ago, France this week

  • Denmark Will Allow Ukraine To Fly Its F-16s Into Russia Proper
  • Nice gesture but why would Ukraine risk losing their new toys on adventurism where is work closer to to home to be done.

    Where the frontline is close to the official border, Russia is able to keep its artillery and logistics on the Russian side of the border where Ukraine is not allowed to use half of its equipment. Russia's ongoing Kharkiv offensive is an example of this

    Now if they were supplying rockets with ranges over 200km

    France and Britain have been supplying the storm shadow missile, which has almost three times that range. Ukraine has been launching it from its own Su-24 aircraft, but those are very old and there aren't a lot of them left. The F-16 could be a good new platform to launch them from. As I understand it, storm shadow and F-16 are not compatible out of the box and would need some modification, but the same was true for the Su-24 and that appears to have worked out

  • Powerful enchantment
  • Console commands also let you apply some non-spell effects as enchantments. If you want to have a bit of fun cheating, you can put a max strength fus ro dah on a hammer and pretend to be Thor

  • The composition of the Union Flag
  • I will admit that I did not intentionally include Cornwall; keeping the white between the black and blue was just a matter of keeping the two visually distinct (and the old "rule" of tincture). However if it does qualify as a representation of Cornwall too, I'm on board. Call it a happy accident.

  • The composition of the Union Flag
  • The graphic seems to be going by intention. Same reason that the narrow white diagonals are only part of the St Patrick's cross and not part of the St Andrew's one, even though the Scottish flag does also have white there.

    I suppose if you continued the logic of your version, you could also count a small diagonal cross in the centre for Northern Ireland too

  • SSDE
  • So your hope is that by threatening to not vote, you and likeminded voters will get Biden to change his positions sufficiently for you to vote for him before the election? That's not what you said in your first comment, and you being only one person is equally applicable to this or to what I said.

    Why be mad at a social media account, when you’re apparently not mad at Biden?

    Who said I'm not pissed at Biden? But I'm not talking to Biden right now.

    All he has to do, is listen to his voters.

    If you are stating you won't vote for him, you're not his voter.

    If he can’t do that now, why does he deserve either of our votes?

    It doesn't matter if he deserves it or not, unfortunately. I've already put forward my position that in FPTP, you effectively do not vote for someone, you vote against someone.

  • SSDE
  • Only if you never think more than an election ahead.

    So how many elections are you expecting that the Dems must lose in order to start fielding candidates you like, or for another party that does so to take their place? It doesn't matter how many they lose if it never moves the needle your way, so you'll have to be quite persuasive that this will achieve something that's worth capitulating to the American right for a decade or longer.

    How is that different than what lead the Republican party to trump?

    Because of the actual outcomes during the four years between each election and the fact that you can protest and write and whatever else you want for improvement during that time. Your vote does have to be your entire political engagement.

    Does this suck? Yes. Does the Republicans winning do literally anything to fix any of it? No. For that you need the Overton window to shift so far that the Republican party dies and the new two-party system has the Dems on the right, or you need a new electoral system. Neither of these is accomplished by the Dems losing.

    Why do you think it’ll be different this time?

    I don't think it'll be different this time because the candidates have already been picked. We already both know what the options are. Unfortunately, "no different" is a lot better than the other option. That's why I'm advocating voting for damage control on the day. Vote against the worst option, because that's how FPTP works.

  • SSDE
  • Both are first past the post, which is creates a two-party system. There are a lot of other differences, yes, but for the purposes of the post it's close enough where it counts