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What is your favorite Audiobook?
  • Hitchhikers Guide series read by Adams himself. His voice is just so good. Stephen Fry a close second.

    Children On Time trilogy. Together with Three Body Problem generally the best Scifi I've read or listened to.

  • What is your favorite Audiobook?
  • AND The audio version of Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir gets a little extra something by being an audio version. If you haven’t read that I recommend going in completely blind with no spoilers at all if possible, don’t read a single thing about it first.

    agreed. went in without spoilers, and even the book version is surprising in what you're likely refering to

  • Thanks for all the content so far!

    /r/rats is what I miss from reddit - now we just need to get all the chaos potatoes moved here!


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