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Flag is just a piece of cloth
  • So a while ago an American who moved to the Netherlands asked about the proper way to store the Dutch flag.

    The consensus was: put in a little plastic bag from a supermarket and shove in the back of a random closet.

  • What would you like to see more of on Lemmy and/or the wider Fediverse?
  • More positivity. Or more positivity upvoated maybe. Basically it seems like complaining and negative posts get way more attention than positive ones.

    For example I keep seeing a lot of posts from the Linux community that aren't about cool Linux things but about how bad Microsoft/Windows is. Note that I don't follow said community so I only see the stuff that reaches the frontpage.

    More posts and communities about just genuinely cool stuff would make lemmy a lot more fun to browse.

  • Copium
  • It is kinda weird that it always seemed like THE ship while the shows with the enterprise didn't really have that even though canonically the enterprise is THE (flag)ship. Or at least not as much.

  • Do other languages have similar acronyms to 'tbh', 'imo', 'smh', etc?
  • I speak Dutch, reading Danish is a trip. Dat wil zeggen -> det vil sige. And yes we use dwz.

    We use plenty of abbreviations like that too. Like aub for alstublieft. Meaning please, or more literally if you would be so inclined.

  • What YouTubers did you used to watch back then but not anymore?
  • His brother (Jezza) is a great artist and while I don't know much about him I don't think he's anything like shad. I regularly see him cooperate on a warhammer channel called tabletop time and they have videos about women in the warhammer scene (made by one of their female members). So I highly doubt those two have much in common.

  • Europeans, how common are random spam phone calls in your country?
  • Netherlands. They're rare but I do get the ones where they immediately hang up as it starts ringing and then hope you call back so they can charhe you money for it. But number recognition helps because generally I don't expect to be called from Nigeria or something.

  • He deserves better
  • So in case anyone wonders what that unhinged excuse for a sentence is supposed to mean: there is a rumour that came from a random unverified 4chan post that amazon wanted a woman in power armour and a sister of battle wasn't good enough. Which is why there's a female custodian in the latest codex.

    The rumour also states that cavill now wants to leave. The source is about as trustworthy as something sharpied on a highschool bathroom wall and was only spread by angry youtubers that got suddenly into 40k without realising it started of as a parody of fascism. So I wouldn't be too worried honestly.