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It's almost the week-end, what are you guys going to play?
  • Having some trouble getting peace walker going on the emulator. Not a lot of issues to find while searching either. Bazzite on either AMD or Intel with Nvidia GPUs.

    So in the meantime, we have dusted off the PS3 to use my mgs4 disc hah!

  • It's almost the week-end, what are you guys going to play?
  • Is it patience if I've already played it? The wife and I are running through metal gear solid 3 after beating 2. PS3 emulator is snappy and the metal gear HD collection is pretty good!

    Maybe metal gear solid peace walker can count as patient, as I haven't played that yet.

  • Steam in-game overlay is not working in Bazzite
  • I wish this notification you're about to get was a solution but alas it is someone experiencing similar issues with bazzite.

    Also I can't seem to get the OS to register another audio output from the Nvidia video card, so I can use my AVR for surround sound.

    Have you had any issues with the OS hanging up sometimes after login? It will occasionally get stuck on the splash screen


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    LibreELEC setup?

    How much experience do you guys have with LibreElec? I've been playing with Kodi on and off for years and years, but am looking at this to replace a fleet of rokus at the house after the recent terms debacle. Anyone have recommendations for UI and usage tweaks to make it easier for the family to use?

    I see that it has docker abilities which seems awesome.

    Right now I have it installed on bare metal, but might consider running 3 LibreELEC VMs on the same machine with proxmox if that would even be possible. Has anyone tried that? How much horsepower would one need to run 3 1080p streams if it's possible.

    If I'm barking up the wrong tree, I apologize! And would appreciate being pointed to the correct community.


    Thinking about picking up the family pack. Thoughts?

    I am considering snagging a family pack, as we are looking for something cool to host at home and play for a while. Is this engaging enough to keep us all hooked for a bit?

    Can a self hosted server function for the evening if my ISP goes down?

    I have been eyeballing this game for a bit now, and am almost ready to pull the trigger on it, any opinions would be appreciated!


    Asus TUF fx506l Linux recommendations for gaming?

    Basically title. I saw a few reddit threads with this piece but wanted to see if anyone out here had any experience with trying to get Linux set up on this machine.

    I'd want to use it for gaming on steam, GOG and emulators. and other stuff like that.

    I'm planning on installing on a secondary m.2 drive, and can keep windows for emergencies

    Thanks for looking!


    I've gotten Linux (mxlinix) working on a single ancient HP core 2 duo laptop that seemed to work pretty well considering the machine it was on

    Baseline experience with CLI and if copy paste works on the system I can plow through most things.