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Never forget


Error when trying to post a comment

Sometimes I get this error message when I try to post a comment, then I just cant comment under that post at all. On other posts it does work like it should. I have checked the language settings and they are set proberly. Is this a Voyager-problem or a Lemmy-problem?


Joey for Reddit went down today

It was one of those few 3rd party Apps that still worked. Apparently dev was in talks with Reddit in obtaining Paid-API-Access, but now they cut off his API-Access mid talks without informing him


Space Marine Combat Patrol

So the Space Marine Combat Patrol comes with a Terminator Captain and a Terminator Librarian. Do I understand this correctly, that one of them has to be deployed without a bodyguard unit when you want to play Combat Patrol with the standard Space Marines?


Epic 30k will release in August!

It will come with a huge Launch Box Set (223 Minis), wplit between Space Marines, Titans and Solar Auxilia!