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Biden supporters mostly back him in 2024 election because they oppose Trump, poll finds
  • Your own link from earlier has this right in the header's bullet points in reference to the bill that was actually signed into law not an analysis of a proposal from a year and a half prior:

    The more than $430 billion package is expected to reduce the deficit by more than $300 billion over a decade.

    The wealthy haven't had their taxes increased so I don't know where this $4T is supposed to come from unless IRS audits are going to find $4T worth of unpaid revenue.

  • Help for getting started with hardware
  • I'm not sure as I've always stuck to WD drives. You should be able to Google the model + "shuck" and see if anyone else has done it. I know certain models either solder the controller to the drive or add it internally so that there's no standard SATA port.

    The larger clients should work the same as the micro sized ones, but don't expect to get much more use out of them than maybe being able to store a drive internally as they're typically full of proprietary connectors and stripped down motherboards. I'd only bother with one if you can buy it cheaper than one of the micro sized options like the Optiplex 3050

  • Help for getting started with hardware
  • Maybe it's best if I just hook up some USB drives to my Pi and get my hands dirty with that. If the performance is not too bad (like you said).

    Just do this and grow as you learn. If you buy WD Easystore/Elements/MyBook external drives, they can be very easily removed from their enclosures later and installed internally.

    The only caveat here is that a Pi is going to be terrible for Jellyfin unless you only download media that is 100% compatible with the devices you're watching it on. If any transcoding is needed, the Pi won't keep up. A NUC or Optiplex Micro might work better here as they both have full-fledged PC hardware and aren't too much more than a Pi.

  • NAS, Home Servers, and where do I even start?
  • You don't need to expose radarr/sonarr to the internet. Only your torrent client needs external access which would be routed through a VPN that offers port forwarding like AirVPN.

    For hardware, I'm a big proponent of DIY. A NAS is very expensive and limiting since it has a fixed amount of bays. It's much more econonomial to buy a case that can hold a ton of drives like the Fractal Design Define series and then run your own hardware. I'd suggest 32GB of RAM, a modern i5 CPU with QuickSync (for Jellyfin), and a motherboard that has as many SATA ports as you can get. Check PCPartPicker to compare features and prices.

    To run everything, you might look into using Proxmox and then running all your stuff off that in VMs or containers.

    I'd probably keep PiHole separate since you only need a RPi3 and you don't want your whole network to go down if you restart the server. The rest can be run off the server.

  • Biden supporters mostly back him in 2024 election because they oppose Trump, poll finds
  • This is projected to bring in up to $30B per year. The current deficit for the year is already at $855B and projected to hit $1.6T. Hardly a drop in the bucket.

    I won't argue that it's bad these corporations are now paying at least a little bit in taxes, but this is pretty pathetic for some 'landmark' legislation.

  • Biden supporters mostly back him in 2024 election because they oppose Trump, poll finds
  • It takes fuck all effort to block things. The GOP can do that with control of only one of the 3 (house, senate, presidency). Which they've had for 20 of the last 24 years.

    That goes both ways, and yet we've seen Republicans pass all kinds of vile legislation in that time. If "it takes fuck all effort to block things" then why aren't Democrats doing that too?

  • Biden supporters mostly back him in 2024 election because they oppose Trump, poll finds
  • Yes, I remember it along with every other American alive. There is zero chance they'll allow that to be repeated again just like a 9/11 will never happen again because people no longer think a hijacking means being flown to some other country for ransom.

    Our institutions are being damaged by the leadership from both these parties. I'm so sick of hearing excuses for why things can't improve meanwhile Republicans seem to face little opposition in passing their shitty agenda while also not holding a majority.

  • Biden supporters mostly back him in 2024 election because they oppose Trump, poll finds
  • Scalia died almost a full year before Obama left office. That was his appointment, but the Dems didn't bother putting up a fight because they were convinced Clinton would be the next president and wanted to focus on the election. Then in freaking late October 2020, days before the election, they once again allowed another Trump appointment without putting up any sort of fight or stall tactic because they didn't want to rock the boat before the election.

  • Biden supporters mostly back him in 2024 election because they oppose Trump, poll finds
  • While the new taxes are “generally not positive for stocks,” the 15% corporate minimum tax won’t be “material,” Wells Fargo analysts wrote in an Aug. 9 research note that called the new taxes “modest.”

    Just over 170 companies in the S&P 500 paid less than 15% in taxes last year, according to a new analysis by Credit Suisse. Of those corporations, less than half would likely see a tax hike for 2023 since the legislation allows companies to use adjusted earnings, which can be massaged in a number of ways, the analysis found.

    So a very modest increase for roughly 80 companies. Really groundbreaking stuff here.

    In passing the bill, they also stripped out universal child care and tax cuts for the middle class. Business as usual it seems. Lots of money for energy companies and health insurance companies and nothing for the working person.