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ShaunaTheDead ShaunaTheDead

Hi, I'm Shauna! I'm a 37 year old transgender woman from Ontario, Canada. I'm also a Linux enthusiast, and a Web Developer by trade. Huge Star Trek fan, huge Soulsborne fan, and all-around huge nerd.

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6 Reasons So Many Movies Are Struggling At The Box Office In 2024
  • #1 IMO is that they don't make anything original anymore. I don't want to go see a live action remake of a classic cartoon movie. They can't possibly recapture what made the original great, and to be honest, what made the original great was probably the ignorance of youth and the nostalgia filter through which you personally view it.

    If movie theaters are doing poorly, the movie industry should try to make smaller budget and slightly riskier original movies and movie theaters should charge less for a seat if they're having trouble filling cinemas. They make most of their money from concessions anyway and those are optional, so just get butts in seats and you'll make more money.

  • Why doesn't youtube shut down their public web api?
  • I haven't seen anyone mention it yet, but a reason might be that providing an API is cheaper than web scraping.

    If people really want access to your data, they can just scrape your website, but that requires loading all the data through the website itself which requires loading millions or billions of video thumbnails, comments, descriptions, recommendations, etc. It's much cheaper for them to send a JSON through an API, even though they might know that some people are trying to undermine them by using that data to circumvent their advertising.

  • I discovered today that there is a whole enthusiast scene for theme parks, with detailed reviews and history videos on Youtube. What was the last niche you got into?
  • There's also Jenny Nicholson that doesn't always, but often posts videos about theme parks because it's a huge interest to her.

    Link her to her YouTube:

  • Fafo
  • Just for some pretext here: I'm not trying to defend this woman because I know nothing about her.

    That being said and just for everyone's information, there is a scenario in which what she said is logical and fair.

    It used to be that women were not allowed to have careers and some people still choose to practice that. So the women agree when entering into the marriage that they'll be homemakers and the husband will earn money and take care of her. If the husband doesn't keep up his end of the duties in that arrangement and they wind up being divorced then she now has no means to provide for herself. This is why alimony was initially created, so that women who were forced (or in the modern day chose) to be homemakers weren't absolutely fucked in the case of divorce.

    Again, I'm not saying that's what's happening here, I have no idea, but I just wanted to provide some potential context because I find a lot of talk about alimony and divorce online often just dumps on women as being greedy and that's just not fair in every situation.

    I gotta say though, it sure looks that way in this situation, especially with her talking about cheating on her husband, but again, who knows, maybe he's not holding up his end, maybe he's physically or emotionally abusive, we just don't know.

  • Linus Tech Tips (LTT) release investigation results on former accusations
  • An investigation from a neutral third party is a good thing, but in this case LTT hired the third party investigator so the investigators obviously have an incentive to find LTT innocent of all charges since LTT is paying them through Linus Media Group (LMG). It's better than nothing, but it's like when there's an internal affairs investigation into police misconduct... by the police... Nobody believes it and for good reason.

  • Despite strong reviews, Hellblade 2 is struggling on Steam
  • I'm not surprised, to be honest. The first game was a success largely because of the interesting hook, which is that Senua is schizophrenic and they immerse you inside her mind by having voice constantly whispering in your ears, or sometimes a voice will rise above the murmur with something helpful, or not.

    The actual game play though is not very good, it's actually pretty boring. So even if you were interested in that hook you probably played the first one but you're over it, and if you weren't intrigued enough to play the first one then you'll probably miss the second one too.

  • This is a robbery
  • Oh interesting! I must have mixed my facts up or something, my bad. You're right that it's attributed to Zhuge Liang, but it seems like Wikipedia thinks it was a fictional story when attributed to Zhuge Liang, but it looks like he wasn't the first to use this strategy and he wasn't the last. Regardless, I was wrong about Sun Tzu having done it and I learned more about history, so thanks!

    Here's the Wikipedia article I was referring to:

  • near zero
  • Yeah, I was gonna say... Calculus is all about saying it's infinitely approaching zero so let's assume it is zero.

  • This is a robbery
  • On a somewhat related note, that Sun Tzu quote reminds me of something he did. Sun Tzu had a rivalry with this other general who he often got into skirmishes with and always defeated him or outmaneuvered him with some kind of trickery. So one time this rival general actually had Sun Tzu on the ropes and had chased him into a bit of a corner. Sun Tzu was in a smallish fort with the enemy general closing in and he definitely did not have enough soldiers to hold the fort for long.

    So instead of trying to intimidate his rival with a show of force or making his army seem bigger than it was or whatever else he might have tried instead when his rival arrived at the fort he found the front gate fully open and nobody in sight except Sun Tzu himself sitting on the battlement playing an instrument somewhat akin to a lyre I think.

    His rival was so wary of trickery that he assumed it must be a trap, or a distraction while a larger army moves in to reinforce him, so he left and Sun Tzu and his army survived.

  • Recommendations for cheap hardware upgrade
  • I think upgrading the RAM as you mentioned is going to make a big difference. While the physical RAM might be soldered to the motherboard, you could buy a fairly cheap SD card or USB and set the system up to use that as virtual memory. It won't be as fast as actual RAM but it might help and large SD cards are honestly really cheap these days.

  • Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone Can’t Let Go Of Stardew Valley
  • I love Eric Barone! He sticks to his convictions in the way I wish more video game developers would. He's made so much money from Stardew Valley that he never needs to work a day for the rest of his life, but he chooses to put in the time to continue releasing free content and working on new passion projects and giving back to the community. He could have monetized the hell out of Stardew, releasing DLCs and hired a huge development team to crank out new content to make him richer until the original game became unrecognizable.

    So many game developers have gone down that route, or simply sold off their creation to a company that they know full well plans to do just that.

    Also, I just love his mentality about things. He knows that nobody really asked for Haunted Chocolatier, and he doesn't really care if it's successful, he just wants to make something new for himself. I hope it is successful, but I'm glad to see that he's not hinging his hopes on it's success but instead just enjoying the process of making something, which is really beautiful and I think more people should focus their energies on those kinds of exploits and outcomes.

  • Great Mystery of How Ancient Egyptians Built The Pyramids Finally Appears Solved
  • To everyone saying the Great Pyramids were built by slaves, no, that's a misconception and was accepted historic fact in the past but has been amended.

    From the Wikipedia article on Egyptian pyramid construction techniques:

    The Greeks, many years after the event, believed that the pyramids were built by slave labour. Archaeologists now believe that the Great Pyramid of Giza (at least) was built by tens of thousands of skilled workers who camped near the pyramids and worked for a salary or as a form of tax payment (levy) until the construction was completed, pointing to workers' cemeteries discovered in 1990. For the Middle Kingdom pyramid of Amenemhat II, there is evidence from the annal stone of the king that foreigners from Canaan were employed.

    ... Evidence suggests that around 5,000 were permanent workers on salaries with the balance working three- or four-month shifts in lieu of taxes while receiving subsistence "wages" of ten loaves of bread and a jug of beer per day. Zahi Hawass believes that the majority of workers may have been volunteers. Most archaeologists agree that only about 4,000 of the total workforce were labourers who quarried the stone, hauled blocks to the pyramid, and set the blocks in place. The vast majority of the workforce provided support services such as scribes, toolmakers, and other backup services.

    Link to the Wikipedia article:

  • Relatable
  • Doorbell?

  • What, like Pandora, Spotify, etc is out there that I could add music I have on my phone/etc?
  • If you like what's on offer by Spotify, there's a free alternative that I like called Spotube. It uses your Spotify account for recommendations but then uses YouTube's (and YouTube Music's) backend to get the songs. You can also change the backend use a Piped instance instead of YouTube.

  • Sometimes life is like... The Water Temple
  • The thing that most people struggle with in the water temple is finding one of the keys. There's one key that requires you to step on an elevator but get off of it before it moves which reveals a hidden area underneath the elevator. Anyone familiar with the Soulsborne series of games will always know to check under an elevator, but of course Ocarina of Time came out way before that.

    If it never occurs to you to check under the elevator, you'll get stuck and wander around for hours trying to find the last key you need which is why, I think, most people hate it.

  • Thanks.
  • By the way, if you're drinking more than 8 cups of coffee a day there's a good chance that you're self-medicating for ADHD and you should get checked out.

  • I have an idea! What if we made a show where everyone sucks?
  • I love sci-fi and I tired SG: Atlantis but the main character sucks so hard that it quickly became unwatchable. I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels this way.

  • Yever just see a random post from a fandom you've never heard of and then BAM, you've got a new special interest.
  • I love how intuitive it is. I knew immediately that it meant "have you ever" or "do you ever"

  • Teens come up with trigonometry proof for Pythagorean Theorem, a problem that stumped math world for centuries
  • Trig requires some assumptions and special tools, like SOHCAHTOA and what not that don't really exist in standard algebra.

  • Introvert\Extrovert is pop psychology nonsense.
  • Exactly, as labels are meant to be. Use them if they suit you, don't bother if it's not for you.

  • Foria – Experts in Gender-Affirming Care (Ontario, Canada) Foria – Experts in Gender-Affirming Care

    Get access to expert gender-affirming care & hormone therapy from the comfort of your home. Safe, accessible, inclusive and collaborative.

    Foria – Experts in Gender-Affirming Care

    Get access to expert gender-affirming care & hormone therapy from the comfort of your home. Safe, accessible, inclusive and collaborative.

    I don't work for this company, but my wife does and I just wanted to let you all know that they're open for business all across Ontario, Canada. It's run primarily by Dr Greenaway who previous ran Connect Clinic who some of you may already be familiar with, and it's great!

    If you don't already have a doctor to prescribe your HRT, give them a try!