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In your career, have you found a drama free workplace?
  • You could always just tell them to their face that you think them saying that makes you think they are racist, unfaithful, indoctrinated in misinformation, etc.or otherwise call out the behavior/comments as unacceptable in the workplace. Won't necessarily make them reconsider their flawed ideals but can hopefully let them know that you don't want to hear about it. I work remote now and that definetly cuts down on small talk in general. At a previous job some guy was deep in Christianity and was talking to me about how evolution just doesn't make sense and God must be real because of it. I just brushed off and ignored comments like that because it wasn't worth the hassle.

  • Biden loses his train of thought, calls Harris 'Vice President Trump' in solo press conference
  • Ok let's think of the best case scenario of your choice affecting the election of your state meaningfully. Your third party candidate turns out to actually win your state woooooo!!! But wait that means that unless other states have turnout for that candidate you're state basically just wasted it's vote.

  • Biden loses his train of thought, calls Harris 'Vice President Trump' in solo press conference
  • I plan on voting for a primary candidate that is not Donald Trump. Come election day, I think it's likely it will be Dark Brandon so will probably vote for him. You voting for any 3rd party candidate is almost as worthless as not voting in out current voting system.

    I think you also fail to see that trump is a felon, would have probably been way more genocidal, was a failure to his country during covid, again a failure to his country when he led an insurrection, is batshit crazy in that he thought he should have won the last election. Do I need to go on.