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It's 2024, why do we still have buildings that use lights instead of sunlight during the day?
  • Because more windows would probably use more energy than having a more insulated building with lights.

  • Update mlmym request
  • Done!

  • A friend joked about making accounts for their dog on self hosted services, so that it could turn lights on and off. What are some unconventional things you've seen for pets and homelabs?
  • I have a sliding door that I want to toss a stepper motor on, so my dog can push a button and let himself in / out.

    Dog tax

  • Reddit has blocked all my VPS IPs (from all over the world)
  • As someone with experience hosting high traffic sites, it's probably both. Roughly 40% of the traffic I see to is bots.

    They're also trying to block any people scraping for AI. There's going to be numerous reasons behind this.

    I know Disney+ also blocks hosting provider space. I've had users complain since our office / VPN are routed through our DC.

  • Reddit has blocked all my VPS IPs (from all over the world)
  • I know datacenters have an IP range, and they could ban all IPs from all datacenters. But why?

    Because it's 99% abusive traffic.

  • Sins of a Solar Empire 2 Review [5/10]
  • That's disappointing, I really enjoyed the first one.

  • Help me remember a Picard quote from TNG. Something about time being like an old friend.
  • I think you're thinking of Generations which is why you can't find it

    Someone once told me that time was a predator that stalked us all our lives. But I rather believe than time is a companion who goes with us on the journey, and reminds us to cherish every moment because they'll never come again.

  • Fae Farm, Dauntless Studio Phoenix Labs Lays Off Staff, Cancels In-Development Games
  • I work here (for a little bit longer at least). Today sucked, lost a lot of really amazing and talented folks on projects that were soooo close to completion. Came completely out of the blue from our crypto-bro overlords.

  • Michelle Yeoh will star in Prime Video's ‘Blade Runner 2099’ sequel series
  • Feels like she's being cast in everything, everywhere, all at once. Every third sci fi tv show is starring Michelle yeoh.

    And I am 100% ok with that.

  • What is the technical explanation to limit size of sdd to connect?
  • Maybe it's only got a bios and not uefi? That's the only thing I can think of, but I can't really imagine that's the case on new hw.

    I bet disks over 2tb would just work fine.

  • PPSSPP is approved for the App Store
  • I can't tell what this does from the site linked, but I said the apps name out loud and my cat came running.

  • Are there any household gadgets you found unexpectedly useful after you'd gotten them?
  • I use tea bags, these ones which I find in the international / indian food section of a larger store:

    I use a big travel mug so I toss 2 tea bags in and fill it about 1/2 way with water. While it steeps I put the milk in the frother and when it's done, squeeze out the bags + pour the milk in. Add sugar as desired.

    I've tried various loose leaf chai's but I personally don't find the difference in flavor worth the effort / price compared to these bags. Making it from scratch with spices is a lot of work and I'm way too lazy for that.

  • Are there any household gadgets you found unexpectedly useful after you'd gotten them?
  • One of the breville milk frothers:

    It's paid for itself since I make my own chai latte's at home every morning. Impulse purchase that I've used every day for years.

  • Community moderation and discussion
  • I've added you as admin!

  • Zombie Sequel '28 Years Later' Sets June 2025 Release
  • They're 5 years early tho?

  • Vancouver is in a ‘full-blown crisis’ for housing affordability: Report Vancouver is in a ‘full-blown crisis’ for housing affordability: Report |

    "It is becoming more and more difficult with first-time homebuyers as prices rise here in Vancouver," realtor Mike Stewart told Global News.

    Vancouver is in a ‘full-blown crisis’ for housing affordability: Report  |
    Today I learned Shadow
    TIL some cities (like NYC) pump nitrogen into their phone lines to keep water out. Why Is There Liquid Nitrogen On The Street Corner?

    Any NYC hackers may have noticed something a bit odd this summer while taking a walk… Giant tanks of the Liquid Nitrogen have been popping up around the city. There are hoses that go from the…

    Why Is There Liquid Nitrogen On The Street Corner?
    I've worn out the spot on my screen where the sync icon lives

    Ljdawson we need you now more than ever, you're our only hope!

    Mlmym bug that allows for 302 redirect hijacking - Now fixed in v0.0.40 /link endpoint allows redirection to any arbitrary URL · Issue #101 · rystaf/mlmym

    On we're seeing a significant number of requests from Google Bot to random sites: - - [27/Feb/2024:21:49:30 -0800] "GET /link?url=

    /link endpoint allows redirection to any arbitrary URL · Issue #101 · rystaf/mlmym

    Heads up for anyone running mlmym on their instance, your site is probably being used for google SEO manipulation:

    If you're running an old version, update to v0.0.40!

    Would you recommend a bread maker?

    Y'all have been tempting me with your declious looking bread. I realize a bread machine is going to make simple loafs and not the stuff that's usually posted here, but curious on thoughts if they're worth it?

    I'm low on time and lazy. I won't make bread if I have to whip out my KitchenAid and dough hook. Tossing some ingredients in a machine I can do though, plus it could make the dough for more complex things too if I do occasionally have the energy.

    Should I do it?

    23's Main Community Shadow
    Scheduled maintenance on Sunday Feb 18th at 11am PST - Now complete

    Hello everyone!

    I'm going to be taking the server down on Sunday to apply system updates, as well as migrate us to running across multiple lemmy containers.

    Currently we do a nightly restart of lemmy / lemmy-ui at 2am resulting in a 2-3 minute outage (visible on our status page). This change will make those restarts transparent so I stop getting alerts on my phone.

    I'm current planning on starting this at 11am PST on Sunday Feb 18th and will probably take about 30 mins.

    Edit: All done! We've upgraded to postgres 16 as well.

    Need someone to remove me as a mod

    For some reason I've been added as a mod of [email protected], which I actually blocked a while ago. I can't seem to self remove myself, maybe a lemmy bug from me being on a different instance.

    Can a LW admin please remove me from that community?

    2's Main Community Shadow upgraded to 0.19.3


    aviation Shadow
    Boeing Whistleblower: Production Line Has "Enormous Volume Of Defects", Bolts On MAX 9 Weren't Installed Boeing Whistleblower: Production Line Has "Enormous Volume Of Defects" Bolts On MAX 9 Weren't Installed - View from the Wing

    A reader at respected airline industry site Leeham News offered a comment that suggests they have access to Boeing’s internal quality control systems, and shares details of what they saw regarding the Boeing 737 MAX 9 flown by Alaska Airlines that had a door plug detach inflight, causing rapid decom...

    Boeing Whistleblower: Production Line Has "Enormous Volume Of Defects" Bolts On MAX 9 Weren't Installed - View from the Wing
    scuba Shadow

    I found this super interesting!

    0's Main Community Shadow
    Lemmy upgraded to 0.19.2

    I've done a quick upgrade to bring us up to 0.19.2, which should resolve the recent federation issues.

    Heads up that on 0.19.2 admins also have the ability to now view up/down votes in the UI (rather than having to dig through the DB).

    More details here:

    How does lemmy feel about instances censoring external community posts?

    First off before we get into this I want to make clear that I'm not just throwing shade at the specific instance involved, and I'd also like to avoid focusing on the specific content of thread. I think this is a larger issue that warrants an open discussion, this could have happened with any other instance on a wide variety of thread topics.


    1. [email protected] created this thread asking for people to resist Tucker Carlson being allowed into Canada -
    2. A user on a very large instance reported the thread with the reason "Inciting Illegal Behavior"
    3. This report was seen and cleared by admins, as it didn't violate any rules and definitely wasn't inciting any illegal behavior
    4. The external admins removed the post based on the report
    5. Sworkgeek was DM'ed by automod to let him know, otherwise he would have no idea the largest lemmy user base can't see his thread
    6. Swordgeek asked about cross-instance removals here -
    7. Swordgeek asked about appeals for the removal here -

    There's more discussion around this in the threads linked above, they're worth a quick read.

    TLDR: swordgeek made a post asking for political action and someone reported it with a fake reason, and an admin on a large instance removed the post. This removal would only impact their users, giving a largwe lemmy user base a selectively censored view of the community.

    It concerns me greatly that a lemmy instance can act as a censor and push the biases of their admins, on users who are completely unaware it's happening. It also concerns me that a user could manipulate other users, if admins aren't looking closely at the reports they get and just blindly remove things.

    IMHO instance admins should not be moderating communities, that is the job of the community mods. Admins should only be involved in urgent + serious reports that are for things like CSAM, dox'ing, death threats, etc. All other reports should be left up to the moderators of the community to deal with.

    If an instance wants to block a specific community or defederate then by all means, but instances selectively censoring content in a non-visible way? No thanks.

    Can we have some sort of group policy that major instance admins should restrict their moderation activities, to significant rule violations?

    15's Main Community Shadow upgraded to 0.19

    Hi Everyone!

    We're now running the latest lemmy 0.19 release, you can see more details here:

    Note that you will need to re-enable 2FA on your account, all users had it turned off as part of this

    You will most likely need to log out and back in for your client to work properly.

    87 Support / Questions Shadow
    Need to contact an admin privately? PM [email protected]

    Hi Everyone!

    We've setup a shared account to simplify the process of contacting an admin.

    Rather than messaging several of us, you can now contact @[email protected] and we'll all be notified.

    A link to this user is also available in our main sidebar on the home page.