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The mask ban shit is unreal.
  • I had actually bought masks in 2018 because I was tired of getting sick every third flight. And then chickened out and didn't wear them because it just wasn't done at the time, at least outside of Asia.

    Ended up donating that box to my primary care when supplies were short at the beginning of Covid.

  • The mask ban shit is unreal.
  • I was traveling recently and got so many dirty looks for wearing a mask, only one at O'Hare.

    And then I didn't wear it enough and caught covid for the first time. (I should have known better in cramped tourists spots). Then I had a reason to wear it, especially while temporarily homeless.

  • The Dive Podcast - IS NRG DOOMED?! Bo3s, Aurora reveal & more! IS NRG DOOMED?! Bo3s, Aurora reveal & more! | The Dive Driven by Kia

    Listen to this episode from The Dive | Driven by Kia - A League of Legends Esports Podcast on Spotify. Hello and welcome back to another episode of The Dive Driven by Kia! Kobe, Azael, and Meteos break down Week 1, debate the causes and effects of burnout and Solo Queue’s effectiveness, and pro play...

    IS NRG DOOMED?! Bo3s, Aurora reveal & more! | The Dive Driven by Kia

    I recommend AntennaPod, an open source podcast player.


    Patch 14.13 Preview

    Matt Leung-Harrison @RiotPhroxzon Patch 14.13!

    Will chat about champions tomorrow.

    Domination Keystone Pass

    • This patch we're taking a swing at differentiating Electrocute and Dark Harvest, making Electrocute more of an early game focused rune and having Dark Harvest lean more into the stacking fantasy
    • Simultaneously, there is a stretch goal to have Dark Harvest be better for laning champions by bringing the cooldown down so it can stack more quickly
    • We're simultaneously changing several Dark Harvest users, so trying to be a bit more risk averse here


    • Opportunity has become the default choice for many Pro ADC's particularly as the games are slower and they are more reliant on high impact, low frequency moments
    • We think the gap between Opportunity and other Lethality items could be reduced some, so we are nerfing the item for Ranged champions, while leaving melee intact


    • Kalista Varus have been some of the stronger Pro champs for a while
    • At the same time, we expect Ezreal to enter the meta in a big way in 14.12 (already seeing play in 14.11) and we haven't seen him for a while
    • We are looking at some changes to Varus to make him a little less valuable in Pro while still retaining both of his builds in some capacity
    • Right now, Lethality is clearly the best build though and we're looking to make on-hit more competitive


    • We're choosing to nerf several of the champions who buy Fated Ashes items, as we believe the items are in a reasonable spot.
    • We're also trying to be a bit more cautious with these changes as surrounding systems like Domination keystones are changing and we can't rule out changing Fated Ashes at a later stage

    Arena Overall, Arena balance feels like it is in a good spot, props to the team for diligent followup here. How has the experience been with 16 bans?

    Our main focus with this set of changes was to audit any Arena specific buffs and nerfs to target satisfaction of abilities that are baseline weaker in the mode due to less champions or map traversal value, like Taliyah R, Kassadin E, etc.

    • Buffs: Back to Basics, Demonic Embrace, Overlord's Bloodmail, Detonation Orb, Akali, Blitz, Yone, Azir, Corki, Heimerdinger, Kai'sa, Taliyah, Kassadin, Rek'Sai

    • Nerfs: Kha'Zix, Sylas, Pyke, Kayn, Hamstringer

    • Adjustments: Vi (making the spell have value at rank 1 again)


    fuck lawns (fuck lawns) fuck them very very much
  • It depends on how much lawn you have, too. If you're sitting on a quarter acre (1000 square meters), then just mow it. You don't want bug habitats literally on top of your house.

    If you have five acres, you can probably leave a good chunk of it as natural. Mow the stuff closer to your house, and whatever you want to be able to use, and leave the rest. Maybe take a scythe to it every once in awhile.

  • I mean it.
  • The problem is that there's no real oversight AND the cops will fight to prevent oversight. They love the ability to sexually abuse children and get a slap on the wrist. They love the ability to just have more leeway with the law than anyone else. Because they are the law, and their buddies will cover for them.

  • List of Confirmed LCS Watch Parties for Opening Week

    Check out these confirmed watch parties and meet up with fellow LCS fans for Opening Week! Outside of Opening Week, we’ll continue to add confirmed watch parties to this list throughout the Summer Split.

    CA: GuildHouse, 420 S 1st St, San Jose, CA 95113 FL: UCF Student Union, 3rd Floor, 12715 Pegasus Dr, Orlando, FL 32816 IL: Ignite Gaming Lounge, 8125 Skokie Blvd, Skokie, IL 60077 MO: Center Hall, 402 Kentucky Blvd., Columbia MO, 65201 NY: BrookLAN, 339 Troutman St. Brooklyn, NY 11237 NY: OS NYC, 50 Bowery, New York, NY 10013 WI: Isthmian Gaming Lounge, 2500 Rimrock Rd, Madison, WI 53713

    As always, you can watch the LCS Broadcast on, YouTube, or Twitch. Co-Streamers will be making a return appearance during the Summer Split - stay tuned for that announcement.

    • Originally posted by "LCS Official"

    Large Scripting Ban Wave

    >Overwhelming majority of these bans displayed are for scripters, rather than botted accounts.

    >Most of the leveling bots have been prevented since they were running in virtualized environments. We are keeping track of the farms new methods though, but that's not really represented in this graph. We may update later with some before and after about botted accounts/queues popular with those bots.

    • RiotK3o