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Conservative Bots and Bad Actors Are Swarming R/Millenials Right Now
  • Got called an llm arguing with a Trumper on one of those posts. On my 13 year old account. By his 3-month old account.

    I just think it's incredible how many conservatives are completely willing to handwave pedophilia as long as it's their guy, bots or no.

  • A TL;DR of the Goldman-Sachs AI Criticism
  • If AI is a trillion dollar investment, what trillion dollar problem is it solving?

    Why, the trillion dollars not yet in the pockets of the companies that think they can take advantage of AI of course.

    The naked truth is that #4 answers #1. The biggest utility AI might provide would be replacing paid workers. That's a trillion dollar problem if your ultimate goal is to hoard wealth and sit atop the highest pile of gold like a dragon.

    So again, we have a solution to a problem only the wealthy elite have, being marketed as an advancement for the greater good of society, to justify stealing the massive resources it consumes, in order to not have to pay that directly to their workers.


  • Organize, Vote, Resist
  • Sure, that's what it is.

    Anyway, here's some reading material for you in the form of relevant discussion backing up most of what I said. You might learn something.

    Although something makes me think you won't come to understand the overall picture mostly by choice, since you seem to be stuck on your hate boner for Biden.

    In my experience, it's the people who accuse other people of having a tenuous grip on reality who tend to be extremely rigid in their own biases and are afraid to challenge them.

    So have fun with that. Later.

  • Organize, Vote, Resist
  • 🙄 Way to miss the point.

    Do you understand that it's possible to hold the belief that what the US is doing with Israel is wrong and also realize that the US can't independently stop it from happening?

    Did you read what I typed or not? The reason the US is still in this is their influence in the middle east. I'm not arguing that corpse-emperor is almighty and correct, I'm saying that geopolitics is a thing.

    If we can't have an actual discussion about this without you putting words in my mouth to paint it like I support that, then I guess this conversation ends here.

  • Organize, Vote, Resist
  • I'm not saying they aren't. I'm saying that taking the moral high ground by relinquishing your vote to choose between a number of leaders because you don't want to vote for someone "evil" means that you are disqualifying yourself from every major election almost everywhere by default.

    That's an enormously stupid take.

  • 'What about Project 25?' John Fetterman turns the table on Fox News over Biden questions
  • It's not crazy, it's intentional. Poor education combined with the lack of social structure creates a voting population ripe with anger over the shitty system and looking to blame someone instead of learn why it's like that.

    Conservative media is specially made to take uneducated and rage blind voters and churn out Republican candidates who pretty much only hold office because of manufactured spite towards democrats.

  • Organize, Vote, Resist
  • By your logic, every leader of a 1st world country for the last several decades is evil.

    I have this conversation every single time I open up lemmy these days..

    Biden isn't enabling a genocide. If the US completely stopped sending anything to Israel, Israel would still be conducting this genocide. Netanyahu said so himself. Israel generates its own war supplies and exports its excess.

    The only thing that would change is the US would lose the influence it has left in the middle east and some other (likely hostile) nation would scoop up that spot. That's the real reason the US is still party to this.

    Everyone who believes Biden is evil because they think he has a magic genocide-off button on his desk isn't paying attention.

  • The developer of new Steam roguelike Dice and Fold is “amazed by the reception” after launch, and launches its extreme mode update early.
  • All games are time wasting. Rogue-like games don't have no progress, it's just not the same kind of progress other genres tend to have.

    I think it's really funny to hate a certain genre of entertainment because it wastes time though. The ultimate point of all entertainment is to waste time and produce dopamine.

    I mean like, it's cool to not like rogue-likes because you don't like starting over. That's a valid opinion. But saying it's because you don't want to waste time is kind of hilarious

  • Trump World ‘panicking’ as Project 2025 gets on the radar of voters
  • Our conservatives aren't like conservatives elsewhere in the world. Our liberals are like your conservatives, policy wise.

    Our conservatives are brainwashed by four decades of targeted conservative media that's explicitly designed to keep them in an anger loop in order to create a political climate where republicans (who are the actual politicians) don't have to appeal to the conservative base with actual policy.

    Republicans, through channels like Fox News and OANN (seriously, go watch some of it and see what we're dealing with here) have demonized everyone to the left of them so hard that entire generations of conservatives genuinely believe that there's a bloody revolution coming.

    It would be nice if it were actually bullshit, but these lunatics who make up half of our voting population put a con-man entertainer with zero political experience in the whitehouse for four years and installed conservative justices to our highest court who are systematically dismantling our democracy.

    It's very real. It's so real that some of the less insane conservatives are waking up to how dangerous the details of this plan actually are, and that's why Republicans are panicking about this.

  • We Rejected Monarchy in 1776. The Supreme Court Just Brought It Back.
  • The logic follows that the people who should be doing something are the ones that we elect. While it's true that they aren't doing anything either, the shit won't really hit the fan until a republican gets the white house and actually starts abusing that power.

    We still have time to resolve this without bloodshed and destruction. Most people see that and aren't going to jump the gun on what could very well be the end of their lives in the most heavily armed per capita country on earth.

  • Sanders: Supreme Court Is “Out of Control” and Must Be Reformed
  • The other side of that coin is that if there is no demand for change, no one will be pressured to work out the logistics required. All change starts with people demanding a solution.

    We need a solution right now more than we need a perfect plan of execution. The solution is being called for, to expand the Supreme Court to balance the blatant corruption pouring from the conservative justices. That's the first step

  • Sanders: Supreme Court Is “Out of Control” and Must Be Reformed
  • Republicans' stated goal is to change the entire structure and political system in America and the 6-3 ideologically Christian scotus has already begun ignoring the constitution.

    This is the very definition of a constitutional and democratic crisis. If democrats don't do something as the only other party with any power, republicans will make sure they no longer have the opportunity the first chance they get.

    Now is really not the time for "both sides" logic to prevent democrats from acting.

  • Why are Republicans/Conservatives embracing fanaticalism these days?
  • Wow, I don't think I've seen an edgier comment on the whole of lemmy.

    You sound like you've got a lot to lose.

    Telling me I'd like to watch it all burn, and then calling me a political pacifist in the next breath?

    Yeah. You're actively expressing both of those views at the same time by thinking yourself higher than the society you live in.

    Anyway, the debt isn't a tangible thing like you seem to think. And you clearly have no idea what you're talking about, and I won't take on the responsibility of teaching you how to use a search engine, so I guess this is where the edgy comment chain ends.

    Have fun in your cabin in the woods, brother. The rest of us understand what it means to live in a functional society. It's not worth engaging any further with someone as far gone as you are ✌️

  • Freeloaders
  • Aiding the less fortunate in society benefits everyone, same as maintaining roads or building libraries.

    For decades republicans have artificially raised the bar for that aid and lowered the aid actually received, for no reason than to appeal to the crowd that thinks taxation is theft but uses modern public amenities anyway.

    The rampant cutting of those benefits and handing the rights over to corporations is one of the major reasons we have a nationwide health care crisis, just for one example of how those cuts end up hurting everyone.

  • Context
  • The call where Biden urged a ceasefire and Netanyahu completely ignored it? I think you think the US has more power in this situation than they actually do.

    Could Israel continue this war without US aid?

    The US provides about 1% of Israel's GDP in military aid and Israel already exports weapons and ammo it doesn't need. Who would provide American-centric weaponry is irrelevant to the question of whether the war would stop.

    To add to that, it literally doesn't matter who steps in to aid Israel, as the aid itself is less important than the potential ally and the strategic act of robbing the US of influence in the middle east. You think Russia or China wouldn't stoop to changing their position on a massacre to get a step up politically? Two countries currently hosting genocides of their own?

    A magic stop button doesn't exist for the US. We're clearly not going to agree on that so this is where our conversation ends. Goodnight.