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What service do you prefer and why to order food to your home?
  • There is a local service/app in my city called Yuze. It has only a small selection of restaurants. The service the app has is pretty basic: you order food and it gets brought to you by a handful of (employed!) riders. No in-app tip BS, no hidden service charges - it's great! Haven't used Lieferando ('s name in Germany) in forever. Downsides: the food selection is limited and the restaurants tend to be on the more pricier side.

  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s ambitious Nintendo Switch port took 2 years of work, lead programmer reveals details
  • I played (still in the middle of KCD) both games on the Switch. Both do work good for what they are: ports who definitely punch above their weight!

    I played KCD on the PS4 when it came out and I can tell that there are some compromises, like less details in the distance and choppy animations when a person is walking far away from me and framerate dips in crowded places.

    Aside from some stuff like I mentioned above, the port is great and I was really surprised how well everything looks. If you want to play the absolute best looking version of the game you already have it for your pc anyway but if you ever want to have the most flexible version this is definitely a great port of a great game!

  • Embracer announces plan to split into three companies, including "Middle-earth Enterprises and Friends"
  • Oh fuck, I had no idea Warhorse studios was also part of the whole Embracer mess! They better not kill the studio off! Now that we got to see a glimpse of the new Kingdom Come game I don't know how I could handle the game being canceled.

  • Gaming consoles are holding back the gaming industry and console exclusives should be banned
  • Why is it the responsibility of, say, Nintendo to make all their games available on all platforms? They make their own hardware and games that are optimized to run on that hardware. Sure, the Switch is inferior to a modern pc in performance and all that but at the end of the day Nintendo chose what their hardware can do and make games accordingly. The fact that most developers and publishers want to release their games on all platforms is not the responsibility of Nintendo. If the most important thing is that every game runs the same on every platform there is no need for hardware like the Switch, which, like it or not, has done something new and interesting. Kinda the same with VR. I personally don't care for VR but it's at least something different.

  • Dragon's Dogma 2 launches to "Mostly Negative" review bombing after microtransactions reveal, and man, what a bummer
  • I totally agree with you on the fact that people act like Capcom murdered their grandma or something. There is no need to make stuff up when the facts are bad enough on their own. I guess one reason people are so upset is the fact that microtransactions can be an actual and dangerous addiction to some people and are usually only found in multi-player games or straight up casino type stuff. Dragons Dogma is a beloved game and cult hit for a reason and this whole thing absolutely taints it's "reputation".

    Anyway, I think it's great you seem to still enjoy the game and that's what matters at the end of the day. Cheers!

  • Dragon's Dogma 2 launches to "Mostly Negative" review bombing after microtransactions reveal, and man, what a bummer
  • Not defending the mx in Dragons Dogma 2 but at least in the first one I think the way fast travel works was kinda good. It's cumbersome and not very flexible but it fits the kind of game it is and you have to actually think about where you want to go instead of zipping around the map. Imo

  • The Sinking City 2 - Announce Trailer | Xbox Partner Preview
  • The first one is a bit of a hidden gem imo. I thoroughly enjoyed the investigation part and walking around the city! They managed to capture a sense of 'there is a story around every corner'. Combat does the job but not much more. Also: the way you have to make a choice which lead you want to follow on the map is a great way how they de-cluttered it. I hope the second game is just as good and better than the first one!

  • Why Are People Hating on Julian Assange?
  • Yes, literally a show on Russian state TV. He got a paycheck from the Russian government. I mean, is it that hard to grasp that this little fact makes the "he's a russian asset" accusations at least understandable? And I am not saying he is one. I am not that informed about him and Wikileaks to have a strong opinion.

  • HNA-Redakteure wagen den Selbstversuch: Wer Verkehrsregeln beachtet, lebt gefährlich
  • Ich kanns nicht so stehen lassen, obwohl ich vieleicht auf rage bait reinfalle aber

    • Man kann Kassel diverses nachsagen, ne Nazi Hochburg ist es definitiv nicht. Eher das Gegenteil. Kassel ist traditionell sozialdemokratisch mit starken grünen Anteilen und vielen Studenten in den Bereichen Kunst, Sozialpädagogik und Lehramt. Klar gibt's hier auch rechte Idioten aber die halten sich in der Öffentlichkeit sehr zurück. Glatzen sieht man im öffentlichen Raum sehr selten bis gar nicht. Ich bewege mich aus beruflichen Gründen in den meisten Ecken der Stadt und wüsste daher ziemlich genau, wo ich nicht mit meinem FCK AFD shirt rum laufen sollte. So eine Ecke gibt es aber nicht.
  • Wie aufgebläht ist der deutsche Sozialstaat wirklich?
  • Na komm, wenn hier unbedingt jeder Nichtsnutz genug zu essen, ein Dach über dem Kopf und Klamotten haben will, wo soll dann die Kohle für Steuersenkungen, Lufthansa bailouts und Subventionen für Großindustrielle her kommen?! /s

  • DEATH STRANDING 2: ON THE BEACH – State of Play Announce Trailer
  • I personally don't care a lot about Kojima's games but I still think it's absolutely great he gets to make whatever he makes because he is a unique voice in gaming! In a sea of games as a service, mindless franchise milking and countless copycats someone like him is needed to make outlandish stuff, whether I like the games or not. Tons of people do and that's great!

  • Here Are All the Game Industry CEOs Who Took a Pay Cut to Prevent Layoffs
  • Just in case no one bothered to check: This website is satire. The list is not there, because that's the joke. Not a good one but, oh well.

    If you don't believe me: From the About section:

    Hard Drive is a very real video games news site that you should not question. Just absorb the information as truth and move on. JK it’s satire don’t ban us.

  • Piranha Bytes, devs of Gothic and Elex, are next on Embracer's chopping block
  • Aw man... I know that Elex has problems and stuff but it is and always will be one of my all-time favorite open world games. It's probably the insane mix of science fiction stuff mixed with Mad Max style stuff mixed with fantasy stuff. It's definitely a game done by people who really cared! And if they have to shut down, the gaming landscape will lose a unique voice!

  • Links to YouTube videos don't open in the YouTube app but as the web version

    I checked what kind of links are tied to the YouTube app and it's alle the usual links for YouTube (, Youtube. com, etc;). Yet, I click on a Yt video link and it opens up a browser window. I didn't change anything, whether in the options of Voyager nor which links should open with which app. Any idea what is going on?


    In a tiny mall in Dublin

    Spring 2018. First time visiting Ireland and Northern Ireland. Love both!

    I guess mall is a bit of a stretch because it was only a supermarket, a pharmacy and if I remember correctly a shop with cheap jewelry. Also a woman approached me about an election where the issue of abortion played a big role. She wanted me to sign a petition - I think. Anyway, this is also the first time I encountered a complete blue screen in public, not just a pop up.


    [Android app] If I don't close a picture with the X I close the entire app.

    So, love the app! Works great, just like the web app! Kudos all around to every contributer! Even Sync couldn't convince me to abandon wefw... Voyager.

    Anyway, there is one behavior that only occurs in the app I got from the Playstore and not in the web app:

    If I open a picture by directly clicking on it from the main list where all my subscriptions show up I can't close this picture with the back function of my phone (back gesture in my case). Because when I do, I close the entire app and not just the picture. I have to x the picture for it to close.

    I'd love if you could change the behavior of the app in that case: Either let me close pictures or make it like RIF did, where you had to go back twice to close the app.

    I hope I didn't overlook something in the settings because it kinda took a long time to type this out!


    Oooooh, I wanna open a beeeer!

    The back of a bottle opener from a local brewery

    Reddit Schaedelbach

    It happened. Bye bye, RIF!

    As much as I like browsing the Fediverse with Liftoff, RIF was just such a refined app. At the end RIF was what Reddit could have been.