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"How am I supposed to explain this to my children?!"
  • All incidents of gun violence are included if they occurred on school property, from kindergartens through colleges/universities, and at least one person was shot, not including the shooter. School property includes but is not limited to, buildings, fields, parking lots, stadiums and buses. Accidental discharges of firearms are included, as long as at least one person is shot, but not if the sole shooter is law enforcement or school security.

    That's kind of important since that definition doesn't line up with what most people are thinking about when they hear "school shooting". To provide an example, let's say a drug deal goes bad in the parking lot of a football field after hours and someone gets shot - that's a school shooting. Not as bad as some definitions though, since a street shooting where a stray bullet happens to strike a garage building used to maintenance school buses probably doesn't count under this definition.

    Also, I find it interesting that the rates spiked way the hell up for the Biden admin, like 2021 to present is way higher than before.

    Also my state has a really low rate despite having extremely lax gun laws (literally allowing open carry to everyone 18+ who can otherwise legally have a gun and concealed carry to everyone 21+ who can otherwise legally have a gun).

  • "How am I supposed to explain this to my children?!"
  • In the context and time it was written, this means something closer to "armed citizenry trained to handle their weapons and how to respond to a threat" and not "restricting weapons to the national guard" or "restricting weapons based on the number of total rounds they can hold" or something like that.

    I suspect most of the pro-gun folks wouldn't be that angry at the idea of requiring range time and local emergency drills as opposed to the usual attempts to restrict 2A.

  • "How am I supposed to explain this to my children?!"
  • Are they saying their perfect imaginary being made a mistake? And if “it’s the devil’s work”, is it so weak that it can’t prevent it?

    The usual answer to this is that God gave man free will, and he can use that free will to act against God (or else the garden of Eden myth would be impossible) and if you choose to be gay, that's on you. That being LGBTQ+ is a choice is pretty fundamental to it, and also why they tend to believe in things like conversion therapy - if it's a choice, you can be taught to choose differently.

  • "How am I supposed to explain this to my children?!"
  • I have a stupid question: why does drag reading hour even exist?

    Because otherwise the top Google results for "rainbow dildo butt monkey" would be something much more horrifying. And if you do search for that, that story is what every right winger out there is thinking of when you mention drag reading hour.

  • no really how do we fix this?
  • That would just change how SEO worked, since the old methods would be less optimal. Search engines have to rank results somehow, and whatever that is there's going to be some way to game it.

  • Back when AAA game developing was a fun process
  • TES Online and Legends are the exceptions (and I think only in one expansion for TES Online). For a franchise that's been around since the early 90s with 5 main series games and multiple spinoffs.

  • Justice Alito Caught on Tape Discussing How Battle for America 'Can't Be Compromised'
  • not having some process baked into the Constitution to deal with bad actors in the judiciary was a gross oversight.

    They can be impeached. That requires both houses of Congress to be on board with it though, and most people wanting a solution to that problem currently don't want a solution that requires both houses of Congress or a supermajority of state legislatures to be on board because that's not a kind of support they can get. the only other way to remove a justice from SCOTUS is one casket at a time.

  • Back when AAA game developing was a fun process
  • And this is just the tip of the iceberg for weird TES lore. For example, there's a figure from early on in the timeline that depending on who you ask and what sources they prefer may or may not be either a cyborg from the future or a manifestation of the Missing God.

    Or just about anything regarding the secret syllable of royalty known as CHIM, the Six Walking Ways or AMARANTH.

  • Back when AAA game developing was a fun process
  • Have you read The 36 Lessons of Vivec? They are far enough out there that I'm not surprised that people believed psychedelics played a part in their creation. They also contain multiple secret messages buried in the text, at least one of which spans the entire work.

  • Back when AAA game developing was a fun process
  • Elsweyr

    One of the things that persistently annoys me about TES is Khajiit morphology - there are 17 different distinct physical makeups of Khajiit (based on the phases of the moons at their birth) ranging from able to be accidentally mistaken for men or mer to sentient housecat and the vast majority of them just...never appear in any given TES game. A TES game set in Elsweyr would have to care about that a lot more.

  • Speaking the truth
  • Also every Republicans were tough on crime until Trump was convicted

    Their still tough on crime, unless it's their candidate tried and convicted in a way that might impact an election - then he's not a "convicted felon" he's a "political prisoner", at least according to right wing Twitter.

    His being rich and white probably has a lot to do with that too. Though I imagine if he were tried and convicted this time last year there'd be at least a little less crying about it, they'd just push Ron or Nikki as their candidate instead. His not being convicted until he's the only candidate and it's essentially too late to really run anyone else instead makes it "feel" more like it's using the criminal courts as a political attack vector rather than criminal justice doing it's normal thing, regardless of whether or not that's true.

  • Speaking the truth
  • Basically every nation in the world was built on those things - for most of them it just happened long enough ago that we ignore it. That and America imported most of it's slaves and relocated the locals rather than enslaving or absorbing them.

  • Age is just a number
  • He's the only real candidate they have. It's not like they could replace him with someone else at this stage and have any hope of winning.

    Nikki Haley was the last other serious GOP candidate, and she dropped out in March, before he was a convicted felon. So they either throw out primary results entirely and just pick someone to be their candidate, or they are stuck with Trump and have been since at least March.

    They have better odds with selling the whole "conviction was done as a political attack by Democrats because they know they can't win a fair election" angle, at least if they want a chance at all to win.

  • Exactly. Delete Reddit.
  • it'll summarize all of the top results for you, directly giving you the answer

    This is literally what the Google AI thing that everyone has been mocking does. For example, it suggested gluing cheese onto a pizza because that was a highly up voted comment on the reddit thread that was the top search results.

  • Age is just a number
  • To be fair to the GOP, he wasn't a convicted felon when he became the candidate. They're just having to pivot into why the alleged party of law and order is continuing to support a convicted felon.

  • YSK: is managed by tankies, and lead lemmy developer is a tankie
  • The main difference is that you can choose to use an instance that doesn't.

    But to a user of an instance that defederated burggit it's more or less a direct parallel to r/jailbait, just with the extra step of asking the instance to confirm and losing the rest of the instance and not just the one community.

  • Gritty with the truth bomb...
  • I stopped reading at the obvious “I crunched the numbers” bullshit,

    Wouldn't be hard to do. Imagine we're talking $1000/month (so $12000/year) UBI being delivered to every adult US citizen (part of what makes UBI UBI is that it is universal, everyone gets it). Let's also imagine that the administrative costs of doing this are 0, to make the math simpler. There are roughly 258 million adults in the US.

    258,000,000 times 12,000 = 3,096,000,000,000 or 3 trillion, 96 billion dollars in funding needed per year to pay for the disbursements (again assuming no administrative costs at all. That's the amount you'd need to raise in additional revenue as a starting point to fund the program, and it's something like half the size of the entire US budget or about a tenth of the current total US debt if you prefer. Some of that is going to cycle back into tax revenue, some you could get by taxing the super wealthy, some more will come from the economic activity created as a consequence that will cycle that money around a few times, but it's a big amount of revenue to generate from...somewhere and adding an additional 3 trillion of debt every year beyond the current debt spending isn't really sustainable.