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International law
  • Don't worry, he completely agrees with the move as you'd expect.

    Biden denounces ICC for ‘outrageous’ implication of equivalence between Israel and Hamas

    The Biden administration on Monday forcefully denounced efforts by the International Criminal Court to seek arrest warrants for top Israeli officials and Hamas leaders, saying the court’s efforts put the terrorist organization and a top US ally on equivalent footing.

    And why would it matter if it's a rep or dem doing something specifically? They're the two parties of capital and instruments of the capitalist class; one cannot exist without the other. It doesn't matter which one specifically has been doing the most recent fascist shit.

  • International law
  • Dems and reps are equally part of the ruling capitalist class and are the parties of capital. There is no real "opposition" between the two aside from optics.

    And as you'd expect, Biden does of course agree with this move like another user mentioned.

  • International law
  • Being pedantic and defending fascists is also very hot right now among shitlibs apparently

    Replace the caption with any of the other shit biden specifically has done that they mentioned if you're this much of a redditor

  • China is burning all its bridges with Israel
  • Cutting Through the BS on Xinjiang by BadEmpanada is highly detailed with sources in the description.

    You could also watch through the countless videos of people travelling through Xinjiang on YouTube and seeing... that it's just a regular place in China.

    Xinjiang also gets more foreign tourists than Spain at over 250 million a year, so you could genuinely just go there and see for yourself lol; there's no more restrictions on travel there than any other place in the country now that Covid is mostly over.

  • China is burning all its bridges with Israel
  • Seems like both the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and Muslim countries in general that have sent delegates to Xinjiang agree western propaganda about it is false too ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    The only ones propagating these claims are imperial core countries that have actually invaded and colonized Muslim nations as you'd expect lol

  • China is burning all its bridges with Israel
  • I like how this zionist author is trying to draw parallels between the Palestinian resistance and the separatist group the US created in Xinjiang through Afganistan lmao

    Claiming both are "Islamist terrorism", which is an ironic thing to say considering israel's support of their fellow US proxy

  • China is burning all its bridges with Israel
  • They won't, not now anyway. The Soviet Union went as far as to fund wars against "israel", but China is clearly far more interested in Socialism In One Country and forming amicable ties with the rest of the world — including the capitalist shitstates — rather than spreading socialism like the USSR did.

    Not necessarily a bad thing since I understand where they're coming from (and we know which of the two have managed to prevent a capitalist counter-revolution), but god I wish they did a bit more sometimes.

    Genuinely aggressive Chinese sanctions on "israel" would cripple it in months combined with Palestinian resistance, but it also would create hostility with the US, signal to the Global South that they're willing to sanction states that don't do what China wants like the US does, and damage their reputation of being a peaceful superpower that they've been building for the last few decades.

  • Why are socialist and communist countries usually considered more authoritarian than capitalist countries?
  • I'd also expect there's more and more people propagandized by capitalist media in post-Soviet states as time has passed since capitalist bastards took it over. People who have not lived under socialism or experienced the massively decreased quality of life from the privatization forced on those countries.

    Though fortunately it seems like the Russian capitalists have not managed to succeed in this, with more and more people identifying with the USSR than the capitalist Russian Federation in recent years.

    Hard to do that at the heart of the revolution I guess. Maybe Russian communist parties could use that to become more revolutionary, specially with Russians able to see the stark difference between Russia under capitalism and China thriving under socialism. Doubt that'll happen while Putin is in power though.

  • China’s factory activity hits 1-year high, adding to signs economic recovery is picking up pace China’s factory activity hits 1-year high in latest sign of economic recovery

    Official manufacturing purchasing managers’ index rebounds to 50.8 in March, crossing into expansion territory after five months of contraction, but scepticism about world’s No. 2 economy looms due to property woes and local debt.

    China’s factory activity hits 1-year high in latest sign of economic recovery

    >- Official manufacturing purchasing managers’ index (PMI) rebounds to 50.8 in March, crossing into expansion territory after five months of contraction ⠀

    > >The figure beat the market estimate of 49.9 and returned above the watershed level of 50, which indicates expanding activity, ending five consecutive months of contraction.