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It hurts
  • It may be slightly relatable, but no. I do not have ASD and I do not struggle with change or disorder.

  • People younger than 30, what advice would you give to people over 30?
  • I'm in a weird spot here at 30 years old, but let's see...

    My advice to younger people would be to take care of their mental health, and to do it via scientific practices.
    For example, cognitive behavioral therapy has enough evidence of it working; therapy through spirits, don't. Medication can be necessary and its effectiveness is proven; that's not the case for extreme diets.

    Also, philosophical counseling is a thing and it is good, but just like psychotherapy, it may not be enough. Sometimes we are dealing with mental disorders that require pharmacological treatment. Conversely, psychiatry and medication are there for people who need it, but sometimes we don't need it and we need better habits, better environment, counseling, etc. It is usually a combination of many things the way we can start feeling better.

    I'll still read the advice from others because, well, I'm sure I can learn a lot from them.

    Edit: I thought it was the other way around. Oh, well, it still applies. I wish my parents and other people their age would give mental health treatments a try.

  • No hablo ingles
  • It is inglés.

    Without the 'é', it says that it doesn't speak "groins".

    We can correct it in our minds, but as a Mexican scholar explained, these marks in Spanish should not be erased in other languages as they are quite important. It is the difference between "¡Feliz año nuevo!" (Happy New Year!) and "¡Feliz ano nuevo!" (Happy new anus!).

  • Parents called for mental health help. Police arrived and fatally shot their son.
  • I'd try to be understanding with the parents, but I admit family waiting too long is a problem. I remember watching this video and getting frustrated at every missed opportunity...

  • Parents called for mental health help. Police arrived and fatally shot their son.
  • This keeps happening and it is infuriating. It's also scary for people with SMI/SEMI (severe and enduring mental illnesses) such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, as if the fear of the illness itself wasn't enough.

  • Anyone else feel like their ADHD was always there but got progressively worse as an adult?
  • My memory has gotten worse and worse. I think it's a matter of age, neurological damage/cognitive decline due to bipolar disorder and other stressful events, and worsened memory that was never great because of ADHD. I need to write everything down nowadays. Other than that, no; I think the rest of the symptoms have been similar throughout my life.

  • How to make showering not boring?
  • Make playlists of songs within your vocal range and sing! It's so much easier in the shower. You'll flow.

  • May you find peace for real
  • Bipolar disorder is kind of severe by definition (mild cases are still impactful), but there's a milder version called cyclothymia or cyclothymic disorder. Depending on the person, it can be managed without medication, and a common comorbidity is ADHD.

    A recent paper reads:

    Cyclothymia seems to be often associated with coexisting ADHD symptoms, although this comorbidity is understudied.

    The paper is called "Clinical characterization of coexisting ADHD symptoms in a sample of adults with cyclothymia: A preliminary observational study".

    It says:

    In our clinical sample, nearly half of cyclothymic adults present with ADHD symptoms.

    That's a lot. I hope more papers come out soon.

  • Which languages do you speak?
  • Spanish (native), English (fluent).

    Edit: Me emociona leer que tantas personas están aprendiendo español 🫶...

  • Does anyone know good and especially cheap therapists who do online therapy for ADHD?
  • You could use a medical directory such as this one. This one is Mexican and it has filters so you can find an ADHD expert within the clinical psychologists. Contact them.

    If you allow me a piece of advice, don't be cheap with these people. Just because they are used to earn miserably doesn't mean that it isn't hard. Living super tightly, stressed because it isn't enough to save for the future... That's the reality for many psychotherapists in Mexico —not all, but many. If you can pay them justly because of the euro (obviously considering your needs too), do so, please.

  • Is this thought about school too radical?
  • Many teachers liked me, but they definitely were frustrated because they thought I was relying on my good tests only, as if I thought that being smart was enough in life. They warned me that hard work was also necessary.
    I don't blame them, and it is kind that they were worried about it, but it was not an attitude or belief, it was ADHD! A teacher even detected my memory problems and suggested a to-do list, but she didn't know that even acquiring those habits is hard for us.

    I wish my teachers knew more about ADHD as all the clues were there. An early diagnosis would have helped me a lot.

  • What's next, a sharknado?
  • Mines are recycling the same plots in different locations each season.

  • EPIC personality test. Which personality are you?!?
  • Both, depending on the month. I have bipolar disorder.

  • Who said that?
  • Also, cognitive disengagement syndrome or CDS. (It is not recognized yet by the DSM, though).

  • Wife was just diagnosed
  • Get the "How to ADHD" book. The YouTube channel is good, but the book is an incredible guide for both the person with ADHD and their loved ones.

  • Pilot study shows ketogenic diet improves severe mental illness like bipolar and schizophrenia
  • I was reading about the Wahls Protocol (kind of paleo, if I'm reading correctly), and now keto. I honestly don't like them. I like my potatoes, my tomatoes, corn, fruits, etc. But I might try a balance between my starchy and sweet foods and these diets and see what happens. Just slowly because depressive episodes and executive dysfunction make changes difficult 🐢

    Thank you for the article!

  • Tracking Apps
  • I use Daylio because I started there years ago and I don't want to lose all the data.

    I have used and liked eMoods. I even donated because I liked that it is designed for bipolar disorder. In regular mood tracking apps, "happy" is the highest and there's no manic range, so one has to improvise a scale. eMoods doesn't have this problem.

    Another one made for BD is Bipolar UK Mood Tracker. I have always found their bipolar mood scale useful, so I remember enjoying the app.

    And lastly, UP! also contemplates mania. I didn't like it as much as the others because I felt it had too many elements (this was years ago, though); but one useful thing is that if you track too many high or low moods, it sends you a notification with a warning. That's nice.

  • The many differences
  • I don't know. When I was younger, caffeine made me sleepy. Nowadays, it makes me focus.

    It's great to finish activities, but I cannot take it frequently as it affects my mood if I do so (bipolar disorder). It's only my emergency focus 🪄.