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DVDs are dying right as streaming has made them appealing again
  • Companies see that as a mistake. They want you on a subscription for life that they can arbitrarily change at any time.

    Profits not increasing enough for this quarter? Better cut content, increase prices, increase the number of ads.

    Profits increased amazingly this quarter? Better cut content, increase prices, increase the number of ads.

    Profits down? Better cut content, increase prices, increase the number of ads, and start adding extra paywalls to some content

    They want you to own nothing. Oh you unsubscribed? Sorry even the content you paid extra to unlock was only available while your subscription continued, you will need to start your subscription again and then pay to unlock the content again.

    A show isn't popular enough? Better write it off, pull it from all distribution so you can claim it as a tax write off

  • Google disrupted YouTube video playback on Firefox, again - gHacks Tech News
  • For your experience to only be degraded a little.

    For an slightly better but still degraded experience they want you on Google Chrome. But remember please use 360p or lower so their poor servers don't have to work so hard, they even help you do this by default on mobile!

  • Beautiful but worrying 🌍
  • That's crazy talk! Just mentioning that made my shares in FuckThisPlanetOilForLife drop by 0.0000001 percent! You'll ruin the economy! Think of the share holders and the rich!

  • Change to Adobe terms & conditions outrages many professionals - 9to5Mac
  • Adobe well probably use the tried and true excuse of "scanning for child abuse material" and cry that anyone who refuses must be a pedo.

    Then they'll just steal the data anyway and use/sell it to train AI models.

  • I just posted Gowron for the glory of the empire!
  • I have had many, many victories, often numerous victories in a single day while younger.

    Now my victories, while still glorious, often occur days apart.

    But I will battle on FOR THE GLORY OF THE EMPIRE!

  • Thumb drive heating up
  • If you have docker containers and other stuff all on that USB drive I'd really reccomend getting it all off that USB (not just logging) and onto a proper drive of some kind. USB thumb sticks are not reliable long term storage, you will wake up to find the drive failing one day and good chance you lose everything on it with little to no warning.

  • Thumb drive heating up
  • My guess is log files are being written to it? Might want to install a proper drive internally and redirect log storage. With less activity the USB drive should not heat up anywhere near as much.