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Guess how I spent my morning...
  • Defrag will remove the CoW of the snapshots tho. It will definitely make things worse. I'd say remove (but keep at least one per subvolume) snapshots, set the flags, and wait until the snapshots trinkle down

  • Guess how I spent my morning...
  • I'd say you might have had a snapshot still holding the deleted data when you first deleted the cache. I don't use time shift for my backups but I'd assume it uses the same kind of incremental snapshot as btrbk. Which means that, until the next backup date, it will hold onto the previous state of the system, preventing it from truly deleting the file.

    You may also have some balance issues, having way more metadata allocation than needed. Try running a balance and see if it changes something.

  • Restart an OOM killed docker automatically
  • There's a difference between helping people with misunderstanding a tool and belittling them for being wrong. It's just a matter of wording that separate an helpful answer from a toxic one

    I could tell you "You should actually use Y instead of X. They are numerous benefits like A, B and C. The doc actually have a great example you may have missed or not understood it was for this purpose. It will help you a lot more than what you are thinking of doing." And this would be fine.

    But "Just use Y. X is bad because Y is made for that. You not willing to use Y shouldn't make you do X. There's even a the first Google link on how to do it" isn't fine.

    And I have not belittled them at all. I have said that it wasn't what I was looking for. A lot of times people post questions they think should solve their issue, but only to realise that they didn't fully understand the full picture and theirs problem is on a larger scale.

  • Restart an OOM killed docker automatically
  • Oh that's not a problem to let a container get killed. It's perfectly fine. What I want is just not crippling my whole server because one container did a funny.

    If it keeps docker and the portainer VM I'll be 100% ok, because I can just restart it. I don't want to have remote access to my server outside of my home for security reasons, so this is just the bare minimum

  • Restart an OOM killed docker automatically

    I got an home server that is running docker for all my self hosted apps. But sometimes I accidentally trigger Earlyoom by remotely starting expensive docker builds, which kill docker.

    I don't have access to my server outside of my home network, so I can't manually restart docker in those situations.

    What would be the best way to restart it automatically? I don't mind doing a full system restart if needed


    Automatically ask for stashing changes when switching branches

    Is there an extension that allows for automatic stashing on branch switch like GitHub desktop does?

    There was an a proposal about it, but it got declined:


    Stash changes on branch switching

    Is there an extension that allows for automatic stashing on branch switch like GitHub desktop does?

    There was an a proposal about it, but it got declined:


    Audio effects for Windows (Like Easy Effects)

    I am looking for an alternative to Easy Effects for windows. It works really well on my Linux machine, but I want something for my work machine that runs windows.

    Any suggestions? I don't need all the filters, but at least something to correct the awful bass


    Tumbler is looking suspiciously like Aperture's chat room Artificial prey animals - Lemmy

    Reddit thread I got this from: []

    Artificial prey animals - Lemmy

    Switching from Linux Mint to Nobara on a secure boot and dual booted laptop

    I got a Zephyrus Duo laptop with Windows 10 and Linux mint dual booted. I've recently heard about Nobara, and I'd want to distro hop to it as it has all my daily apps, more recent drivers, and good Nvidia support. It would replace my linux mint partition.

    Thing is, my laptop came in with windows bitlocker, and secure boot. The former isn't really an issue as both OS would be on different drives. But the latter prevents me to boot Nobara as it's a unsigned distro.

    I'm wondering about whether I should sacrifice secure boot for Nobara, and if I should, how to deal with windows being bitlocked.

    I don't really use windows anymore but I do still need it, so no, I won't uninstall it.

    Any help and tips ?


    This post is crashing upon loading (Also impact Eternity 0.1.2)