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Diablo 4 tried to repackage Diablo 2's grind for the modern era, but series overseer Rod Fergusson says the "consumptive nature of a live service" made it unfeasible
  • This reads like a case of game design by spreadsheet to me. Instead of the lead designers being creative persons making creative decisions, these are accountants that are designing a game by ticking boxes. They didn't try to make a game that they would like to play, they tried to make a game that they think others would like to play.

  • Someone call CPS.
  • Or in other words, it's to make sure that those kids stay in the cult of stupid. Ignorant and stupid people are easier to control, both by external grifters, but also by the parents.

  • TIL that we don’t know who named the Earth. Unlike other planets there are no records of how it got its name. The name Earth, and variations of it, date back 1000+ years.
  • Yeah, earth in Dutch is "aarde" and in German it's "erde", which both sound related to "earth".

    However, it originally must have meant soil/dirt/land, long before those humans were even aware of the concept of planets. So who was the first to call Earth after earth or Terre after terre? Probably the first persons to figure out that they were living on a planet is my guess, it makes sense to name something after the part that you can see imo.

  • Partly translated German map about the number of jews killed under Nazi rule
  • Ashkenazic Jews or Ashkenazim,[a] constitute a Jewish diaspora population that emerged in the Holy Roman Empire around the end of the first millennium CE.[8] They traditionally spoke Yiddish[8] and largely migrated towards northern and eastern Europe during the late Middle Ages due to persecution.

    The "Poland-Lithuania" that most of these migrations went to, at the time included large portions of present day Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. The regions with the highest Jewish populations prior to WW2, seem to match the borders of the polish-lithuanian commonwealth before it was partitioned by their neighbours in the 18th century.

  • Roman World
  • I'm not the one making the claim, but found something that this tall tale might be based on:

    Tldr: Brazilian entrepreneur throws some amphorae into a bay to grow barnacles on them for aesthetic reasons. Disreputable sea treasure hunter finds some of those, makes a flurry of wild claims, gets banned from Brazil for theft of actual antiquities from another wreck and he goes silent when people start asking more questions.

    So the closest I came when looking for a source, was 20th century amphorae in a Brazilian bay, nothing about a roman shipwreck in the Carribean. But since the claim was a roman "galleon", a claim for it to be in the Carribean also means little.

  • Now that DuckDuckGo is out. Give me your search prompts and I'll answer them as best I can. That includes images (based on what I have saved on my PC). So what is it you wish to know or see?
  • 14 to 16h is too short for a default. Not everyone will (or even has) the ability to take out their smartphone multiple times per day every day to catch up with the news. Someone who will only read it during the evening, would need posts to stay up 24 to 26h. So that to me is the minimum. Personally I don't mind if they stay up longer, there might be new interesting top comments if the post itself stays on top longer.

  • Gamers Are Becoming Less Interested in Games With Deep Strategy, Study Finds
  • Strategy games are still my mainstay, but I'm always returning a few old familiar games. I've not bought any new releases in a long time. If too many other players are like me, then strategy game development is going to be in dire straits indeed.

  • Pentagon says none of the aid unloaded from US pier off coast of Gaza has been delivered to broader Palestinian population
  • This pier has got to be one of the most expensive examples of virtue signaling ever. Since Israel controls the land that the pier connects to, aid that comes off this pier would always get the exact same treatment as aid that hits an Israeli overland checkpoint, the pier is a pointless + very costly edifice.

    Imo the only reason that it exists is so that the USA government can claim to be helping by throwing money at the problem, without actually doing anything about the problem.

  • Engine Bursts Into Flames on Boeing Plane With 468 Aboard
  • My guess is that they wanted the plane to use up most of the fuel before attempting the landing. As long as the plane is flying, the speed of the plane adds a level of safety to the fire. Once the plane lands and slows down, that fire would start affecting the rest of the wing much more, but there can't be a big kaboom anymore if the fuel tanks are empty.

  • Texas mom says police held her face in pile of fire ants, covering head and neck with hundreds of bite marks
  • I don't believe for a second that that cop was actually afraid. This reads like he is a bully who grasps at every opportunity to pounce on someone who is in a weaker position than him. Classic bully behaviour that will continue as long as he gets away with it.

  • Belgium remains champion for highest tax burden despite small drop

    Nowhere is the tax burden as high as in Belgium, and singles especially bear the brunt: someone on an average wage has to give up 52.7%.

    Belgium remains champion for highest tax burden despite small drop

    Nothing new.

    This is also unchanged: "while countries like Sweden and Denmark also have quite high taxes, they manage to offer better services in terms of health care, higher pensions and free child care, among others."


    Why do we keep building in flood areas?

    Oud nieuws, maar nog niet gepost denk ik. De Pano reportage is zeker het bekijken waard, best wel grappig, en tegelijk ook triestig.



    Don't forget what disastrous consequences the measles can have (dutch article) ‘Vergeet niet wat voor desastreuze gevolgen mazelen kunnen hebben’: mazelen-onderzoeker Elke Wollants waarschuwt voor de ziekte

    Limburgse leerlingen laten zich steeds minder vaccineren tegen mazelen, zo tonen cijfers van de CLB’s. ‘Officiële data voor Vlaanderen zien er nog goed uit, maar we horen inderdaad dat meer mensen mazelenvaccins weigeren. Dat is dramatisch’, zegt onderzoeker Elke Wollants (Rega Instituut/KU Leuven).

    ‘Vergeet niet wat voor desastreuze gevolgen mazelen kunnen hebben’: mazelen-onderzoeker Elke Wollants waarschuwt voor de ziekte

    Also of interest: