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Fps stuttering

Hello fellow gamers,

I recently upgraded my GPU to a 7800xt nitro+, but in high FPS situations, like overwatch 2, the card stutters sometimes. Like going from the desired 160fps down to like 80 for a second. In general, the FPS are not stable. Before a match it hovers in the 100s regions. That can't be right?

I tried setting everything very uncompetitively on ultra or max just for giggles and because I thought I could. 3440x1440p. Is this the dreaded "AMD driver issue"?

CPU: 5600X PSU:750W SSD: 980pro nvme


short question by an aspiring user

Hello, apparently hanging out in Lemmy inadvertently makes you thinking about using Linux. I am planning to install Linux Mint cinnamon on an older laptop, which I want to bring to LAN Parties. From what I read I can just format my C:\ windows disk, install Linux via bootable drive and from what I understand, proton is basically included when installing steam after setting up my new Linux OS? Thanks for your comments:)