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Nobody likes a sucker, especially the kind that fall for fruit tarts like you. I knew there was trouble. I could smell it on the hot evening breeze. Fortunately for me, trouble is my favorite thing… Because I’m Joe Milkshake. I kicked down the door with one swift, decisive motion.

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Poliovirus detected in Gaza wastewater, posing "ticking time bomb" for public health
  • I mean, it's not wrong. There is a chance and obviously a scientist might not want responsibility over securing samples properly. It's just the chance of something bad happening is really low and certainly much lower than any doomsday person is making up.

  • Poliovirus detected in Gaza wastewater, posing "ticking time bomb" for public health
  • No, that's not really how it works. They are still "conventional" viruses and the immune system is as good or as bad against them as against others. They still need to infect to be successful themselves and that chance is definitely lower.

    Chance of infection is a bit of a binary choice, they cannot just infect a cell in your body "a little bit". They are either adapted or not. Now if they manage to jump into an animal that is close to what they originally infected, then mutate enough within those animals to get close to infecting a human, then we might have a problem on our hands. But as I said, we already have that with e.g. the bird flu.

  • This ‘Google TV Streamer’ set-top box is what comes after Chromecast
  • Same boat almost, not even sure when I bought it, 2016 maybe. Keep wondering when they will do something to it so it stops working well.

  • Haikus good, Disney bad
  • You tell 'em, haiku bot!

  • Poliovirus detected in Gaza wastewater, posing "ticking time bomb" for public health
  • Just to lessen to concern about the permafrost viruses. Those viruses are frozen since very long ago, and are certainly not adapted to any life as it is now on the planet or especially in the area they are found. Which also means, unlikely to infect a human just because they come in contact.

    Of course viruses can adapt, but this basically has a similar risk as the bird flu jumping over to humans. Potentially even less since these viruses may not even be able to infect any lifeforms from the start.

  • Saber/Type Moon Racing (by Ounijang)
  • Is that... a sword umbrella?

  • House Republican Rips ‘DEI Hire’ Kamala Harris: ‘What About White Females?’
  • I think no one would object if Republicans changed their mind to nominate a "white female" as their candidate. Just a reminder though, no Trump in drag, according to Republican policies that is no woman, right?

  • Two different tankies giving some wild takes in the same thread
  • The first one is hilarious. So even if the tank was heading away from Tianemen square, that still means it was there before. How does that make anything better. Just say no one died if you want to lie about it.

  • Choose your fighter
  • It's not even a choice, bro. Glocktopus for life!

  • Kamala Harris Launches Presidential Bid: ‘My Intention Is to Earn and Win This Nomination’
  • This is such a quintessential American question. Never in my life have I had to donate my hard earned money to a political candidate, it is such a strange concept to me.

  • Europe turns to conscription as threat of wider war with Russia grows | CNN
  • Yes, and I am sure you could count on that if the fat orange blob in diapers makes it into the white house again later this year.

  • Marcy and Bubbs by Kawacy
  • I actually just did a cross-post of this before checking if it got already posted here. Deleted that one, but yeah, wouldn't have had to if cross-post functionality had been used, its a nifty feature!

  • Protocol for Cloning
  • Ah, you cloned the wrong resistance gene again...

    I fondly remember my times cloning vectors... Not. My favourite was a multistep cloning and digesting protocol that I meticulously planned. It obviously failed numerous times. I got it right on the first try just making blunt ends and hoping it goes in correctly.

  • Anon is an anthropologist
  • Yes, people forget that a bit over a hundred years ago, there were less than a billion people on the planet.

  • I rewatched The Hobbit in HD.
  • Oh boy, fan edits! I think I only watched the M4 edit, might have gotten the name wrong. Was pretty good and only one or twonthings are a bit weird because of cuts.

  • ***On the Road to Imladris*** (after Tolkien) (5 pieces)
  • No hard feelings from my end, let's just move on. Thanks for the apology!

  • Bazzite/any immutable distro question: every user duplicates app installs

    Just installed Bazzite and it seems to work well so far.

    Then I added a second standard user to the system and thought they'd have access to all software I just installed for the main user. But that doesn't seem the case, Bazzite prompted me to install all those again for the second user.

    Is that just a thing with immutable distros or did I do this in a wrong way? I tried looking this question up, but I couldn't find any info on multi user setups with immutable distros.


    Which intro skipper is still working?

    I am a bit late to the party in that I only today updated to the latest version. I now see that the intro skipper plugin from confused polar bear (or whathisname...) isn't working anymore. I guess that was bound to happen after the archiving of the repo.

    Is there a working fork out there? I found a few threads here and there but the only forks I saw people mention seemed to also stop working after 10.9.3? Or did that get fixed?


    Alternative to RaspiCheck

    I have a small self hosted setup at home with a RaspberryPi and an external HDD, just enough for what I need.

    Some time ago I found a pretty sweet app which from the name implies its mostly working when you use a RPI OS, to monitor the RPI from your android phone:

    Its called RaspiCheck (picture in the post is the one from github), and unfortunately it is seriously outdated and development ceased. It is still working on my current phone but I am well aware that's not going to last.

    So I am wondering what else is out there that could fill the gap it would leave.

    I am using it for 2 things mostly:

    1. monitor system stats, like simply seeing the system is running (I know, like ping), but at the same time also showing memory, average load, temperature and so on.
    2. sending SSH commands, and this is where the app really shines. Using a terminal on the phone is not impossible, but boy is it annoying. In RaspiCheck you can define commands, with placeholders, which allows you to send those to the RPI just by tapping them. So for example I got my backup set up that I can mount the backup drive with one tap, a second tap runs the right backup script (I have several I can choose from by filling the placeholder I leave in that command) and then unmount with a third tap.

    I got other commands I like to reuse a lot set up in it and its really useful to me, let's me manage the RPI from my phone in an easy way.

    So back to the question at hand, is there anything else like this out there for Android? If possible one app, FOSS preferred. I am pretty sure there are browser-based solutions, if there is no dedicated app other than this, then I guess that's the next best thing. What are you using in your setup that you can recommend?


    In Yemen, traditional cone hats known as Madhalla are worn by female goat herders to stay cool in the desert heat.


    Dual boot Fedora Kinoite and Windows 10

    I have been planning to install Kinoite on my laptop, dual booting with Windows.

    However depending on what I read online, it is either not possible, not recommended, tricky to setup or it is just a matter of setting partitions up before installing Kinoite. Broad range of opinions and no good "tutorial" how to do it.

    Anyone having direct experience with that?


    Amazing attitude

    Let's work from home when the kids are sick, thank you great company that I am allowed to slave away for you while taking care of my sick kid! It isn't even a US company it seems.

    Edit: guess I should have posted to unpopularopinions instead!

    I just wanted to add I cut off the photo of the person on purpose. She is posting that with her sick child in her lap and that photo has been taken by some other person, not a selfie. If you are not feeling that the content of the post is bad, you hopefully still agree that presenting your sick child in an almost professionally looking photo to the world for LinkedIn clout is not great.


    MultiVersus - Official Banana Guard “Welcome to the Bunch” Gameplay Trailer

    I don't play this but it now features Banana guards and maybe other AT characters.


    I really enjoy having the mimic tooth trinket

    Not going to spoil what that is though...


    I really like the new entrance/exit room styles but...

    ...the placement of these stairs really cracks me up.


    My favourite wizard: duct tape wizard


    Rewatching AT: Come Along With Me

    Finally made it through after starting long time ago (like... a year back). Was just watching a few episodes at a time when I felt like it and it was my first rewatch since it finished airing.

    Can say it really held up well! Definitely rewatchable more than once! Lots of details I forgot about, like the whole deal between Finn and Huntress Wizard. Still think he should have gotten together with Canyon, Billy's ex, they had a good vibe.


    Rewatching AT: always BMO closing

    Love this episode, especially that while being super silly it actually leads into the main story of the final season. Best quote "These baby-smashing hammers are great!"


    So uuum, how is your day going?


    Rewatching AT: loved this scene in "Mama said"

    I will always be sad that Canyon and Finn never got together. They seem to fit so well on a spiritual level.


    Rewatching AT: Jermaine, another whacky season 6 episode

    Just loved that Jake chose the biggest sword he could find. I think it is one of the swords in Final Fantasy. This scene has my favourite quote of the episode, when Jake notes about the sword "Why is it so dense?".


    Researchgate cut a deal with MDPI for "enhanced brand visibility" Is the academic social networking site ResearchGate still relevant?

    A recent deal with the publisher MDPI is leading some users to delete their accounts

    Is the academic social networking site ResearchGate still relevant?

    Not sure this fits in the community but I felt it is an important topic that needs visibility. Researchgate made a deal with MDPI to prefer some of their journals on the site over other publications or journals. It will likely be impossible to know if suggestions you see in the future are genuine or paid for by this deal.

    MDPI made a post on their site about this

    I could not find an announcement on the Researchgate site so far. Possible enshittification of Researchgate up ahead?


    Rewatching AT: Gold Stars, that scene when the lich breaks through

    I remember when the Orgalorg episode came out people who rewatched it thought it is Orgalorg in the bottom right.


    Rewatching AT: love this shot in Evergreen

    Another fantastic lore episode, I forgot how good season 6 of AT is. Check out the toaster on the shelf in Evergreen's study.


    Rewatching AT: Ghost Fly, came across this great shot of the tree house

    Damn good episode on the whole!


    Nothing suspicious to see...