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  • Discord enshittification is well under way, just this week I have started seeing ads in the client just above the voice channel status in the bottom left. Cancelled my Nitro immediately, no point if they are going to shove ads in my face anyway.

    Currently looking at alternatives, Revolt looks promising, and can be self hosted.

  • Government Response - Petition: Require videogame publishers to keep games they have sold in a working state
  • For digital copies, they could bury this into the EULA and make it a requirement that you agree to it before you make your purchase (IIRC some storefronts do this already).

    However for physical copies I suppose there could be a case made if the duration of support was not disclosed at the time of purchase (or it was not printed somewhere on the outside of the packaging).

  • Baldur’s Gate 3 Becomes First Game To Win Every Major GOTY Award
  • I don't have enough superlatives for it. I'm > 300 hours in between three characters, and I'm still finding new stuff to do. Even at full price, worth every penny. Also an amazing co-op experience - played through the whole campaign with a friend, we both agreed it's probably one of the best games we've ever played, period.

    It's also the first game of this genre that I've played, off the back of this I also picked up BG1 & 2, and Neverwinter Nights, which I'm excited to try out to see what I missed out on back in the day.

  • Buyers Are Avoiding Teslas Because Elon Musk Has Become So Toxic
  • To clarify, I used to do more miles (which is why I bought the car in the first place) but in the last year I've moved to working from home full-time. Still need the car for occasional errands and long trips, but obviously tyre wear is now not much of a problem.

    However, given the massive amount of torque you can apply from standstill, if you drive like a hoon at all times then yes you can absolutely tear through them.

  • Buyers Are Avoiding Teslas Because Elon Musk Has Become So Toxic
  • I own a Model 3 which I took delivery of back in 2020. As a car it's actually been fine - no major issues, aside from a fault with the AC which was sorted under warranty. It's been cheap to run, cheap to service (basically just tyres and other consumables like wiper blades), build quality seems perfectly fine and overall it's generally pleasant to drive.

    The charging network is also fantastic and by far the most reliable one, at least here in the UK. It's now opening up to other makes of vehicles and I regularly see non-Teslas charging there.

    Would I buy another one? With their current lineup, probably not. Nothing to do with Elon, douche nozzle though he certainly is. I mean, people still buy VWs (also great cars, used to own one too) and look who founded that company.

    No, my issue is with the stupid cost cutting measures with removing critical physical controls from their latest cars. Moving the gear selector to the screen is absurd but at least you are (or should be) stationary when you are swiping the screen to change direction. Removing the indicator stalk however and replacing with buttons on a movable surface seems downright dangerous, especially in EU & UK where there are roundabouts everywhere and you need to be able to indicate while at half lock.

    My Tesla is old enough to still have physical controls for all of those things and unless that changes I will not be getting another. I also just don't do enough miles these days to justify a new car, I'll just run this one into the ground.

  • Stick shift drivers - would you get an electric vehicle?
  • I went from a manual to an EV. For an everyday use point of view there is just no comparison. Acceleration is effortless, start/stop traffic is no longer a nightmare, it's quiet and refined. It is the ideal daily driver. Even on longer trips I no longer feel fatigued after driving for 4-5 hours (the enforced charging stop helps with that).

    I personally would not go back to an ICE car in general, manual or not, for everyday use.

    From an enthusiasts perspective, however, this is a different question. I wouldn't rule out getting an ICE manual for fun/weekend use in the future - the kind of driving where you can actually enjoy the level of fine control and feedback that a manual gives you, rather than just wasting it in traffic. But it would have to be something pretty special.

  • Own a Roku TV or streaming device? You're about to see a lot more ads on your home screen
  • I can't speak from experience as I don't own any Amazon devices, but I have read reports that it seems to work fine with the FireTV variant of Android.

    The dev has only tested it against Chromecast with Google TV, with that said I'm using it on a Shield TV and a Shield Pro and it runs fine on both.

  • Own a Roku TV or streaming device? You're about to see a lot more ads on your home screen
  • Google is already doing this with their default Android TV launcher. I tolerated their home screen 'recommendations' for a while as they occasionally highlighted something interesting to watch, but one day I switched on the TV and was greeted with a huge advert banner for a fucking watch on the home screen.

    At that point I spent a few hours setting up FLauncher on all my ATV devices.

  • Elon Musk demands another huge payday from Tesla
  • Same. Coming up to 4 years owning my Model 3 with no major issues and no work needed other than normal serviceable items common to all cars (tyres, wiper blades, cabin filters, etc).

    On the flip side, one of my old coworkers who got his Model 3 at the same time as me had a litany of problems from day one. We used to joke that his car had been built by an intern on a Friday night before a major holiday.

    I don't do enough miles these days to justify getting rid of a perfectly good, functional, almost brand new car and buying a new one - I plan to just run it into the ground instead.

    I don't think I'd buy another Tesla in the future, though. Not necessarily because I care what people think of the car I drive, but because Tesla has made some astonishingly stupid decisions with their new/refreshed cars. No physical drive selector? No TURN SIGNAL STALK? Yes, because I love having critical vehicle controls on a movable surface. Come on now.

  • Pi-Hole or something else for network ad blocking?
  • I use both. Pi-hole running in a docker container on one of my home servers which my gateway is configured to assign as the default DNS for all clients, and uBlock Origin on all my browsers to catch everything else.

    Pihole is pretty good at catching ads on platforms that are not suited to browser based blockers (IoT devices, streaming boxes etc) but it isn't perfect and is best used in conjunction with another solution.

  • industrule revolution
  • That is exactly what I did with my dumb washing machine (and dishwasher).

    Each has a ZigBee energy monitoring smart plug which is connected to a local Home Assistant instance. Spent an hour or two writing automations based on the power draw reported by the plugs and now I get push notifications that report whenever either machine finishes its cycle (including how long it took).

  • Starfield is now mostly negative in recent reviews
  • Oh yes, 100% - if they were to implement a fuel system, then just mining for fuel manually on the existing planets would be incredibly dull. Building something like a fuel refinery on the other hand would make sense - it would even give a purpose to habitats/planetary bases, which are completely superfluous at the moment. At no point in the game did I need to build one, and if the game didn't keep reminding me that base building existed I would probably have forgotten all about that feature.

  • Starfield is now mostly negative in recent reviews
  • I got Starfield free with my new graphics card and tbh I'm glad that was the case as otherwise I'd have serious buyers remorse. I put a good 50 or so hours into the game, enough to finish the main storyline and most of the factions quests, but at the end of the day it just felt like a hollow experience, and I doubt I'll be going back to replay it.

    The NPCs are shallow and robotic, and once you've explored their dialogue tree once you may as well never talk to them again as they'll never say anything new.

    The game worlds look quite visually impressive but aside from the handful of cities and occasional settlements and outposts there is just nothing to do. Who would have guessed simulating a lifeless grey rock would be boring?

    The fast travel system is completely broken and ruins the purported objective of the game; to explore. Instead of encouraging the player to do so by landing on planets to find fuel for their ship, the player can just teleport across the galaxy with no consequences.

    The only aspect of the game I found to be really fun was the space combat. The ship builder, while quite frustrating at times, was also enjoyable.

    Overall, Starfield feels like a game whose ambitions exceed the technical capabilities of the engine it is based on. You can see the janky workarounds that are used to make the game fit the engine from a mile away; cutscenes of a ship taking off rather than an interactive first person view, invisible barriers in the world to prevent you from walking too far without reloading, a cut to black when transiting between interiors and exteriors, and the same dull and lifeless NPC "AI" (I use that term very generously given recent advances) as we saw in older Bethesda titles.

    It's past time that BGS put the rotting hulk that is Gamebryo/Creation Engine/whatever this latest iteration is called out to pasture (at least for new IPs like this) as clearly it is now actively hindering their creative ambitions.

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