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Imagine beeing in a millionaire hug machine
  • Such is class war in the 21st century

  • Former Spokane Valley teacher gets no jail time for sex with student
  • Is noone else gonna point out the absurdity that if the guy had been 1 year older, legally speaking there would've been nothing wrong?

    The problem here is the grooming (which I think it's worth noting that adults can be victims of as well), the abuse of power dynamics, and particularly in this case the exploitation of another's inexperience for personal gratification.

    But the article instead focuses on how the kid was "affected" by the teacher's "criminal actions", but then essentially just describes the kinds of consequences caused by the social stigma of student-teacher relationships. But this also happens in university, where it also carries negative social consequences, but not legal ones.

    My point is simply that the legal system is a flimsy caricature of morality/ethics, and in articles like these it really shows.

  • Capitalism Can't Solve Climate Change
  • Capitalist realism mindset

  • Freedom☭
  • Communism is by definition moneyless

    But yes anarchy is less prescriptive

    Personally though I'm sceptical that money can be without hierarchy, or that the distinction between necessities and luxuries is all that meaningful, since it's all very relative

  • this actually happened rule
  • cyberpunk af

  • Is it normal to forget your own age?
  • Once I kinda half-forgot my birthday for a split second.

    Like, I had to take an extra moment to remember it, which felt weird.

  • Nintendo is suing the creators of Switch emulator Yuzu
  • Extreme capitalism stifles and suffocates innovation and preservation.

    It's an inherent contradiction of capitalist competition. Somehow everyone is supposed to be competitive but noone is supposed to win for capitalism to "work". Otherwise it's considered a monopoly and "anti-competitive".

    Ironically this requires collaboration.

  • Reddit Files to Go Public, Reveals That It Paid CEO $193 Million Last Year
  • We're in the age of the technofeudalists

  • Are We Transitioning From Capitalism to Silicon Serfdom?
  • Ever heard of libertarian socialism? It's the OG kind of libertarianism and is great for those who aren't all that into cognitive dissonance.

  • Reddit Signs AI Content Licensing Deal Ahead of IPO
  • Finally a good use for LLMs

  • This Website Tracked Hate Crimes in India. Then the Government Took It Offline
  • Well, you're not using the typical meaning of the word.

    Communism is really just a "stateless, moneyless, classless society", built on the principle of "from each according to their ability, to each according to their needs". "Egalitarian" gets thrown around too but is considered inadequate by some for often meaning an equality of sorts between classes rather than the abolition of class.

    "Commie" is just a derogatory word for "communist". The distinction you're making isn't really meaningful.

    Stalin and Mao were Marxist-Leninists. Perhaps they truly believed that a "vanguard" party controlling a totalitarian "socialist" state was the best way to reach communism. History of course proved them wrong - the way that they structured their states and economies unsurprisingly resulted in state capitalism.

    Idk enough about Orban but he strikes me to be the same as Putin, a totalitarian capitalist.

  • Dinosaurs Rule!
  • Lil meteor just arrived a little late that's all

  • Why has the world gone to shit?
  • Capitalism, etc.

  • Apple Vision Pro available in the U.S. on February 2
  • Maybe he could even do a little VR prison tour

  • Jamrock Hobo's response to People Make Game's investigation


    Jamrock Hobo's response to People Make Game's investigation


    Jamrock Hobo's response to People Make Game's investigation

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