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A tool for uploading/downloading files anonymously with client-side encryption
  • Services like this could be useful if you already have a connection through something encrypted (encrypted mail, matrix, …) but the files are too large for sending without this.

  • Used VPN for cheaper YouTube Premium? Congrats, your subscription has been canceled
  • My main concern is that they sometimes serve ads that redirect to porn, even if you aren’t signed in, and that’s not the type of ad I want to see, especially if I’m watching a video about cooking. By this alone I wouldn’t want to use YouTube, but as they practically have a monopoly on video streaming it’s not really viable to boycott them without giving up on user generated videos

  • Banana
  • One of the devs had his steam name set to "Abschieben schafft Wohnraum" which translates to "Deportation creates living space". He has now hidden previous names and claimed that this was to troll, but he still has Trump and Putin as his background so I don't think that I am going to believe that.

  • Is the Proton (Mail, VPN, Password Manager) ecosystem any good?
  • You don’t have to use all the services, most of them have an excellent free tier. My setup is paying for VPN, using the free tier of pass and self hosting my email and cloud storage.

    Legally they (and every other company) are required to hand over data to the police, however they can try to have as little data as possible. While Proton doesn’t take as extreme measures to protect your privacy as for example mullvad, they have no log policy and such. I believe the case where they had to collect data (IP address, which they normally don’t collect) they received a legally binding order from the Swiss government which normally is used for serious crimes. Every company has to follow these orders, so this isn’t a proton thing but rather a Swiss law thing.

  • Banana
  • I still can’t comprehend how some nft like game made by some German right wing extremist became the second most played game on steam

  • Can I get LMDE with xfce instead of cinnamon? And more LMDE questions
  • My bad, I realized my comment reads a lot differently than what I was trying to say. Linux mints release schedule is not bound to Ubuntu. Linux mint gets a new major version every two years (although this is not strictly set) while LMDE usually gets a new major update with the new Debian version, but because Debian has been around for a lot longer than LMDE the number is higher.

  • Can I get LMDE with xfce instead of cinnamon? And more LMDE questions
  • LMDE does not provide a XFCE version, you can however install XFCE after installing LMDE. Cinnamon required in my experience twice as much recourses as XFCE. LMDE is based on Debian while regular Mint is based on Ubuntu. The releases are linked to those of the bases, but LMDE gets the Mint specific updates slightly later. The numbers are different because Ubuntu’s latest version is 24.4 while Debian is at version 12, so it wouldn’t make sense to have the same numbering for the corresponding Linux mint version.

  • Why openSUSE?
  • Opensuse tumbleweed is probably the most stable rolling release, so you get the newest software without everything breaking. Also Yast is an amazing utility that allows you to administer your system entirely with a GUI

  • Will Corps ditch Windows over Recall for Linux?
  • We only did regedits only sometimes when it needed to go fast, normally we had a drive made with Rufus to disable the account requirement

  • Will Corps ditch Windows over Recall for Linux?
  • Recall ist just on a few expensive laptops and companies generally disable stuff like this. In one company we frequently had to do the registry edit to bypass the Microsoft account. Companies in my experience used Debian or Ubuntu as Linux desktop distributions. Ubuntu because professional support and Debian (custom image) for machines that aren’t updated commonly.

  • Purism (creator of FOSS friendly phones and hardware) 2023 financial report , income grew by 350% in three years and the company is profitable
  • System76 also makes great hardware, I personally prefer Tuxedo because I’m from Germany and because they offer better screens. Linux for phones is still pretty WIP, phones like pine show a Linux phone can be done, they are not trying to compete with android/ios. What phone are you using? If you have a pixel you could, when it becomes EOL install (or let someone else install for you) postmarketOS, a Linux based OS for extending the life span of phones.

  • Purism (creator of FOSS friendly phones and hardware) 2023 financial report , income grew by 350% in three years and the company is profitable
  • I wouldn’t buy from Purism. They aren’t shipping the products to a lot of people, not giving them refunds even though the product never got shipped and are now claiming that all products have been shipped. I would recommend Pine64 for Linux phones/tablets and Tuxedo for Linux laptops

  • Gender neutral adult rule
  • Might just be me but I have seen way more men in this outfit on lemmy

  • Linux and public awareness (ads, trailers etc)
  • Canonical and the others don’t make money from individual users. They get money from companies so there isn’t really any incentive to make tv ads. What would be more likely would be hardware manufacturers like tuxedo to do this. I know tuxedo does magazine ads but not sure if they have the budget for tv.

  • Microsoft moves to resolve privacy concerns over its Recall feature
  • It’s not companies that are the problem. It’s your friends, the type that always clicks on accept all and allow. Do you have any idea how many spam calls I get because someone allowed some proprietary app access to their contacts? And I have at least five friends who would enable recall without giving it a second thought.

  • What's the best messaging platform?
  • I would recommend looking at this site. My personal recommendation would be simplex chat. It’s decentralized, doesn’t require a phone number and supports forward secrecy.

  • You Can Now Emulate Nintendo DS on iPhone Thanks To Folium

    Nintendo DS and 3DS Emulation is now possible on your iPhone thanks to a new app called Folium which is available for just $4.99.

    You Can Now Emulate Nintendo DS on iPhone Thanks To Folium

    Multi account containers

    So I've been using Firefox's container function for a while now and recently discovered the multi account container extension. What does this add over the built in containers? I've seen a lot of people say they need multi account containers but are disappointed that it's an extension so I'm curious what it adds.


    Search engines and privacy

    So with the recent Bing situation I wanted to take a second look on private search engines and sharing my conclusions of each search engine. Here is my list of private search engines:


    I really like Duckduckgo, it has all important tools, decent result quality and a great image search function. Instant answers is very useful. My main problems are the reliance on Bing as the index and the choice of Apple Maps as mapping solution. Apart from the situation with the browser and Microsoft tracking Duckduckgo has a pretty clear record and the privacy.


    Startpage is another great option. Apart from mapping everything is there and, while not as good as Duckduckgo's, the image search engine good. The results are based on google and on par to better than those of DDG. The main advantages over DDG are European base (Netherlands) and the anonymous view, which basically functions as a quick access VPN, but sadly breaks ad/tracker blockers. Privacy for regular search is equal to DDG, but you have to disable JS to get rid of some telemetry. It is owned by an advertising company


    Swisscows is okay. It is also Bing based, but slightly worse than DDG results. It lacks image search filters and mapping, but offers a music search which allows you to listen to ad free music. It also has an anonymous view, but it's not interactive. Privacy is similar to DDG, but has more telemetry and (temporally) stores your IP. It is from Switzerland, it also has a very strict anti gore/porn policy that sometimes makes normal search terms inaccessible.


    Qwant used to be very solid French search engine, has dropped in quality. Similar search quality to DDG, image search like Startpage. They use Bing in combination with their own index. Then problems: They share your IP with Microsoft and they replaced their main advantage, openstreetmap based independent mapping service, with AI summary's that require an account. Worse privacy than all the above.


    Very similar to DDG. The main differences are that Ecosia is based in Germany, it plants trees to fight climate change, but also forwards your IP to MS.


    Braves main advantages are being independent, both with the search and the AI, and the goggles that allow you to customize your results. Search results are slightly better than DDG, image search is bad, no mapping is available. Brave has had invaded privacy in the past, but currently the privacy is good as long as you disable statistics. The company itself is a bit concerning and the CEO is homophobic.


    SearXNG is self hosted and open source, it uses various search engines as index and has a ton of extra feature like music search, fediverse search and a bunch more. While it has the most features and best privacy of all options, public instances are sometimes slow and the results aren't really good.


    Kagi is in principle a decent quality search engine, but it is paid and has some problems that are only getting worse. For those interested read this blogpost.


    4get is a open source, self hostable search engine. It acts as a web scraper for various search engines, also supports Soundcloud. It has great privacy and good results, but it lacks mapping and the official instance requires a CAPTCHA per 100 searches


    Yep is an independent search engine. It is private and has good results, but lacks image search tools, video search and mapping.


    Decentralized independent search. It has good results but lacks image search tools, is sometimes unreliable and has intrusive advertising

    A quick fire round of search engine that have decent privacy, but I wouldn't use due to result quality:

    Ekoru Like Ecosia, but for cleaning oceans, Bing based, few features, requires extension.

    Whoggle Like SearXNG, but with less features.

    Metager Meta search engine with multiple search back ends, mainly Bing (Yahoo), completely powered by renewable energy

    Mojeek Independent UK search engine with few additional feature, is supposed to be unbiased

    LibreX/LibreY Like Whoggle

    AstianGO Slightly modified version of LibreX by the Devs of the Midori Browser

    Ghostery German independent search engine, regular web only, offers tracker analysis for websites

    Stract Open source, self hostable, independent search engine

    Lilo Like Ecosia, but with fewer features and the option to support various projects

    YouCare Bing based search, shares your IP with MS, does "good deeds", some missing features

    Giburu Google based proxy search

    Gigablast Open source, self hostable, independent search engine

    Mwmbl Open source, independent, self hostable search engine. Only web results

    Marginalia Open source, independent, self hostable search engine. Only web results, offers filters

    That would be my list. I'll still be sticking with Duckduckgo but I'd reconsider if Startpage improves it image search. Brave will probably never be my default, but it has proven it's role as a more private backup. Comment if I missed any search engine

    Search engines I didn't include due to horrible privacy Bing/Google/Yandex/Yahoo/You/Baidu

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