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Things the guys who stole my phone have texted me to try to get me to unlock it - Gothamist
  • my experience with iCloud is pretty bad. I worked in a startup at some point which was giving Macs to employees and sort of expected them to figure it out. We had a few people quit and that's when we figured out that the macs became shiny useless things since we didn't have access to wipe the associated account and Apple didn't help in any way. So, from my experience, this is a horrible "feature".

    Now i find out that it's even worse and it gives 3rd parties means to harass you... I really think that avoiding theft comes at a far to high a price

  • Putin warns that Russia could provide long-range weapons to others to strike Western targets
  • ISIS? Hamas? any number of such organizations would happily use some mass murdering weapons if given access to them. Putin has shown that he doesn't care about what happens to russian citizens if he can win something out of their suffering so empowering terrorist organizations to harm people, even russians, is not a big price to pay to make his point

  • Things the guys who stole my phone have texted me to try to get me to unlock it - Gothamist
  • Is it though? The author of this article knows what they're doing, but a regular person would probably not be as relaxed with some of the threats. I didn't see this in the article, how does the thief have the ability to contact the victim?

  • I keep having to login to Lemmy on any iPhone browser every time I navigate to a new page. Is there a way to keep me logged in?

    The title really. I tried Firefox, Safari and Chrome, they all behave the same way: I have to re-enter my credentials almost every time I refresh the page or navigate to a new link within Lemmy. Especially on iPhone this is very annoying (since accessing your saved passwords requires entering a code). Is there a way to extend the life of the session?

    Edit: I'm not seeing the same issue on my laptop, btw.

    New ‘Lord of the Rings’ Movie Planned: Here is What We Know About 'The Hunt for Gollum'
  • The type of investors who invest speculatively in the money grab that this move is aren't the types that invest into heartfelt projects which may or may not bring any money. There's a reason why the fellowship had a budget of $94 million and an unexpected journey had between $200 and $315 million depending on source.

  • New ‘Lord of the Rings’ Movie Planned: Here is What We Know About 'The Hunt for Gollum'
  • There isn't a fixed budget somewhere that all these projects are competing for. Whomever is financing this movie is not going to finance whatever projects you're talking about. However, it might just be that if this is a success and brings a profit and visibility, those other smaller projects will get more funds thrown their way.

  • CEO of Google Says It Has No Solution for Its AI Providing Wildly Incorrect Information
  • Google AI suggested you put glue on your pizza because a troll said it on Reddit once…

    Genuine question: do you know that's what happened? This type of implementation can suggest things like this without it having to be in the training data in that format.

  • Changes to old Reddit login flow - r/help
  • Yeah, a contributing factor for sure. Just like whatever company produced the pencils used by Einstein was a contributing factor to the theory of relativity. Not a sole factor. No, not a sole factor but a factor. Yes

  • Free-Market Advocate, Elon Musk, Asks for U.S. Government to Put Tariffs on Chinese EV Imports
  • I think that what you're saying is that actions of hypocrites cannot be considered hypocritical since it's their nature to be hypocrites. It's all a bit circular, isn't it?

    I think that in the case of Mr. Musk, the issue is that he has been seen as an innovator not just as a capitalist for much of his time in the spotlight. For 2018 Musk, this declaration would have been hypocritical. For 2024 Musk, whatever, why are we still listening to this clown?