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  • For a split second I thought he was cuddling a split open salmon or something!

  • Daddy
  • Very!

    He had people drawing the comics for quite some time before he died though, so it's just. Continuing as far as I could tell.

  • Daddy
  • They were more common back in the...80s, 90s, at geek conventions where he'd proselytize. Otherwise they aren't super common because I think people just don't know about them much anymore.

    You can bulk order a random assortment though, if you're inclined to about people and don't care the specific message!

  • Daddy
  • Yeah, he loves us jews because we must exist in order for the end times to happen. He's very fucking weird about it though.

    I mean, he's weird about everything though.

  • Homemade bee spray blowtorch lights Walla Walla house on fire
  • I recommend Oregon Trail 2! No idea where you'd get a copy, but it's fun!

    I keep recreating the Donner Party in 2.

  • 5 Summer Activities Sure to Ruin Your Lawn
  • Ah, slip and slide. The product my family only had for one summer before it went away forever.

    Because neighbors borrowed it, refused to watch their shitty kids, one of the kids broke her wrist because of this, and then they tried to sue us.

    It didn't work, but I was so happy when that family left.

  • Daddy
  • Indeed, I've read a lot of them! I just try to not give the website more views lately.

    Also finding them physically out in the wild is extremely rare, it was the only time I've seen more than And that one was attached to my front door XD

  • Daddy
  • I once found an entire stack of Chick Tracts, I stole them all to laugh at. Amazing to see in person.

  • Baldur's Gate 3 - Community Update #28 Closed Beta
  • Yeah, when I saw him I sort of just like..."...maybe it is I who has lost the thread on attractiveness and also agd?" and thank goodness no, other people agree with me!

  • Hiding Behind Leaves Bun
  • It's looking towards the backyard. No idea what was in the backyard though. Another rabbit? One of the wandering cats? It did turn and see me, but I was inside so it just ignored me!

  • WYR: be able to eat anything you want and have it be perfect nutrition or have to only sleep 1 hour a day and be fully rested?
  • ...does this mean I can overeat but it'll still be at the nutrition level I need so overall I'll just be a healthy weight no matter what?

    Sign me the fuck up, gunna eat all the chocolate chip banana bread and be fine!

  • Hiding Behind Leaves Bun

    It's Tuesday, what made you happy last week?
  • Digital version of the country stew pie must be a second day dish, as it never got so thick it could mound up like in the first photo! Family told me it was very thick the second day...but they ate the leftovers before I could make a more accurate photo!

    The zoervleis looks really good! I'll have to find a recipe and try it!

  • It's Tuesday, what made you happy last week?
  • It was not! As much as I love fish, other family members dislike it.

    It was from the Blue Prince demo. The dining room can serve one of four dishes in the demo, I made the "country stew pie"! Here's a link to the pictures on mastodon.

  • What is the actual point of a bra?
  • Existing is agony, but I just can't care anymore what people think about my tits. I'm the one who has to wear them, and bras hurt (well, I'm autistic and they hit a lot of my brain hurting points) so screw it, I'm going to the wawa in a winter coat and no cares.

  • It's Tuesday, what made you happy last week?
  • I tried to recreate a dish from a video game, and it worked! (mostly).

    More importantly it was also delicious.

  • Geocaching in Cal Poly Pomona
  • Hm. Man. I use to geocache with my father. Maybe it's something to do again. Thanks for this reminder!

  • How transwomen/transmen dream
  • Same. My body just exists in the dream. Well. A blob sometimes? It's just there to make sure I can cook all these eggs for my goblin friends and the cat. Or some other insane task my brain dreamed up.

  • How transwomen/transmen dream
  • I can only give an answer from someone who was always disabled "I am disabled in my dreams, but at the level I was in my 20s (so capable of walking unaided and stuff) despite steadily becoming worse"

  • Pony Rule
  • I don't know, my hunter-gatherer ancestors hate me because I have no kids.

    We have a tumultuous relationship.

  • What is the actual point of a bra?
  • This is why I prefer winter, I can wear my bulky coat and go as braless as I want, despite the 40J I'm suppose to wear

  • Shiny Kartana in Pokémon GO!

    Only managed to get into one raid during the kartana stuff recently, and was delighted it was a shiny! My only other big shiny mon is a Guzzlord, which upsets me XD


    Rocky Road Ice Cream!

    With peanuts and mini marshmallows instead of tree nuts, because household allergies.


    Mint Chocolate Chip! Very soft still.

    It still needs to chill more and continue to be mixed up. It's more green than yellow but the photo makes it look very yellow to me.


    Stretched Leggie


    Three Cheese Ravioli!

    Made 46 total, and I'll make more tomorrow! I did break the ravioli cutter though, so tomorrow's batch will be heart shaped!


    Strawberry Honey Butter!

    Strawberry honey butter! My first attempt at this recipe from the Ball canning website. It's delicious, think it'll go great on waffles and ice cream! It's a bit runny, but that's fine!


    Candied Jalapeños!

    Made the yearly candied jalapeños! Well, half of them as the place I get the jalapeños from only barely had 4lbs, let alone 8lbs.




    Crossing Wizard by LoadingReadyRun


    Homemade Rocky Road Ice Cream!

    Been making ice cream at home. After banana, it was rocky road ice cream. No tree nuts though, family member is allergic, so peanuts, mini marshmallows, and mini m&ms instead!


    Taskmaster Series 17, Episode 4 - 'Apropos of Apoppo.'

    I really enjoy their continued efforts to make sure Nick's reflection is gone during tasks!


    Laser Eyes!

    How dare I wake him up with cuddles and pets and flash cameras! Don't worry though, he went back to sleep in about three seconds


    Snoozing on the couch


    Snooze snooze snooze


    Comfy New bed!


    Deep Sleep


    Always Watching


    Surrounded by Toys

    He has more than this! These are just the draggable toys. He also has tower ball toys and the like!


    A Rude Awakening

    My lumbering woke him up, although he went back to sleep soon after!