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Human rights

Sofia "Buff Girlfriend" @sofiabuffgf

Installing a bidet at home was life changing but unfortunately it's transformed pooping on company time from a small proletarian victory into yet another grueling humiliation of inadequate working conditions.

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Dedicated button

Brent @SkyCladBrent:

Imagine there being a website so popular that game console manufacturers put a dedicated button on their controllers to take and post screenshots and then you fuck the website up so much that they disable it

) Nintendo of America @NintendoAmerica · May 9:

As of June 10, 2024, it will no longer be possible to post screenshots and videos to X (formerly Twitter) from the Nintendo Switch's Album, or send friend requests to social media users via the Friend Suggestions feature. Find out more:

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The hardest part of beekeeping is thinking of all the names

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Do hats fit
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The taste of water
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The bubble is dead, long live the bubble!

spaf @spaf

Every vendor booth at RSA this year: Powered by world-class Al with a proprietary language model, our product offers unbelievably agile, next-gen threat intelligence-based risk management in the dark net on a quantum containerized blockchain employing breathtakingly advanced data science. Built to be compatible with your SIEM & cloud, its zero-trust architecture is programmed in a memory-safe language with no supply chain to monitor!

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Microblog Memes Ready! Player 31

Ed @eddo75

Lost my Thesaurus. Gutted. Really gutted. Like absolutely gutted.

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mrdavehill 6h

First I lose Henry Kissinger. Now I lose 0.J Simpson. This is so f#%king hard.

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The Bachelor
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Fe and Mn
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This setting is so fucking dumb

afab boyfriend

ME READING WARHAMMER 40K BOOKS IN 2018: this setting is so fucking dumb. No way a society would let their entire technological infrastructure be controlled by a handful of fanatics that have convinced themselves that computer code is literally God


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Premature truncation

benpaddon 17h

With convention season spinning up again, this is your reminder that there is a special place in Hell for cosplayers... more

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VCs, Very Smart

jimray @jimray(

Me, an idiot: "So, kids, by setting the thermostat a little lower and eating less meat, we're doing our part to make the world more sustainable" 41

VCs, very smart: "We just raised $100 billion dollars from the sovereign wealth funds of three petrostates to build the world's largest Al supercomputer. It uses as much power and O9h water as Guatemala and the primary use case is for management consultants to autogenerate powerpoints for justifying mass layoffs."

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Switch names

ceej @ceejoyner

Pick up artists and garbage men should switch names.

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Pet Allowance

sad sad mommy @noahsarca

i love the quebec pet allowances they are so silly it's like a riddle

Number of pets allowed

Usual limits

A total of 8 pets are allowed (among the allowed species), including the maximum permissible for dogs and cats.

Up to 4 pets are allowed, including a maximum of 3 dogs.


  • You can have 4 rabbits, 3 dogs and 1 cat.
  • You can't have 4 frogs and 4 dogs.
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Existential Despair

higgsboshark The thing about knitting is it's much harder to fear the existential futility of all your actions while you're doing it LIke ok, sure, sometimes it's hard to believe you've made any positive impact on the wortd. But It's pretty easy to believe you've made a sock. Look at it. There it is. Put it on, now your foot's warm Checkmate, nihilism.

cheskamouse This is a powerful positive message.

pluckyredhead I'm literally reading a book right now (Burnout by Emily and Amelia Nagoski) that says this is scientiically sound.

There have been studies done on rats and dogs where they develop learned helplessness in the animals by giving them impossible tasks. Eventually the animals stop trying, even when the task stops being impossible. (.e. put a rat in a maze with cheese it can't get to until it develops learned helplessness, then put the cheese somewhere it can get to it and it won't even try ) But once they show the animals they CAN do something - i.e. physicaly moving the rat to the cheese-the learned helplessness goes away.

No one can move you to your cheese for you, but the book says DOING something - which they define as "anything that isn't nothing" can help. Make a food. Work in the garden. Clean a thing Do a favor for a fiend. Call your elected officials.

Knit a sock.

If you feel overwhelmed by existential despair, do something. It doesn't have to be big It just has to be anything that isn't nothing.

Community update, plus new rule: advertising is now banned
  • Yeah I can see that he was frustrated and that makes sense. I was also frustrated, however, to see 2019-era brand promotion from Denny's on this community. It's not even new content!

    Hopefully now I've clarified things we can all move on with our lives, and once that happens the guy is very welcome to post here again.

  • Community update, plus new rule: advertising is now banned
  • I am minded to lean much more towards banning all corporate accounts. They get enough airtime already, if you want to see that stuff you'll find it easily enough elsewhere.

    It was funny for a year or two when the Wendy's account was pure rude to everyone but that time has passed.

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