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This is true.
  • Neither of those are the actual definition of the word. I've always interpreted it to acknowledge a person's abilities/capabilities. The big conflict of respect at my workplace seems to be older people who have worked there for 17 years not being respectful of people writing there for 8 years. They think they are the authority figure and deserve that kind of respect (as mentioned here) and treat people who have been there several years like they don't deserve the respect to make any decisions. Which is nonsense, and they are just making more work for everyone by disrupting workflow in order to prove some level of superiority.

  • Mozilla Firefox is Working on a Tab Grouping Feature
  • Unfortunately, the way many companies are set up these days, they require employees to use multiple different web applications to do their job. And if you're a developer, you need many different tabs for testing scenarios.

  • Microsoft wants to update your Windows 11 PC without forcing you to reboot
  • A Steamlink app was added to the Meta store recently. It supposedly allows playing streamed desktop VR. I have been meaning to try it with Steam on my Linux desktop, so I can't really vouch for it yet, it could just not work. And who knows if Proton works for any specific VR games.

  • buying coffee
  • After making coffee at home and figuring out exactly the way I like it to be made, I hardly ever consider rolling the dice on one if I can help it. Getting it while out and about is only for when I have no other choice (not being home for a long time). The cost savings are just gravy.

  • Pope Francis: I don’t bless a ‘homosexual marriage.’ I bless two people who love each other.
  • I'm not a religious person, but I think some views in this thread are coming off a bit narcissistic and ignorant. Religion has been a large part of humanity for literally forever, and people can't expect it to just go away completely. People turn to religion for comfort, often when they won't receive it in other ways. There will always be someone in the world who needs religion, and we all need to coexist. The important thing here is he is attempting to drive his members to be empathetic and improve moral compass. Just be grateful for that at least. People expect too much.