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Death Stranding UI is fucking horriffic.

I'm about 8 hours into Death Stranding Director's Cut, and I just can't do this. I love the meditative, lonely feel of the gameplay, and I'm always down for a bonkers and absurd Kojima story. I truly hope future games implement a similar traversal system where you really need to watch your footing. But this game is heavily reliant on menus, and this is the worst UI/UX of any piece of software or media I've ever experienced in 40 years. Every single aspect makes my head hurt, from the insane amount of useless information on each screen, to the menu flow, to how directives are communicated.

I'm a little surprised purchasers never filed a class action lawsuit, and I'm more than a little pissed every recommendation I've seen didn't have a caveat for the UI.

Fuck this game, and fuck Hideo Kojima for the headache I now have. After MGS5, and this, I'm done.


Can someone please explain 'Sugar in the Raw' to me?

As far as I can tell, those packets of raw sugar have the same calories as refined sugar, with 1/10th the ability to sweeten. So if you wish to sweeten your coffee, for example, you end up consuming about 5x the sugar, than if your stupid coffee shop just offered regular damn white sugar. Why? Why does this stuff exist? Who prefers it?

If I were to reimagine the Trill, I'd make them naturally unspotted...

The symbiont would be, and the Trill's spots would only present when the two joined. As the symbiont grew older, their spots would increase in number, so later hosts like Jadzia would have more spots than earlier hosts. Like rings in a tree.

Alan Wake II free trial for PS5...

So last night I finished Alan Wake Remastered, and go to look at Alan Wake II prices, and I see that it has a free 3 hour trial. Great! It's 12:30am now, so I'll just set it to download and try it tomorrow night! Today I go to have a look, and...the trial is expired because it started as soon as the download finished I guess. Fuck me.

So, G-Force Frenzy...

Is anyone actually enjoying this new casual mode?

Doc Wholiday

Thanks to this track, the Doctor Who theme was burned into my psyche long before I became a fan of the show.

How do we search?

Tapping the search icon at the top of the app should obviously be a content search, as we have a separate button for community exploration. But they both seem to do the same thing. How do we search for threads or comments?

8lb top round roast. How do I cook this thing?

I'd highly appreciate some suggestions on how to prepare this monster after it has defrosted.

Is it safe to run on leg day if I run first?

I usually do elliptical or cycle on these days since they're low impact, but I just prefer running. It's quicker.

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