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Stop Arming Cartels Act makes it unlawful to make, sell, possess a rifle ‘capable of firing .50-caliber ammunition’
  • Bolt action has nothing to do with hunting rifle. As the person you replied to stated, people use a wide variety of rifles and other weapons to hunt with based upon what they are hunting, where, and their own physical capabilties. Semiauto rifles have been sold as hunting rifles for the last 80 years.

  • Self-balancing commuter pods ride old railway lines on demand
  • My main issue with these is they don't have any benefit a regular train doesn't have for long distance and for shorter commutes in low traffic areas that aren't densley populated enough to warrent a proper train or tram... You'd probably just a bike.

  • Self-balancing commuter pods ride old railway lines on demand
  • Their entire goal is to commercialize it. Its not about efficiently moving large numbers of people. That makes too much sense for this endeavor since you need a set/rigid schedule and predictable travel patterns.

    These abominations, are for the convenience of the individual, in the most poorly thought out way. Rather than waiting for the 3PM, they want to advetise you can show up at 2:51 and get on the next available pod and embark, and charge a premium for no waiting and probably try to jazz up the idea that you don't have to worry about other riders ruining your trip or being a distraction.

    It entirely ignores the basic engineering problem of more moving parts means more chances of failure per trip and a single pod going down at best causes the entire line to shut down and at worst a catastrophic pile up as following pods fail to slow or stop and ram into the broken down pod.

    Regular trains have conductors who can contact the control station or manually slow the train if an obstruction is on the track and some trains even have engineers on the train or on call who can report to a troubled train in short order to deal with the issue. These smaller pods probably arent all going to have gps or location trackers in them to cut costs so even if the pod can accurately report problems there is no garuntee the engineers will be able to quickly and easily find or know its general location to render assistance as needed.

    Id also wager enough of these pods to carry enough passengers to equal a common commuter trainer would have a lot higher maintenance requirements compared to that commuter train, so despite charging higher ticket prices the company probably won't be making any more profit than if they just managed regular trains. I'd be willing to be anyone that concerned about privacy for commuting and willing to pay higher would just find that buying or renting a car or bike was just as cost effective and less restrictive than these pods.

    TL;DR this entire exercise is a solution looking for a problem and is generally worse in every way that matters.

  • Me on the left
  • Supporting Trump to make anything affordable is like supporting PETA to save the lives of animals. Thats not what they are about and they are very much known for doing the opposite and proudly so.

  • Steam is now banned in Vietnam
  • I think you're misunderstanding what I said, US fought a war to stop it the spread of Lenin/Stalin styled authoritarian communism and failed. There never really was a chance for a proper democracy to rise up in such an improverished nation when both sides were going to exploit the hell out of poor workers without adding any significant value to the country or help prop up self sufficient industries.

  • Steam is now banned in Vietnam
  • Geographically it was half the country, but population wise it was closer to 2/3rd pro communist vs 1/3rd anti communist. US involvement wasn't really justified to start and mostly sunk cost fallacy with how they tried to support the French rule before France pulled out and US was holding the bag and a doctrinal choice of stopping the spread of communism even when there was little to nothing to gain and only save face. Vietnam was going to have a civil war no matter what but US definitely made it worse and drew out the conflict and ramped up the death toll with nothing to show for it. If the US had any intentions of taking advantage of Vietnam modernising and industrializing they'd have setup southern cities that were more friendly to US investments with trafe and infrastructure. But just like in Korea that wouldn't happen for decades later, US presence there was entirely military and some very bare bones humanitarian aid.

  • Never make the mistake of visiting a community for your favorite podcasts
  • I will not touch undertale or deltarune with a 10 foot rusty pole due to my exposure to collective fanbase before either game came out. I'm sure they are fine games in their own right but the community has just mentally ruined any desire I had for them long before I would have been able to get them and try them on my own.

    I'm so glad I found Portal before I interacted with that community.

  • NSFW
    [NSFL] Russians have improved their methods.
  • Skull is pretty thick and well shaped to deflect some blows away from vital bits.

    The chest is a wide, flat area with significantly less protection and full of vital organs that do not stand up well to blunt force trauma or intense shock-waves.

    Granted though, using 1/4 kg of TNT or equivalent, anything point blank to the chest like that is still going to take your head off. His neck was probably giblets before the pain signals could even reach his brain.

  • Steam is now banned in Vietnam
  • I was furious that I had to download steam and install steam to play new vegas on pc at launch (as well as the box I bought from gamestop not having a the game inside but rather just a pamphlet with a cd key) I was later infuriated by New Vegas at launch and the utterly broken state of the game with each week a new but preventing progress or outright crashing game.

    But now days I'm reasonable happy with (Steam) it, it's not a perfect a solution but at least tries to uphold the gamer/consumer experience, unlike shotboxes like origin or epic games which were nonstop ads and snooping through your files outside the directory.

  • Steam is now banned in Vietnam
  • The local devs were not trying to get steam banned. Hell they wanted steam but wanted to play by the same rules and pointed out how strict their own laws and requirements were.

    Vietnam govt said you're right, it's not fair and banned steam to make sure everyone plays by their rules rather than admit the rules were stupid and draconic.

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