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With Game Pass price hikes sparking debate, indie developers are rising up to remind us how vital the Xbox subscription can be "to the tune of staggering numbers"
  • Totally agree with this standpoint from an anecdotal perspective. I’ve played a bunch of indie games via Game Pass that I wouldn’t have given a second thought to if the only option was to buy outright. I’ve since bought a handful of them off the back of that, which is sales they would never have got.

    However the price hike is too much for me when I consider how many other services I’m paying a subscription for. It was a toss-up between quitting Game Pass or Netflix, and in my house the value of the cost-per-hour of entertainment was massively in Netflix’s favour.

  • Apple TV Movie Bundles

    Anyone know how long specific bundles are available to purchase on Apple TV? Do they change monthly or something, or would a specific bundle be perpetually available to buy?

    How I Met Your Mother
  • This particular establishment is a large all-inclusive hotel complex in a holiday resort, where self-service beer is on tap in various locations. Glasses can be taken anywhere, so the hotel asks that they’re reused and returned to the bar area once you’re done. No dramas.

  • funny signs Quicky

    How I Met Your Mother

    Well, it's officially over. Tom Hardy says George Miller’s "MAD MAX: FURY ROAD" prequel "THE WASTELAND" is no longer happening.
  • The article just quotes Tom saying that he doesn’t think it’s happening, not that Miller has announced that it isn’t. That’s not to say it will happen but there’s no official announcement here, and there’s always an opportunity for it to go ahead with Max as a different actor. Wishful thinking anyway.

  • To be fair, I'd try a bacon ice cream McDonalds removes AI drive-throughs after order errors

    The voice recognition system seems not to have recognised what customers were really ordering.

    McDonalds removes AI drive-throughs after order errors
    What does the world think of India?
  • You see that everywhere. Even within countries that aren’t classed as developing nations. The UK massively shot itself in the foot with the disaster that was Brexit thanks to nationalistic propaganda and outright lies from campaigners, and US liberals have faced “anti-American” backlash for their views.

  • What does the world think of India?
  • To be fair, every country believes their culture is superior in some way, partly because it’s beneficial for governments to instil a sense of nationalism in its citizens. India’s not alone in that.

  • Apple refuses to call Apple Intelligence 'AI'
  • This is exactly why, and as simple as it is, it’s brilliant passive marketing. It stealthily implants an association to Apple Intelligence into every product and article that mentions AI, and might even require the author to distinguish their meaning when they use the acronym. They’ve Sherlock’d AI.

  • Lost in translation
  • Cheers yeah, that is standard usually. I was just having a whinge rather than asking for a solution. In this case the customer was trying to preempt having to complete a change request form (similar to what you’ve described) and get the relevant sign off etc, and had emailed over a “minor alteration” to an existing request, for which they should know better at this stage of the project.

  • Lost in translation

    Just had some requirements through for a query that a customer has specified.

    “Set the value to 1 if the Outcome is not Complete or Cancelled or NULL”

    This could be variously interpreted as:

    “if the Outcome is NOT Complete and NOT Cancelled and NOT NULL”

    Or “if the Outcome is NOT Complete, and NOT Cancelled, or IS NULL”

    Or perhaps even “if the Outcome is NOT ‘Complete or Cancelled’ or IS NULL”

    Obviously I’ll go back to them for clarity, but it’s a wonder why so often “bugs” arise based on interpretation of specifications.

    The experience that made me hate programming, but that's all on me
  • I’ve been a SQL dev for years. Last week I spent half an hour reading up on why wrapping a bunch of queries in a transaction was giving me incorrect results compared to when they were separate committed statements. I was investigating locking or what might be happening in the execution plan that was throwing it off.

    Turns out I just fucked up the where clause. I didn’t even consider the schoolboy stuff. This kind of shit happens all the time.

  • Apple might reveal a new “Passwords” app next week
  • iOS keychain is more limited currently - it’s essentially for web pages only. Sounds like the new app will bring features to iOS that other password managers have had forever - notes, non-web passwords etc.

  • We don't arm Israel like Obama
  • If it was serious they didn’t mean it, and if they did it was a parody, and if it was we didn’t understand it, and if we did it wasn’t funny, but thank fuck mean orange man gone.

  • "Hacked" Instagram
  • None of the messages that were sent to people have appeared in the chat history for that person. Except there are two new chats in her messages to people that she doesn’t know, containing only the rogue message.

    Interestingly, her entire chat history with me has been wiped.

  • "Hacked" Instagram

    My other half discovered that some dodgy person/company had managed to send instagram messages advertising handbags to all of her followers from her account. She changed her password immediately, but what could have happened here? Is it the case that a “hacker” had access to her full instagram account, or would they have used some tool that allows posting of messages via some kind of proxy without requiring access to her actual account? There was no record of other logged in devices on the security page of her account.

    Update: She’s just been through her junk email folder and found a “We’ve noticed a new login” email from instagram yesterday, so I presume that means they were fully in to the account then. How they got the password is anyone’s guess, but could be any of the suggestions below. Thanks all for the responses.

    funny signs Quicky

    My dyslexia briefly had me excited for the impending Milfageddon


    Delta emulator Android equivalent

    The Delta emulator is absolutely superb, particularly given that it’s free with no ads, a rarity on iOS. I’ve barely stopped playing DS games since I downloaded it. My other half is dying to have a go on her phone, but I’ve not had an Android device for ages. Has anyone got any recommendations for equivalent Android DS emulators that are free/ad-free, simple to use, and hopefully as polished as Delta that I can send her way?


    How would you sum up your weekend in Newcastle, Quicky?

    Why didn't Rugby take off in the Indian subcontinent?
  • This is likely the best explanation, although there’s plenty of highly physical/athletic sports that are popular in hot countries. Football, arguably the most athletically demanding team sport, is popular in a bunch of places where I’d rather stay in the shade with a beer.

  • Email admin

    I bought one thing from Wayfair and got nine emails about it over the course of four days.


    Yeah but how much for 4?


    I'm pretty sure that's his actual car


    Fuck the police

    cockerspaniel Quicky


    Movie night for this girl


    Can’t sleep thinking I’m being watched

    voidcats Quicky

    Void Ball

    voidcats Quicky

    Le Chat Noir

    cockerspaniel Quicky

    Loves a belly rub Quicky shared a post

    #dog #cockerspaniel #puppy


    Le Chat Noir