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The Hyperloop might be a good idea maybe a 100 years from now
  • Assuming it is circumglobal, would we put it at a specific latitude? Or would we have a web? If a web how do intersections work?

    In terms of what goes in the tube, we'd have to build an absolute shitton of what are effectively spaceships if they are to be airtight enough to hold a comfortable atmosphere for any significant period.

    And if it's intended for passenger use exclusively, why use discrete personal cars at all instead of a bus?

  • Burbank police accused of dumping homeless man outside LA councilmember's office
  • It may be defensively oriented as well, you have the old European tactic of putting Jewish communities in the pale of settlement, creating a buffer between potentially hostile states and any citizens they might care about.

    That said, it's at least as old as settler-colonialism.