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What was your most embarrassing moment?
  • I've done a lot of self-forgiveness in recent years, so a lot of the simpler and sillier ones I don't think of as embarrassing anymore.

    Could be the time I flipped a guy off after he cut me off and I missed a light. He saw me in his mirror and started freaking out and swerving, almost hit a curb.

    I didn't mean to ruin his day. Just letting off steam.

    Either that or the time I drove on the shoulder to avoid a car stopped in the middle of the road. When I merged back she had started to move and we collided. Totally my fault.

    I only realized later that due to her age, location, and stickers on her car from a nearby Catholic University that I'd probably hit a nun.

  • How can I write SA without writing SA?
  • You can not tell the reader what happened but instead show a character's reaction to it. Let the reader fill in the details you suggested but did not explicitly write.

    You can also 'cut to black' in a dangerous situation, again asking the reader to fill in the blanks. If/when they see the character later, what's important is that they survived and escaped, and again the details you offer help the reader fill in the ones you didn't.

    Third technique is to have characters dispassionately discussing what is to or already has occurred and show that they are unconcerned with the dirtier aspects of the war or culture in question. Now the brutalities you've suggested are both anticipated and accepted by certain powers.

    I've had similar problems writing for my d&d campaign. I want dark forces, but I also want a place of justice that is in danger. Something for the players to defend.

    And I've never had to turn to SA. Yes, it happens in the world but I'm not going to turn to it for shock value.

    Once I got dark enough to write about what a hag did to be 'gifted' a mortal child, and it was incredibly effective to be so gory and explicit after being vague about so much prior.

    Holding back the details can be frustrating, but then making the reader swim in them after all the hints is a good payoff. And if done well you still aren't writing the assault itself but the preparation and aftermath, which is still bone chilling enough.

    (In my game one of the characters was the hag's son, which he had only recently learned. The payoff for him was learning exactly how he was conceived.)

  • Bowel disease breakthrough as researchers make ‘holy grail’ discovery
  • Meh. I have mine mostly under control so if they price it out of reach, so be it.

    But given that the article says it's reformulating existing drugs to work here, they may be considerably cheaper than expected.

  • Anyone else have this happen after grabbing a coffee?
  • I think it's because the aroma of coffee is so important to its flavor.

    My wife prefers flavored coffees and I shy away from them.

    I thought I'd gotten them mixed or there was residue in my coffee maker because my coffee kept tasting sweet and I don't add sugar or use sweeteners at all.

    Across the room was a candle in a jar, lid off, unlit, hazelnut coffee scented.

    ACROSS THE ROOM it was enough to make me think my coffee was actually sweet. So yeah, it's all about the smell.

  • I asked Justin Trudeau’s Liberals why they broke a promise to ban three controversial police practices. Their answer says a lot
  • You are absolutely correct, and my snarky reply leads toward this tendency to call an organization as a monolithic entity that has agendas when the actual issue could be any number of other things, probably all of them, in a quagmire together:

    Resistance to change and outside pressure, factionialization within the group that leads to the request being impeded, corruption, organized crime, institutional failure, racism, nationalism, cronyism, outdated training, lack of training in general...

    There could be a good number of people trying to comply with the policy and simply failing. We just don't know the full truth.

    But it's probably all of the above.

  • I'm the Duluth Critter

    Hey all, I'm a cis ally in the upper Midwest of the USA. I offered a room to Keris a while back and she accepted.

    She got here Wednesday night and things are going very well. She likes me, my wife, and our cats and one dog, and is learning to tolerate the other.

    She has an attic bedroom that is her space alone.

    She has time to unwind and figure out what she wants to do without fear of being dumped on the streets.

    I just wanted to let you all know that we have taken her in and that she is safe and loved.


    [GENERAL] John Flansburgh is a superior musician to John Linnell

    I've been a fan of They Might Be Giants for most of my life and have always been surprised that people universally disagree with me on this.

    Linnell's songs tend to be quirkier but also shallower. (State Songs is a good example here - there isnt a song for every state and theyre often abstract to the point of meaninglessness. I expected such a project to have more inspiration behind it.

    I've always found Flansburgh's more melodic and thoughtful, slightly better composed, and with a superior singing voice.

    Of course they're a great duo and they play off each other's strengths. I don't dislike Linnell at all, just the songs that he sings tend to not be my favorites.

    Out of Context DnD Pronell

    "I can't believe I didn't get to poison anyone last night."

    Said by one of my two DM friends to me while we were in a pizza joint together.

    "Dude! Context! We are in public."

    I have a bountiful life of riches. I run two games and play in three. Just a problem finding time for them all.