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D&D expectations vs. reality
  • Or my experience with D&D...

    Encounter giant pit monster

    Everyone argues for 20 mins about how everyone else should use their turn

    Repeat until monster is dealt with

    Run out of time of the the evening, so go home

  • Lemmy, how do you deal with heartbreak?
  • I played a lot of halo, smoked a lot of weed, lost a tonne of weight.

    tbh wasn't really healthy. the best remedy is getting yourself out there. it's okay to be sad and reclusive for a bit but dont make it permanent

  • Start ups when that VC funding kicks in
  • well i have my own coffee machine at home and i only go into the office like once or twice a year so i'm not THAT upset about it. i just dont get why they wouldn't just move them from the old to the new office

  • Start ups when that VC funding kicks in
  • Bean to cup coffee machines legitimately was part of the reason i took a job at my current company.

    Then during covid they downsized offices and got rid of them all.

    Now all we get is instant coffee.....


  • Start ups when that VC funding kicks in
  • i work for a big multinational and there was this woman who walks around with a little yappy thing. she's the only one and i haven't seen any rules about it in the employee handbook. i think she just turned up with it one day.

  • Biden supporters mostly back him in 2024 election because they oppose Trump, poll finds
  • If Biden loses, which i think he will, i hope the Dems take it as a reflection opportunity and actually field someone who people like in 2028.

    if there is an election in 2028

    Edit: if you're going to downvote, at least reply explaining why

  • Rishi Sunak announces UK general election for Thursday 4 July

    The PM calls an early summer poll - having been widely expected to wait until the autumn to do so.

    Rishi Sunak announces UK general election for Thursday 4 July
    39 MP uses parliamentary privilege to ask why Lucy Letby story blocked in UK

    David Davis says block on accessing New Yorker’s 13,000-word article ‘seems in defiance of open justice’

    MP uses parliamentary privilege to ask why Lucy Letby story blocked in UK
    Photography PrettyFlyForAFatGuy

    I don't understand the price of the EOS M10

    I currently own two canon cameras, an EOS M10 i bought around 2017/2018 new for around £150 and a secondhand EOS 1300d i bought last week from a second hand electronics shop for £110 (body only, i already had lenses from an old EOS 200d)

    Spec wise they seem to be extremely similar cameras just with the 1300 being larger with better lenses and more manual features

    My dad mentioned that he was thinking of buying a new camera as his one was bought way back in like 2010 and wasn't a particularly up to date model at the time so i am considering selling him my M10.

    looking at ebay though they seem to be going for £200-400 which i find a bit strange for a camera that first hit the market back in 2015 and is way more than i paid new (although reduced to clear) from John Lewis.

    Am i missing something? How much is the M10 worth? and is it really worth more than it's newer (2016) DSLR counterpart?


    How to display a symbol similar to the undervoltage symbol on raspberry pi

    I want to display a symbol at the top right of one or both of my screens, similar to the lightning bolt symbol raspberry pi OS uses to indicate lack of power, when certain conditions are met.

    I'm pretty sure i could cobble a bash script together to decide when to do it, but it's the actual displaying of the symbol i'm not sure where to start on. It would need to appear on top of anything else that may be on the screen at the time

    Everything i have tried googling returns irrelevant results