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  • Spanning Tree?

    I hear networking one of those is difficult.

  • we love those power laws
  • Preps sophon on another planet

  • checkmate, big geology!!
  • Dude, you are going to break this person's heart. Keep this knowledge to yourself.

  • A snapshot of heaven
  • Gale of Darkness to replace Colosseum and I am sold. Give me a TV stand and a chair with a back and this is golden.

  • Swiss authorities intervene, Proton Mail not blocked in India
  • The website is trash can someone summarize?

  • Gaily Autistic
  • Do you think you are gay? If you do you are probably gay. Straight man here... I am a professional in not being gay so there for I need to get in the headspace of being a little bit gay and after doing so I have realized you might be gay.

    I am also an idiot and literally don't know what I am talking about and this is a joke. Fantasize what you want to fantasize about brother.

  • Make no mistake, the owning class is actively working against your interests
  • I think we agree more than you think. I am not asking that someone disregards the class separation and understanding it is very much a created system to separate that fine line.

    My point is that this post is very literal and can come off as doing the opposite it can fill a person's head at that age with, "you should also disregard it because it is made up and doesn't exist." Quite literally when the argument to be made is that while it is made up it very much is in active use and very much exists and disregarding where you stand in the world isn't being realistic or self aware if you want to change it you have to work hard for it in most cases. The point is that it is also silly to disregard that while class is a social construct it is in use and ignoring it can put you at a disadvantage too. You could create the expectation that because it is a construct that not acting on it or against that construct is a problem as well.

    My point is thirteen year olds are still very much developing kids that are very easy to manipulate and or they very much can misinterpret a point being made. I could see this being said to a kid that took it literal enough that they decide the best course of action is because it is made up it must not exist therefore it isn't a problem and therefore they don't need to do anything about it. That was my point. I don't disagree with you but I think posts like this are meant to self justify other social constructs that already misconstrue ideas and we live in an age of information where straight forward statements like this are also not the bigger picture and could be equivalent to someone just flat out making a post that The Earth is flat and we have learned that young people are easily influenced.

    Yes I understand that the earth being flat is an actual conspiracy but it was also established as a joke and someone took it quite literally and ran with it. The Internet is dangerous and as adults we should be explaining both sides of the fence to our youth.

    "Hey classes are a construct to control it and separate so that way the wealthy have more say so and can control our rights as people. However, don't treat that created system as fictional because it is very much in place and disregarding it is bad for you and others. If you want to change then be aware of it and make something of yourself so you can be that person with the ability to make those changes." I don't know about you but I would rather someone young interpret it this way rather than outright ignore it because regardless of what we think the truth is capital is absolutely relative to class relation and the culture and laws and people in power make sure that is the case. Teach young people to acknowledge that and encourage them to be aware and change that. Both can be taught but this image doesn't express that. You and I are on the same side friend. I just took the image here more literally and if you and I can agree there are multiple ways to interpret this then imagine what a teenager would do with this single statement and developing brains.

    EDIT: top that on top of things teens are already trying to understand and deal with. Their social life, understanding who they are, anxieties from their brain and developing bodies. Social fitting in, sex, education, forming their own opinions and selves and creating an identity. Then just coming out and saying, "disregard that dad is literally a working class member because the rich said so." It isn't how I would handle it. I would want my kid to know exactly where we stand and who has control over where we are life wise and ask them to be better or do better and change that.

  • The little smart home platform that could
  • "Ease of setup in exchange..." I think people tend to forget what "ease" is for others. This is nothing against you as I agree with your statement but I work a job where doctors can't figure out how to even unplug a keyboard.

    We tend to associate just being on a social media platform and typing on a computer with tech literacy. Not saying you did this just using it as an example. I think ease comes with more than just setup it comes with dealing or having patience with that setup.

    We use Home Assistant in our house but I also have Google Assistant and even with Home Assistant I still find there are many more things to troubleshoot that Google Assistant just doesn't give me problems with.

    For example it updated and our Camera just stopped being viewable outright and the time and money it actually took to fix that and yes I said money because it had to do with our camera hardware and upgrade on Internet service. So not directly Home Assistant but indirectly to fix it we had to buy another camera. Where Google Assistant just works.

    I don't see anything wrong with the users statement either. All kinds of FOSS apps and services offer ease of use setup and platforms. I am not sure Why Home Assistant couldn't be set up to do some easy to add integration as well or offer competing products against things like Google Assistant aside from cost and not being a hardware company.

    If the idea is to be inclusive the being easy as an exchange is a reasonable request from an end user. We also forget people don't have the hardware or time to learn to self host. Some of us have day to day jobs that don't involve this kind of understanding as well as kids, etc. Ease of use as an exchange is why many platforms the Lemmy community doesn't understand are so popular and maybe open source platforms should adopt that mentality somewhat to bring more people in.

    You can live in both worlds and want the other world to give you something another world might. However, don't get me wrong I don't disagree with you. Home Assistant isn't terribly difficult to learn but if I were to hand it to my parents I would be doing it for them. There is also a laziness to be said that can be attributed to people not wanting to learn to set up something like this but I don't believe that to be the same as entitlement as a consumer is entitled to want more from a product.

    Anyways, I have said my bit and this isn't meant to be an argument just providing my perspective. I would argue we should stop nagging people about "easy isn't a good trade off." Easy is why so many services people hate on Lemmy are so popular and there is nothing wrong with ease. We should encourage easy in products we want more people to be a part of and companies to engage with users to make those products easier because in the end it makes Doctors life easier and easier for me to recommend to someone with no experience in the world of open source and self hosting. It also brings competition to the table and awareness can spread if something is easier to use and recommend. I wouldn't recommend Home Assistant to my girl friend as an example because what she does for a living is type in excel spreadsheets and word docs but I wouldn't expect her to deal with home assistant and that is not against her because she is absolutely intelligent and does all sorts of things with numbers I can't even as someone in IT who should be able to do so. She absolutely and 100% could figure it out but why would she when her life doesn't pertain or really care about things as such because those things aren't as open as something like Echo's platforms and Google Assistant which makes setup and access easy to use?

  • Gay furry hackers leak data of transphobic pastor & far-right news network
  • touches your bulge - "is that keyboard for me" #>~<#

    Sigh, I will see myself out as I cringed myself out with that one and it was funnier to me than it probably is.

  • Gay furry hackers leak data of transphobic pastor & far-right news network
  • There would probably be more illegal actions taken into account if caught if they cost the person/church/organization/company more money by doing so.

    While fun I am sure there are better ways to do something without costing people/organizations money. I think this is important to consider when we compare deeds and acts we deem as better for everyone and compare it to things we deem as not okay for everyone because we tend to get wrapped up in the idea that our opinions justify what is right when what it boils or would boil down to is this.

    Ousting a right wing ass hole and costing him and the church more money = illegal

    Ousting someone through extortion or costing them more money through scams = illegal

    While we could morally argue one is far better than the other the way this could be portrayed especially by someone in Florida a specific politician called DeSantis: "Those gay rights activists are basically scammers and extortionists."

    While on the surface their moral obligations are clearly different and I applaud them. Hacking without consent or authorization is technically illegal regardless and can be charged but they are less likely to look like the bad guys by not costing, someone or some thing, absurd amounts of money that they would end up paying back like wise there is less fire power against them.

    Either way good on them.

  • Everybody Sucks Here
  • Hey all I am saying is hand a gun to one side in this image and one of them is trigger happy versus the other.

  • No Tech for Apartheid: Google Workers Arrested for Protesting Company’s $1.2B Contract with Israel
  • "It wouldn't be very effective if they did it on their own time." - well it appears to me it wasn't very effective doing it on company time.

    In fact I would argue that the majority of these stories have a higher impact when they are very much not doing it on company time because then Google fires against the law. There are laws that protect you while protesting or going into a union in certain states. Google has fired numerous times breaking California laws for firing while people are trying to unionize or protest off the company time which I would say is more effective because it garners far more attention.

  • No Tech for Apartheid: Google Workers Arrested for Protesting Company’s $1.2B Contract with Israel
  • Get the fuck out of here with the straw man. Google is and has been a problem in more ways than one but they were within their rights to fire people. This is just a dumb ass question to divert right into your already justified opinion because Google is "evil" and it needs to stay that way but if you can't see that a company has a right to fire when you are getting paid on their time then you are just as unreasonable.

    It sucks for these people but you are just as much in the circlejerk on Lemmy as everyone else if your first statement is a question asking something like this because you can't discuss it and would rather find any other reasons to just say "But Google bad." No one is disagreeing with this that Google isn't a monopoly, powerhouse, and abuses its uses. The point and statement here is that Google had a right to fire them.

  • No Tech for Apartheid: Google Workers Arrested for Protesting Company’s $1.2B Contract with Israel
  • "Google pays its employees in two ways: monthly or bi-weekly installments, and bonuses. Google's compensation structure is based on three components: salary, bonus, and equity. Salary is determined by several factors, including: Role, Level, Location, Cost of labor in the region, and Pay targets." Literally the first Google (unironically).

    I am all for pointing bad things out that companies do but contractors can still be fired or let go if those contractors aren't meeting performance. Tek Systems is a contractor that does just this.

    "Performance is assess on the output." - my dude you literally just said, "Google can fire them" what is it with the Lemmy brain? It's a circle jerk in here of people talking about how they are better because they are on a defederated platform using open source tools and software but doing the exact same thing other platforms do. Boxing yourselves in justifying your opinions just to be a part of a group then claiming to have the better opinion that the "shit" you see on Reddit

    Lemmy users and the platform are literally no different than others. You aren't better because you are not a "normie" and don't have to deal with the consequences of Windows or other OS's. That doesn't go without saying there isn't knowledge and information to share learn from others and Lemmy has knowledge worth listening to but God damn if some people on here aren't just as likely to just justify their own opinions the same as another platform and for God's sake I get that it's the Internet but if you can say that then you are self aware that your opinion is not completely reasonable without discussing it.

    I don't need to find another reason Google isn't the problem because their are many reasons Google is a problem but this case is being taken out of context. If they were employees disrupting the work place and protesting on company time then Google was within their rights to fire them. If the are contractors then from a quick assessment they clearly were not performing as paid and hired to do so. Google had a right to fire these people no matter what side of the fence you stand on. Does it suck? Sure. I don't care if you are a down with Google person if you can't understand this then you are just flat out unreasonable and the same as any other user on any other platform.

  • No Tech for Apartheid: Google Workers Arrested for Protesting Company’s $1.2B Contract with Israel
  • This is sort of a shit opinion, IMO. Why should a company have to change the rules to pay me when I am not working on their time?

    Keeping people productive on companies time is not a "status quo" it's working on working time. If these employees had just protested after their shifts Google could have probably still and would have more than likely fired them either way but the point is that it wouldn't have been on their time giving them less grounds to do so.

  • Microsoft wants to hide the 'Sign out' button in Windows 11 behind a Microsoft 365 ad
  • Why is the target of your comment towards people that use Windows?

    I am not sure why People on Lemmy feel like if they point something out to people who can't see the comment is going to get them to change their mind.

    I have and use both Linux and Windows. I prefer both for different reasons.

  • No Tech for Apartheid: Google Workers Arrested for Protesting Company’s $1.2B Contract with Israel
  • I am seeing a lot of comments on here but the context not being mentioned is that they were protesting while clocked in or working on the clock.

    Google is technically in authority to do that. The article is worded a bit out of context to make the act of protesting an a big company we all find to be evil more evil for letting employees go that were wasting company time.

    I get it before you even type it I understand Google isn't short on money and the time portion won't effect them but has the employees protested while clocked out this would have been a less likely outcome and I also get it, "yeah they would have fired them anyway." Sure believe what you want but it doesn't take away that Google had the authority to fire while the employees were in their time no matter what they were protesting. If I did this at my job and was getting paid they would fire me as well.

    EDIT: Lemmy is Reddit but it's full of users in denial.

  • But how would they be able to live on that?
  • I always find it interesting is that the mentality or analogy used is cost of living when infact some billionaires/millionaires have stated they wouldn't have an issue paying more in taxes. The problem is they just don't have to and if they don't have to then they just shrug.

    It's really an issue with the common person as well some people thoroughly believe they shouldn't have to because they worked long and hard for that money while others, those very rich people, argue that putting them in a higher tax bracket or adjusting the tax they pay on a higher percentage within that bracket is just, "unfair." Conservatism at it's finest. I am not really sure what it is with the right wing and people about complaining on paying taxes until it is brought up that, "hey we could make those who make a whole lot more pay a whole lot more cutting what you pay down some." Then they are up in arms. You either want someone to pay more so you pay less or you just don't want to pay taxes at all if those involved are "hard working rich people." But hey, instead let's complain about how people just don't want to work anymore or about how young folk just don't understand the good ole days and how you had to work overtime on jobs with poor safety and life quality issues that forced more work out of you for less. Yeah you are right don't understand that and how it was legal and why it should be happening now. Why would someone younger feel inclined to pay less and work more. It's called we aren't interested in making the same mistakes those same old folk now should have been up in arms about years ago. But then you are met with, "well those were just different times. " Oh, gotcha sooo we should fix it now?

    Then there is also a complete misunderstanding of how taxes and the economy works in general. If you genuinely think Biden and one person in office has complete control over the economy I think you also need to consider getting a therapist because you know zero about the way the world functions.

    Tax the rich higher. Elon doesn't give a shit about your hard work and your crop fields or corn dying because the world is getting hotter. So why in the absolute fuck should you give a damn as to whether he pays more money every year to help the rest of the world out. If you are the person who thinks it is silly to do so then please for the love of God leave the rest of us alone that want someone to pay more for you because in the end it should be done.

  • Gameplay mechanics were also a lot better with more replayability.
  • I think there is something to respect about both types of games these days.

  • Do we know if Sync for Lemmy will support tablet mode?

    For those of you that have never used Sync here on Lemmy. Sync for reddit had a tablet mode switch you could toggle on and it was easily the most user friendly app with tablets it could split your feed in half while allowing you to scroll right in the feed and on the left hand side for your threads and it created multi tabs for threads you had open.

    I wonder if Sync for Lemmy will be able to do the same thing.

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