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Hori Announces Controller Made Specifically for Steam
  • I seem to be in the unpopular opinion camp with this, but I actually really like it. I am a huge fan of the gyro+stick combo with touch capacitance, and this is the only controller to release with that steam deck touch capacitance feature. Biggest criticism I have for it is the lack of vibration, but im optimistic about this controller

  • Scariest/creepiest production logo?
  • Worse than this, was their logo video for Tony Hawk's Underground, where Eric the rival character gets attacked and pulled into the sewers by the T.H.I.N.G. and gets reduced to bones.

  • Music Players
  • Dont have it in front of me so instructions might be off, but Audacious can load any winamp skin you download, it is available as an option in the customization settings. You might have to drop it into a skins system folder on audacious, but winamp skins are one of the theme options you can pick on audacious. Looks just like winamp but the backend stuff is different (right click menu's, etc.)

  • What apps would you love to have open-source alternatives for?
  • I have had success with the Simple Alarm Clock on F-Droid (not to be confused with the simple mobile tools apps). It has necessary basic features like custom alarms, increasing volume, and dismissing the alarm requires holding down "dismiss" so the chances of accidentally dismissing an alarm instead of snoozing it are much lower. The only time it seemingly failed me was after an overnight android update (samsung), where it didn't work until the phone was unlocked.

  • Google Chrome Warning Issued For All Windows Users
  • Legit malware shown in this article. Imagine an operating system/browser injecting what are essentially ads into your webpage. Whether or not chrome or edge are any good these are scummy tactics by microsoft

  • Why is Google allowed to remove purchases from our Play Store accounts without telling us?
  • On that note, I bought a GIF viewer app's full version via in-app purchase and about a year later, they updated the app to have ads again regardless and my "full version no ads" app got ads again and now i had to buy a subscription per month to be "ad free" needless to say I uninstalled

  • Is there a way to make face buttons less rattly?
  • I assume you're talking about the haptic feedback on the touchpads? You should be able to reduce it in Settings > Controller Options > Calibration and Advanced > Haptics unless its changed

  • What video games have high quality fan-made wiki pages?
  • Its like the problem cousin. Biggest criticisms are the pay to win nature, inconsistent art style, and UI bloat. OSRS is basically the second chance to make things right and largely achieved this in every way (no p2w, simple at its core complex in its capabilities, community polling for new content). Everything that RS3 did wrong was a learning experience for Jagex. Not to say RS3 can't be fun for people