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How did gravity worked on the Death Star?
  • Yes, I'm pretty sure either a hobbyist equestrian or a full on equestrian's parent was on the sequel trilogy's rollover staff, for two separate sequences to feature space horses coming to the rescue.

    Also, low-key bummed that we didn't get Finding Your Roots with Lando Calrissian and totally not just gender flipped Finn but aged slightly and in charge of a bunch of other horse girl deserter storm troopers.

  • How did gravity worked on the Death Star?
  • Because they can believe space wizards but the idea of a twin sister of one of the most powerful space wizards in the canon being able to also learn space wizard shit over the course of several intervening decades breaks their incel brains.

    Same reason why Holdo caught shit for not telling Poe anything while my Navy friends were all relieved to find out she wasn't the kind of ship commander who would actually fucking execute you and dump your body in the drink for the level of blatant insubordination that idiot was pulling just in front of her face nevermind scheming behind her back with Finn and Rey to undermine her plans, and also to accuse her of being the traitor and arranging a kangaroo court mutinee basically acting as a thin veneer for him to shoot her in the face under color of "law" for having the gall to actually treat him like the insubordinate demoted twit he was.

  • How did gravity worked on the Death Star?
  • I think the animated shows had a few more space realistic moments like space walk repairs and such.

    Best battle scene in the whole series from clever tactics PoV IMO was Anakin deploying his artillery into a planetary ring system and then using his capital ship to bait Greivous into a pin between the ring mounted tanks and the capital ship.

    Best battle overall is obviously the siege of Mandalore just for the absolute knockdown drag out chaos in the middle of a domed city megastructure that's probably meant to be a seed for an eventual ecumenopolis.

  • Ohio is not Appalachia.
  • I'm not sure I get it still, was his family rich when he was growing up? Southern Ohio is still pretty rural, it's what brings the state to the right during most statewide votes.

  • Anonymous hacks Israeli Security Ministry, gives it 48 hrs. to end war
  • It is official it's just that it's membership and leadership isn't.

    Anonymous is basically just a mask for greyhats to operate under when attacking targets who can backlash more specific groups.

    Would not be surprised at all if some anonymous hacks were committed by already known hacker collectives who knew they had something big but wanted to avoid retaliation.

  • The Placebo and Nocebo effects are basically "stupid 'umies" unconsciously using Waagh energy from the Warhammer universes.


    If Texas Ever Tries for Independence again, the US should Send Mexico the "Come and Take it!" cannon just to rub their idiocy in their faces.

    Political Memes PhlubbaDubba

    PoV, You're the governor of Arkansas getting a message from the president on September 24th, 1957.

    Felt like we could all use some throwback humor.


    The Joker is Probably Completely Sane and Just Uses his Public Image of Being Insane to Keep Others Underestimating Him as Just Some Lunatic

    The man regularly outwits far more supposedly cognizant opponents including Batman and Lex Luthor, who are canonically recognized as two of thr smartest people on the entire planet.

    Edit: I'm not saying insane people are stupid, I'm saying that Joker's mental illnesses are pretty obviously behavioral, they don't affect his perception of reality. He's perfectly capable of understanding what he's doing and how it's wrong, in fact his character almost doesn't work if he doesn't, he just thinks that it's all hilarious anyways. That's why I said he's not insane, he just pretends to be, because he'd be fit to stand criminal trial as fully competent and cognizant of his actions.


    The Diamond and the Ruby, Taken in Western NY.


    Bedna N3aesh! A protest flag for the Palestinian people.


    The existence of Sloths implies the existence Wraths, Lusts, Gluttonies, Prides, Envies, and Greeds.


    Given a writing speed of one logical symbol per planck time, would the amount of time it takes to write Rayo's Number exceed Rayo's Number?

    Crazy Ideas PhlubbaDubba

    A story about a far future civilization preparing to celebrate being able to observe the first ship of settlers to their world departing from Earth

    (The light from the takeoff event is just now reaching their planet from Earth all those lightyears away)

    Crazy Ideas PhlubbaDubba

    A Movie with Ares as the main protagonist about toxic family dynamics and standing up against them, specifically centered around his killing of Halirrhothius for the SA of his daughter.

    Crazy Ideas PhlubbaDubba

    Dating Sim style horror game where every "love interest" character is some kind of monster that serves as a metaphor for different kinds of abuse, name it Family Values Dating