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The debate gets interesting sometimes
  • The problem is that we have two choices, and we will never not have two choices unless we do something about it. I can both say that Joe Biden sucks and we should do better and also vote for him because the other option is worse. This discourse that makes it seem like any criticism of Biden is pro trump is how we will end up in a slightly less terrible place. Cool. Really looking forward to that.

    Also like what the fuck...I guess we have to kill Palestinians no matter what.

    There is a third fucking option and it's not doing a genocide.

  • Just a reminder
  • That's one characteristic of fascism, but not the whole story. The Dems have slight authoritarian tendencies for sure, but they are explicitly fascist by the actual definition. Republicans are.

    I don't agree with their authoritarian policies, but by the actual definition of fascist, they aren't fascist, they are just shitty.

    So my point stands, I will vote for the non-fascist every time.

  • DeSantis ‘freedom fund’ Pac targets abortion and marijuana ballot initiatives
  • I guess I should rephrase slightly. Public employees are not allowed to take gifts / money from individuals in any capacity, this relates to bribe and corruption laws. As a result, this makes it so they can not accept campaign finance donations, which requires an entity to act on their behalf, a PAC. Sorry if my explanation was a bit unclear. This is due to blanket corruption laws and not specific campaign finance laws.

  • DeSantis ‘freedom fund’ Pac targets abortion and marijuana ballot initiatives
  • I can confirm it is right because I am the chair of a small PAC for a public employee. They needed to form it to fund raise. It functions very differently than how national level PACs function. but it's a legitimate use for them.

  • Just a reminder
  • I do think there is a constructive way to talk about how both sides accommodate the interests of the ruling class. We are at the point where our choices are corporate shills and fascist corporate shills. I am going to vote for the non-fascists every time, but don't tell me I am harming the conversation when I expect the corporate shills to be better too.

  • DeSantis ‘freedom fund’ Pac targets abortion and marijuana ballot initiatives
  • I can tell you one legit reason for a PAC. Public employees can not take campaign funds directly, so if a teacher wanted to run for local office, it's a campaign finance violation for them to accept money directly. That means they need a PAC to accept donations for them, and the candidates can use that money for campaign related things.

    PACs at their core are not bad. How they are used to influence our elections by the wealthy is.

  • Perfect
  • What, are we 80 years old here. Posting Facebook memes mad the damn kids are always on their damn phones?

    I am a travel and outdoors enthusiast, I love being outside and experiencing a new city or the wilderness, but also, phones are powerful technology that allow us to find directions or look up where to go.

    The real issue isn't that we are using it, it's that they are being used to collect and sell our data for advertising, that algorithms are designed to keep us on our phone instead of experiencing the world.

    It's boomer shit to post this meme and be like, society bad, people on phones.