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I'm an officially diagnosed Autistic and a self diagnosed Narcissist. AMA
  • Wow thanks. My mother often verbaly attacks me for not showing empathy (for example, when we were watching a shitty movie about a sociopath manipulating and murdering a family, I said I have no empathy for them, as they should have noticed the sighs and got rid of him while they had a chance).

    • Some of these actually describe me:

    • Sense of self-importance - I think, I should be considered above average in intelligence.

    • Preoccupation with power, beauty, or success  - When I describe myself, I make small changes to my behavior and things I say (probably just masking).

    • Entitled - If someone does something to me, I perceive unfair, I make sure they suffer.

    • Interpersonally exploitative for their own gain - only if linked to the last statement

    • Lack empathy - to people I hate or perceive bad.

    • Must be admired - My self esteem falls if nobody tells me i'm significantly above average in something.

    • Envious of others or believe that others are envious of them - I used to envy my classmate, who was described as a genius by the whole class. Later this fell apart as he stopped learning as much. Now, he is percieved as a unsympathetic, self centered person.

  • Please Help Reverse This
  • As far as I understand this, this isn't something like an actual degree, it's something like a diploma, you get if you finish what we in europe call a technical/specialized high school (the 3 year, not the 4 year one (where you can seek higher education)).

  • Please Help Reverse This
  • Even if it mentions this, this isn't a major part of the film. I haven't watched it recently, but I know it mentions Brawndo buying most of the food chains (like nestle) and if you look what people are watching ("Ow my balls") it's very reminiscent of terrible TikToks (which are practicly just sensory stimulating content, while not having an intellectual or educational value). On the monitor, around the "Ow my balls" show, there is a lot of ads, like the modern web and crappy mobile games. I think we already live in Idiocracy.

  • AITA for blaming my mother for getting me an autism diagnosis (and as I interpret it, to later sabotage my career)?
    • The worst problem is not that she disclosed my diagnosis. It is, that she (in her words) knew it, but still consented to my diagnosis before I could do it myself.

    • Well, This wasn't a driving exam yet, It was a psychological evaluation, which I knew, I could finish easily if it was fair. The results were practically: He finished all the tests fine, but he doesn't have any self confidence and is arrogant (just describing autistic stereotypes).

    *As far as I know, I actually am autistic. I struggle with socialization, sometimes sensory overload, shutdowns and meltdowns.

  • Am I the Asshole? Persen

    AITA for blaming my mother for getting me an autism diagnosis (and as I interpret it, to later sabotage my career)?

    To clarify. Me and most of my family live in Slovenia (a country which claims to be progressive, but discrimination (especially against autistic people) is still very prevalent). I was diagnosed at 3 years of age (without my consent of course). In primary school she (my mother) disclosed my diagnosis without my consent which led to me being treated like people with down syndrome (despite my above average grades). In high school I explicitly asked her not to disclose it, but she did it anyway (since I already proved my intelligence, I'm now treated like I have schizophrenia). When I confronted her about it, she just acted like I didn't say anything. If that wasn't enough, I failed my car medical exam as the examiner claimed I was stupid, which led me to a psychological exam, where the psychologist claimed I don't take responsibility for my actions (which is why I believe I failed) despite me never accusing anyone else of anything. Now I'm forced to retake it in one year (and hope I get treated fairly next time).

    Is anyone else highly concerned with the SCOTUS ruling that the POTUS is immune from criminal liability?
  • The problem is, Biden wouldn't do it, because he is demented and Trump would, because, well he can. So US are already fucked and the EU are probably next (ukraine war). While both sides are bad, I still think the demented guy is the one to vote for.

  • I'm an officially diagnosed Autistic and a self diagnosed Narcissist. AMA

    This was suggested to me by @[email protected].

    • I'm a late teen (17). I got an autism diagnosis (which still causes more problems, than good) when I was three years old.
    • You already know a lot about autism (since most of you are autistic), so you don't need any explanation (even if it's a spectrum).
    • Now let's explain why I think I'm a narcissist: When I entered high school a few years ago, I started feeling superior to my schoolmates. At first I felt, this was justified, as I have way better grades than my schoolmates (and had a way higher admission score (or whatever it's called) than others), but later I realized, it was unjustified, as even if I'm smarter, than everyone, I have other challenges (executive function, procrastination of anything related to communication). That wouldn't be anything weird, but even after that realization, I just can't grasp the fact my schoolmates aren't stupid and useless. AMA

    PS:I know it's a way too long post and doesn't belong here, but it is what it is.


    How the hell should I even switch mail providers?

    I have completely stopped using google services and software on my personal devices (even have lineageos + microg on my phone. The problem is that I can't just explain to the technically uneducated people that I changed mail providers. How should I go about doing this?


    Opensource/foss Discord frontend

    Hello. I'm looking for a more private (for obicous reasons) and fast discord client for android, since the app is terrible and preforms terribly on my relatively old phone. I can't change to something like matrix/signal, since I can't convert other people.


    I'm tired of always needing to prove my inteligence


    Yesterday I was at a health evaluation for a driver's license. Everything went well with my physical health, but at questioning, my autism was bought up. I was accused of needing help with learning in primary school (despite of my grades, that were usually B (I know, I'm lazy)) and now I need a psychological evaluation.

    When I started high school, most professors infantalized me, but later stopped after I proved myself (ok, some didn't stop, like the slovene teacher and the sport teacher/coach).

    When I meet someone new, they always think I am intelectually disabled, before proving otherwise...

    Why is this happening?

    Edit: It means a lot to talk to people who support me trough this (even if only on the internet). I took a psychological evaluation today. It included an iq test like form (easy, but didn't finish the whole paper), questionairs and some cordination tests (that in my opinion I was bad at). Just waiting to get the results. Hopefully I'll pass, but I can't really do anything if I don't, can just maybe try somewhere else in the EU (i think).


    Autism and manipulation

    I am finding, that i get easily manipulated, aspecially when it comes to other people's enjoyment. I usually know, when it's happening and still go along with it. This is supposed to be a lightharted post (not asking for help or empathy, I just hope to know more).