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Do memes from 1911 count if they're still true?
  • I think it's more:

    • We rule you and take your money
    • We preach to you and take your money
    • We fight you and take your money/resources
    • We take your resources that you've grown

    Or it could be the rulling class takes the biggest cut, clergy the next biggest etc. with workers at the bottom supporting the entire system but receiving the least.

  • Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker bashes Pride Month, tells women to stay in the kitchen
  • And where do your stats come from? Do they account for the current cost of living crisis that's affecting the average person globally? Inflation? Where I am, living on a single income for a family means that you're likely either in the top 10% of wealth or you're struggling in poverty.

    Additionally, your statement ignores that someone has gone to a university graduation ceremony and made derogatory remarks to the female students who've worked hard to get to where they are.

  • It’s not just boomers, young people are voting far right too
  • When people find themselves in stress, they will always vote conservative to ensure their own survival. Right now, many young people can't afford housing, they have to spend more time working than living. This is not surprising.

  • People want 'dumbphones'. Will companies make them?
  • I want complete control of my technology after I buy it. I don't want my phone to assume things that I like based on my input. If something goes wrong, I want it to be my fault because I enabled the wrong setting. I also want physical buttons. I miss those so much.

  • Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker bashes Pride Month, tells women to stay in the kitchen
  • Hahaha. Even if there WERE lots of women who wanted to be homemakers, there is no way that a family can run on the average single income. So, somebody has been telling diabolical lies to him about the current economy.

  • Women-only museum becomes a toilet to keep men out
  • Right. I see it similar to flavours. What if regulation stipulated that you needed to have food that everyone could eat? Nothing spicy. Must have meat options at veg restaurants etc. just so that no one would be discriminated against when they went out to eat. You'd miss out on different cultures, opportunities for innovation etc. Variety would die.

    So, for context, I'm from Australia and familiar with the exact museum in this article. This museum is known for putting forward very provocative art. For example, there is a wall of plaster mould vaginas and they have a soap in the shape of a vagina called 'Cunt on a rope'. Last time I was there, they had violent and sexual imagery (with warnings outside the entry). This exhibit is par for the course for MONA. The owner is rich enough to drag the court case to the highest level but the intent has been achieved. It got people talking.

  • Women-only museum becomes a toilet to keep men out
  • Only if I'm allowed to open up a space next to you with a water fountain outside and allow everyone in.

    In this context, your business plan would severely limit your customer base and therefore end up ruining your own finances than anything else, while my business plan will definitely get more customers.

    You plan would only end up working if the society you're living in is more racist than not, which is not the case in the real world. There's no need to regulate everything when moral code can do the job just fine.

  • Women-only museum becomes a toilet to keep men out
  • I would consider water fountains to be part of public infrastructure and essential, and therefore doesn't fit into the model that I'm putting forward.

    I'm not proposing that essential things like roads, water etc. are segregated but, rather, private businesses can choose how they operate. The risk is public backlash and hurting the bottom line and other businesses can choose to be open and accepting.

    For example, queer bars vs het bars. It's not segregated per se, but a business can choose how they want to operate to draw in the customers they want.

  • Women-only museum becomes a toilet to keep men out
  • But the idea is that everyone can open their own and run it by the rules they want. If you or a group don't like how one thing is run, there is freedom to open up the same thing but make it open for all. This museum is a private one, rather than run by the government, and therefore they can do what they like. The government ones should be open to all because they are elected by the public.

    I'm not at all in favour of forcing everyone to comply to uniformity for the sake of inclusivity but I'm all for ensuring that there are spaces available that are inclusive and that there's freedom to operate how you like, provided that it doesn't hurt anyone.

  • [misc] Pedal pedal pedal - cyclist vs cars Pedal Pedal Pedal by 20lux

    One cyclist's dilemma on a busy road

    Pedal Pedal Pedal by 20lux

    I made this mini game as a way to process my absolute frustration of my local government favouring car transport and on street car parking, as well as almost getting run over by impatient drivers and cars parked in the cycling lane. I thought everyone here might enjoy it. It should run in your browser.

    Cycling is a valid form of transport. It's not just a hobby.


    [discussion] So my local council are doing some road upgrades...

    And we had a community feedback session on active transport accessibility last year which highlighted some key roads that could adopt bike lane infrastructure. One of these roads is scheduled for an upgrade but no allowance for bike lanes was considered.

    The road was considered a danger to vehicles because of pot holes, not because there's barely any room to drive in a two way street. Forget cycling; there is no room to even squeeze between parked vehicles and moving cars, and a lot of them have a murderous attitude to cyclists.

    We have 3 counsellors for a bike lane, and 3 against (citing exceeding budget, safety and accessibility concerns regarding loss of on street parking). There was a swinging counsellor who initially voted for the bike lane in one meeting, but then ultimately voted against in the next meeting because the bike lane went against the council code of conduct (going against majority of the resident's wishes to keep on street parking).

    I'm just frustrated... My area is so anti everything except for cars, and it's so close to public transport and the city (less than 6kms). It's actually ripe for some decent active transport infrastructure but unfortunately cycling, for some reason, is seen as a 'rich' person's activity even though their super utes cost waaaaaaay more than what most people can afford.

    At the last council meeting, there was so much hostility from the car owners, saying that getting rid of on street parking for cycling infrastructure was a waste of money, would stop deliveries and maintenance vehicles, and creates an unsafe environment where you'd have to walk 500m in the dark to your car. Any time cycling was mentioned, they'd yawn loudly or shout their opinions.

    My local council has also declared 'a climate emergency' but actively working against cycling treating it like a hobby, rather than a legitimate form of transport. Stop the world, I want to get off.

    Rant over.