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At the RNC Prayer Breakfast, Speakers Said the Quiet Part Out Loud
  • "Pro-Life" but they will execute oceans of lives, in their regime.

    I expect full-on human-sacrifice worship of Trump within 4y of his gaining dictatorship.

    ( there's been continuous human-sacrifice-cult activity in the Americas, Central & northward, for about 11.7 millenia, ttbomk.

    This won't be anything new: it'll just be the same-old same-old getting blatent about it.

    I bet every one of you an imaginary-dime, right now, that the "uncanny valley" is going to be stark on Trump's face, within 4y, to those who aren't his worshippers.

    I don't know if there's a remind-me-bot thingy for lemmy, but if there is, & anybody wants to set a reminder, so you can prove me wrong, go for it.

    I think this bet of mine is certain.

    ) :

    _ /\ _

  • Democrats Now Openly Admit They Pushed Biden to Block Bernie
  • Remember that "journalist" who admitted, in an interview on iirc "Joe Rogan" or something, that CNN+NYT++ systemically "shut down" progressive issues, & progressive voices, in that election..

    I'd been wondering what the hell was wrong, but .. propaganda "journalism" won a "battle" I hadn't even known was being waged..

    Now, of course, the deck is getting stacked,.

    the economic house-of-cards still is being propped-up by China & the US ( different parts of it: the fake-economy of China, & the issue 7x as much currency, but pretend that that doesn't cause 700% inflation idiocy in the US ).. but it must come down.

    IF that economic house-of-cards comes down before the election, then the incumbent is hosed.


    It's a slam dunk election for the outsider, then.

    You'd better pray, successfully, for that economic-collapse not happening, until after the election, then, eh?

    Being the old cynic that I am, I'm expecting the republicans to win, to revert the US to Jim Crow's "reality", & to finish the Civil War that they pretended to surrender in, so long ago.

    Gutting NATO, backing Russia, the whole everything that Trump promised..

    I'd be preparing, not praying.

    ( & am, tbh: health's improving.. )

    _ /\ _

  • Tech Giants Withholding Products Because EU Regulation like GDPR
  • This escalation will continue,

    until big-tech forces the governments to kneel to the surveillance-capitalism biggest:

    They will simply say something like:

    "Either your government removes laws, regulations, accountability, etc, from us,

    XOR we are hamstringing your country: we OWN you, we POSSESS you, & you will obey OUR rule."

    I guarantee this will be happening between now & 2036.

    Remember how they can ratchet-up a genocide, anywhere??

    They've already done so, in some places..

    ( Facebook & .. was it Myanmar? as 1 example )

    _ /\ _

  • Heritage Foundation president celebrates Supreme Court immunity decision: "We are in the process of the second American Revolution"
  • Sooo close..

    It isn't the 2nd US CivilWar,

    rather, it is the US Civil War Part2.

    Not the US Revolution at all,

    rather the Confederates revolution, within the US ( a "reverse takeover", since they never really surrendered, in the previous half of the US's Civil War, back before the 1900's )

  • The Christian right is coming for divorce next
  • This is .. ludicrous:

    I've read that in the Jewish culture/religion that Yehoshua "Jesus" benJoseph, the woke socialist convict, grew up in, there was legal-divorce,

    & there was a kind of rule, too:

    "you aren't allowed to marry someone, if you aren't mature-enough to divorce them honestly/fairly/sanely" in that culture..

    I'm not remembering the exact phrasing of it, obviously, but that was the essence of it.

    IF you were too immature to divorce responsibly, THEN you were too immature to marry, in the 1st place.

    For .. to use a phrase from the Christian bible, just updating it to modern terminology .. "those who call themselves Christian .. but are not" to be warring against wokeness .. in the name of the wokest guy in the entire New Testament, .. & to be warring against socialism .. in the name of the guy who literally is famous for feeding thousands of hungry people who wanted learning/understanding & food, for no money/commercial-exchange, & who also gave free healthcare to any who'd spiritually-earned it .. you can see that their bible's phrase "those who call themselves _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .. but are not" is applicable to those who fake ANY religion's membership, of any culture, anywhere!

    How completely shameless can people be??

    _ /\ _

  • To serve his country, Donald Trump should leave the race | Editorial Board
  • That it is up to his voluntary-withdrawl is absolute proof that the system never was engineered to be best-for-the-country as its "center", instead was engineered to allow the politically-powerful to wear/wield the country, for their own interests.

    You can't hide if you're a bat, pretending to be a bird: the skeletons are sooo utterly-different, that the way their motions work makes it impossible to hide the truth.

    Same with this.

    IF it had been engineered to be best-for-the-country,

    then the country would automatically prevent DarkHexad people from competing for authority.

    DarkHexad: narcissism / machiavellianism / sociopathy-psychopathy / nihilism / sadism / systemic-dishonesty

    _ /\ _

  • China is attempting to mirror the entire GitHub over to their own servers, users report
  • This is inevitable:

    Once the people in China can only see the CCP's version of everything,

    & ALL stuff has been adulterated, either by AI or by some agency-or-other,

    THEN dissent should die-down in the Chinese population:

    Read Lanier's "Foreign to Familiar" to understand how Tropical-Culture vs Nordic-Culture shapes people, & how old-cultures vs new-cultures shape people,

    then read Hofstede's "Exploring Culture" to understand the dimensions of culture that his Cultural Dimensions Theory digs into ( power-distance, uncertainty-avoidance, "success"-orientation, & other dimensions )..

    & when you understand how we're kind of "template" people, before being born into culture,

    but once born into it, our entire meaning gets framed within whatever culture we were born into..

    therefore, the CCP can simply remove most diversity-of-meaning from their completely-possessed-population, through a generation or 2 of that.

    Tibetan, Uyghur, Hongkonger, Taiwanese, Indian, South-Korean, Japanese, the intent is consistent: "the destruction of " .. others .. "is the midwife of Chinese supremacy".

    I expect a similar kind of program to exist in all right-possessed countries, as the right is doing in the US, right now, with burning or banning books, eradicating proper education, suppressing libraries, etc, they're just doing the same thing as what the CCP's doing, only less-skillfully, is all.

    No real difference in their deeper heart/motivation/intent, though: supremacism, crushing/destroying all "other" kinds.

    Russia's big on it, too, isn't it?


    The "Crusades" were good examples of this kind of idiocy?

    The "Inquisition"?

    The "Buddhist" genociding of Tamils?

    So long as the "home" story is .. "coherent", & "justifies" all, then .. kids grow up .. believing, right?

    There's a book, & a Big Think yt video, on "Collective Illusions", which is important!

    Please invest in seeing that video, & see how it's actually a delusion-mechanism in our minds..

    ..used by political-forces, yes, but they couldn't use it if it didn't exist, could they?

    _ /\ _

  • Head of group responsible for Project 2025 threatens violence if people challenge their "revolution"
  • Like Hitler's "Krystalnacht", right?

    JUST like Hitler's "night of broken-glass"??

    US has a blanket-policy, that they NEVER bargain with terrorists: once you "appease" 1 of them, then the ALL are certain of their terrorism's "rights".

    US's policy is simply to break them.

    Nonfatally if possible, but there's no moral/ideological problem with killing them.

    The US .. I expect only 1/3rd of the US's population to be left alive, after US Civil War Part2, & the ever-escalating ClimatePunctuation has finished trashing things, these next years..

    When ww3 begins, the ContinuousHammerfall stage of The Great Filter ( 2035-ish ), I expect not 400,000,000 citizens in the US, but 4/3 hundred-million citizens left alive.


    Maybe the remnant left alive will understand the stakes, then..

    as I'm "sure" the rest of the world will, by then ( not a chance in hell, iow ).

    Socio-political-pressure NEVER kept humankind honest.

    Not in the old-testament, not in the new-testament, not in the mahabharata, not in the buddhist, or shinto, ar any records.

    IF humankind survives The Great Filter, THEN objectivity is going to be LAW among the survivors, however few they are.

    _ /\ _

  • What is the best type of smart lock?
  • Physical Abloy-style lock, not a "smart" lock.

    Go see some cybersecurity type people, & see that they put physical security in place where they value real security.

    ITIS ( Information Technology Information Systems ) has many vulnerability & attack-surfaces that "dumb" metal doesn't.

    If you look, you will discover that there is a news-story about a company which did the hotel-locks for zillions of hotels in our world, that had a fundamental compromise in their design, & now everybody has to replace all those locks, but .. that isn't going to happen, is it?

    IOW, criminality-industry was helped by all that "convenient" ITIS.

    Please consider going with an Abloy Protec style physical-lock.

    The Lockpicking Lawyer could get in, as could some of his equals, in mere minutes, but for the opportunistic-jackassery of normal robberies?

    You can't EMP a non-digital-lock to kill it, can you?

    There isn't a backdoor in the thing ( unless you multi-key it, but even then, with 21 iirc discs in the thing.. it's still locked )


  • The New York Times Shows What Happens When Journalism Becomes Vendetta
  • Do you reject that in the Trump/Biden election..

    CNN & NYT shut down all progressive issues, and voices that they could, as completely as they could ( & even admitted it later, one of 'em, in an interview, which is where I got their term "shut down" from ), that ONLY the Biden Institution would be??

    I'd wondered what the hell kind of "journalism" was going on,..

    ..then when I found out that it had been deliberate propaganda "journalism" suppressing as much as necessary to push their preferred institution, on their part,

    ..and to prevent Bernie Sanders from having any significance..

    Dear, fuck, that's was low, of them.

    Journalism & what they do are "non-intersecting sets", nowadays, as seems to be the case with nearly all "journalism".

    I think that Ground.News is categorically better, but don't know, for sure..

    _ /\ _

  • Redheads Endure Pain Better Than Others, Research Reveals
  • Contradicted by evidence, some years ago.

    A study in a dental clinic used measurement of local-anaesthetic to measure how pain-sensitive redheads are..

    It took .. was it 10% more? Definitely more, pain-killer for the redheads.

    The genetic-defect which codes for red-hair, and splotchy-skin, also codes for being more pain-sensitive.

    It also explains why redheads are "more reactive" as lifelong-pain-sensitized people naturally would be, doesn't it?

    ( I look Irish: my hair's gone white, but the fur on my arms is still orange )

  • Is it possible to simulate a sensory deprivation tank in your bathtub?
  • Float-tanks are this:

    Imagine a bigger-than-normal bathtub, so you can sprawl-out ( arms & lega akimbo ) without hitting the sides..

    the water-density is upped with brine, instead of plain water ( the float-tanks place I used to go to used sacks of "bitter salts" & the texture of the brine was damn-near oily, and DO NOT EVER shave shortly before going into a brine-soak, or you're going to discover what stinging really means )

    also it is brought up to a person's body-temperature, or close to it.

    When there's no temperature-difference, & you're floating sooo high that drowning is much less likely ( the Dead Sea is probably the prototype for all float-tanks, btw ), & you aren't bumping into the walls, then you're in blissful sensory-deprivation ( total dark, too, obviously, probably use a timer, limit it to 2h max ), & meditation can be awesome in these conditions.

    _ /\ _

  • try hitting that page in ff/android, in a tablet, in landscape format: I get a bright window top-left, all else is darkened.

    Maybe other people don't get the results I'm seeing, but it makes that page unusable in ff.

    Brave has no problem rendering the page, though.

    Anyways, since it seems to be a bug in ff, and I've learned that ff doesn't want any feedback from mobile-devices people, the bug report can be here,

    or be deleted to not be fixed,

    or whatever: I don't care, anymore.

    Integrity requires that it be noted, but..


    No Starch HumbleBundle includes "How Linux Works", THE SysAdmin fundamentals book, 3rd edition. Humble Tech Book Bundle: Networking, Sysadmin, and DevOps by No Starch

    IT pros, this book bundle will get you up to speed with DevOps, teach you Linux tips and tricks, and demystify containerization. Your purchase helps charity!

    Humble Tech Book Bundle: Networking, Sysadmin, and DevOps by No Starch

    Also includes the "DevOps for the Desparate", "Linux Firewalls: Attack Detection and Response with iptables, psad, & fwsnort", "The Linux Command Line, 2nd Edition", "Absolute OpenBSD", "The Book of PF" ( I think that's for the BSD's ), "Designing Secure Software", "Practical ulnerability Management", "Eloquent JavaScript 3rd Edition", "The Practice of Network Security Monitoring", etc...

    IF you can't afford the Safari subscription, which I presume would include all of these,

    AND you want thorough competence in the fundamentals

    THEN you really probably want to know some of these ones.

    I'd require the current edition of "How Linux Works" as the bedrock understanding of anyone who wanted to be working SysAdmin or DevOps, anywhere, any time.

    This entire bundle is the same price as "How Linux Works" alone is, in my local ebook platform.

    Our ignorance costs us, right?

    We can reduce the price it makes us, and our world, pay, through more competent knowing of our fundamentals:

    don't allow mistakes, or faulty-process, or malicious-actors, any leverage, you know?

    Salut, Namaste, & Kaizen!

    _ /\ _

    logitech Paragone

    Logitech k780 wireless keyboard bug, after bt sleeps, it sometimes reconnects to the wrong device for the device-button you'd paired.

    ( I've just been treated by the Logitech chatbot as a complete incompetent moron, and it won't let me file a bug-report with them, unless I open them to even more such abuse, through email, so fsck 'em.

    YOU get to see the bug-report, but if Logitech never sees it, that's their problem.

    I want suckers who bought this expensive keyboard knowing what it's doing, however, and that requires the correct description be findable on the 'web. )

    Sometimes after bluetooth powerdown, or switching either the tablet or keyboard off, it becomes impossible to reconnect to the tablet..

    The device-button which is supposed to be connecting the keyboard to the tablet, can't..

    Accidentally, I discovered that it had .. reconnected to my phone, while failing to reconnect to my tablet, but the device-button for my tablet was the one lit-up..

    So, either

    • the phone & tablet are confused, and are scrambling-up their identities, re bluetooth pairing, so that the phone's using the tablet-credentials to connect, and the tablet then can't connect to the keyboard, XOR

    • the keyboard's confused, and is using its device-1 memory-stored-settings for device-2

    I don't know which is the case, and have unpaired it from my phone, completely, but this bullshit is still happening.

    I've had to re-pair the damn thing to my tablet about 2 dozen times in the last month, and it's fscking annoying.

    IF you're encountering problems with your Logitech K780 wireless keyboard fucking up,

    open up your other devices, and get apps up you can type into, to see if the damn keyboard is pretending that it's trying to pair to the proper device, but it has already paired with another of your devices

    Nothing on

    is correctly describing this effect.

    Let the world know the truth, in spite of Logitech's blocking of the correct information.