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Party of Three, from LotR (Oscar Chichoni)

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> Many people seem familiar with Lord of the Rings via the Jackson movies, but there's a much longer tradition of artists depicting scenes from the books. Plus of course, two TV / movie series that bring some great voicework & songs (Rankin-Bass' version) and fascinating animation (Ralph Bakshi's), despite their overall flaws. > > But in terms of alternate illustrators, check out the Brothers Hildebrandt, for example. > > Personally, I'm enjoying this Argentinian master's version because the characters are no longer as wholesome-looking as in other depictions, giving the scene slight horror overtones. The ammonite is a nice bonus, too! > > Some more Chichoni art here: >

Although I also really like the Alan Lee/movies art style, having alternative ways to visualize such an immense world is wonderful. The Hildebrandt brothers' illustrations especially have a more medieval, almost naive touch to them that I think lends itself well to fairy tales.

Ενημέρωση σχετικά με το
  • Ναι! Δεν βλέπω μεν τις πολύ παλαιές δημοσιεύσεις (συμπεριλαμβανομένου του sticky), αλλά μπορώ να δω τις τέσσερις δημοσιεύσεις από το και μετά, και μαζί και τα σωστά upvotes/downvotes (άρα υποθέτω και τα αντίστοιχα σχόλια όταν υπάρξουν).

    Το timing με κάνει να πιστεύω ότι ευθύνεται η εγγραφή μου στην κοινότητα, μιας και άπαξ και εγγράφηκα ο διακομιστής μου ( εγγράφηκε και ο ίδιος στο feed της κοινότητας και έκτοτε "τραβάει" από αυτήν την συνδρομή. Σε αυτήν την περίπτωση θα έπρεπε να εμφανιστούν τα ποστ και στους χρήστες του απ'την στιγμή που ο πρώτος τους χρήστης εγγράφηκε στην κοινότητα.

    Κανονικά οι κοινότητες διατηρούν ένα outbox με τις προϋπάρχουσες δημοσιεύσεις το οποίο προωθούν σε χρήστες από διακομιστές που δεν έχουν συνδρομή στην κοινότητα ήδη, ώστε να μπορείς να δεις και τα προηγούμενα ποστ (χωρίς τα σχόλια, αυτά προωθούνται μόνο απ'την συνδρομή του πρώτου χρήστη και μετά). Εδώ αυτό φαίνεται να μην συνέβη, ίσως να είναι bug μεταξύ της συνεργασίας lemmy και kbin (και τα δύο στο fediverse είναι, αλλά διαφορετικά λογισμικά). Ίσως κάποιος που να ξέρει περισσότερα για το τεχνικό κομμάτι να μπορέσει να το ερευνήσει, ή μπορείς να επικοινωνήσεις με τον διαχειριστή του να δεις εάν έχει ξανασυναντήσει κάτι τέτοιο και αν πρέπει να το κάνει report στους developers.

    Όποιος και να ήταν ο λόγος όμως, η κοινότητα για εμάς στο φαίνεται να δουλεύει :).

  • Ενημέρωση σχετικά με το
  • Δεν είμαι στο, ωστόσο από τον δικό μου διακομιστή Lemmy ο σύνδεσμός σου μια χαρά φαίνεται να δουλεύει. Αν θέλεις μπορείς να τον γράψεις και υπό την Lemmy μορφή [email protected] (που λειτουργεί ανεξαρτήτως του από ποιον διακομιστή Lemmy έρχεται ο καθένας).

    Η ίδια η κοινότητα μου εμφανίζεται άδεια ωστόσο, δεν ξέρω αν είναι απλά θέμα χρόνου μέχρι να στείλει τα πρώτα ποστ στον διακομιστή μου.

  • Befestigte Deckel sind ab heute bei Flaschen Pflicht
  • Ich bin momentan in Griechenland und kann das nur teilweise bestätigen:

    • Plastiktüten gibt es, muss man aber extra bezahlen (war vor ein paar Jahren noch umsonst). Sie sind allereings entweder recycle-bar, oder stark/mehrfach verwendbar.
    • Plastikeinwegbecher z.B. für Parties findet man noch im Supermarkt, das ist aber nicht anders als in anderen europäischen Ländern. Bei Cafés wird der Kaffee meist in den gewohnten Karton-Bechern verkauft.
    • Genauso mit Trinkhalmen; zum Eigengebrauch kann man sie noch in Plastik finden, bei Cafés wird allerdings meist einer aus Papier usw. benutzt. Plastikfolien sind leider noch häufig da.
    • Lose Deckel kriegt man eigentlich bei neuen Produkten nirgendwo mehr. Einige Läden haben noch ältere Verpackungen auf Lager, aber die bleiben nicht lange.

    All das in Athen allerdings; kann sein dass es auf den Inseln anders aussieht.

  • Deutsche Gemeinschaften?
  • Soweit ich das verstehe, kann man mit einem Account auf Instanz A bei allen anderen Instanzen mitmachen (lesen/kommentieren) die nicht explizit blockiert sind (was sehr selten vorkommt).

    Insofern ist es schon dezentralisiert. Natürlich muss die Instanz der Gemeinde auch online sein um mitzumachen, aber das ist genauso bei zentralisierten Foren wie Reddit. Der Unterschied ist dass, wenn eine Instanz offline ist/blockiert wird, man mit seinem Account immer noch mit anderen Instanzen kommunizieren kann. Das würde bei zentralisierten Seiten wie Reddit nicht funktionieren (wenn Reddit nicht erreichbar ist, sind alle Reddit-Gemeinden weg).

  • Bernard Hill, who played Theoden in the LotR movies, has died Bernard Hill: Titanic and Lord of the Rings actor dies

    His fellow actors from the 1997 Oscar-winning film pay tribute to a star whose career spanned decades.

    Bernard Hill: Titanic and Lord of the Rings actor dies

    Theoden's redemption arc across the second and third movie was one of the most fascinating side-stories for me, and Bernard Hill portrayed him in all stages brilliantly with range and nuance.

    May he rest in peace.

    l’Impero Italiano
  • This is a very inaccurate map, as it lumps the actual Italian empire, protectorates and administrated regions all together as one. The map's resolution is very small so it's hard to tell, but some places are marked that were none of the above (e.g. Athens in Axis-occupued Greece).

    Even worse though, this map includes regions that were never under Italian control simultaneously. Quoting from the Wikipedia image on the linked article (and which this map is an either accidental or intentional worse copy of):

    Italian Colonial Empire. Every territory ever controlled by the Italian Empire as some point in time during World War II. (many of those were not under Italian control until November 1942/early 1943, and East Africa was lost before the conquest of Yugoslavia and Greece in 1941)

  • Other Patient Gamers Communities
  • I'm on neither of those instances, but all four show up when I search for "patientgamers".

    If memory serves, I stumbled across this community from one of my server's community highlighting bot's posts ( [email protected] ), it's a nice way to discover active communities I wouldn't have searched for otherwise.

  • Große Sorge nach Starkregen in Dubai: Kehren jetzt alle Influencer nach Deutschland zurück?
  • So wie ich das verstehe ist der Mehrwert der durch die Influencer produziert wird "Unterhaltung" (so nebulös der Sinn des Wortes auch sein kann). Die Werbung kommt dann theoretisch obendrauf.

    Bei vielen Influencern fällt allerdings das Verhältnis zwischen Unterhaltung und Werbung mager aus, diesen schmalen Grad versuchen alle zu gehen. Man kann nun mal nur so viel Unterhaltung bieten, aber mehr Werbung(=mehr Geld) kann man immer machen (solange die Kunden/follower weiter zuschalten).

    Was die Qualität der gebotenen Unterhaltung angeht, ist natürlich eine weitere Diskussion wert.

  • Wesnoth on the miyoo mini plus.
  • I've been playing it sporadically over the past 10 years and I'd say it's a lot of fun! Very easy to get into, even for people with little strategy experience. The mechanics are clear and not overly complex; for beginners and intermediate players I feel like it's just the right balance.

    It also runs on pretty much anything (as demonstrated^), so I like having it installed and playing a short skirmish for 20-30' if I'm bored. Alternatively, there's plenty of decent campaigns, and a lot of fan content (and a map editor if you want to try your hands at it).

    I've only played it a computer though, so not sure how well the interface works for touchscreens.

  • Schneller war nur Bayern: Leverkusen erstmals Meister
  • Selbst als Bayern-Fan kann ich nur Glückwunsch sagen. Eine wohlverdiente Meisterschaft, mit herausragendem Mannschaftsgefühl. Was Xabi Alonso vollbracht hat kann sich mit den besten Trainersaisons der Bundesliga messen.

    Bayern hat nicht einmal so schlecht gespielt diese Saison - Bayer war einfach zu stark. Glückwunsch also, und auf eine interessante nächste Saison.

  • Obsidian blades with food traces reveal 1st settlers of Rapa Nui had regular contact with South Americans 1,000 years ago
  • It would be nice if popular science articles' headlines showed more nuance. "Reveal" is too strong, "suggests" would describe it better.

    Interesting study regardless of what findings it represents, though. Analyzing centuries-old grain traces on blades sounds like something out of sci-fi; I wonder what tools archaeology will have at its disposal a few decades from now.

  • Shire-reckoning

    On occasion of yesterday's leap day, I remembered that Tolkien had devised his own calendar system, called Shire-reckoning, that I find very elegant.

    Compared to our own calendar system it is more consistent and easier to memorize, since it maintains the same number of days in each month (and the Hobbits even managed to have a consistent weekday for any given day of the year), thanks to special days that are not assigned to a specific month. On leap years such as 2024, another such special day is inserted in mid-summer; so in a few months we'll have a so-called "Overlithe" in the middle of the Yule festival. Apart from its simplicity and elegance, this also seems like something a Hobbit's mind would come with - solving a problem by having one more day of festivals.

    Fairphone 3 - or how to be contend with a phone and its´ issues
  • Nice idea about the GPS receiver, I hadn't thought of this workaround.

    I ~recently got a Fairphone as well, and while it's the next model, the fact that I can see them still supporting the FP3 with both hardware and software was what convinced me that they'll probably keep the same promise with my model in the future.

    Apart from no headphone jack and it being a little bigger than I'd like, I'm very happy with the FP4. I intend to use it until the end of its 5-year warranty, and reading about the longevity of yours makes me optimistic. Thanks for sharing!

  • I'll give you one advice, kids. Don't agree if someone offers you to work with odoo.
  • It certainly has a learning curve, and not everything is well designed. However, I think that's unfortunately to be expected of the whole domain; ERP tends to be one of the most complex types of software. The question is, which option makes this whole complexity less painful/overwhelming.

    For the scope, features and breadth that Odoo offers, I think it's doing a decent job (albeit with lots of room for improvement).

    Is there any alternative ERP system of a ~comparable scope that you could alternatively recommend? Python-based is ideal, but other languages are also fine.

  • Would you consider an fp4 worth the money
  • I used to only get lower mid-range phones (~€250, and not latest models) and keep them as long as possible, mostly due to financial and environmental concerns. My last phone broke a few months ago so I got a Fairphone 4 as a replacement.

    I'm very satisfied so far, but of course I'm not accustomed to fancy phones either so I'm aware that the bar is lower for me. Functionally speaking it does what I want it to, and feels good enough to fulfill my modest needs even in 4-5 years from now when requirements will have gone up.

    The price is significantly higher than any other phone I'd bought - but I'm fine with that due to the extended warranty. I'll save money from not buying another phone in 3-4 years, and the added peace of mind from not having to replace the whole phone if anything were to break is worth some money in itself too.

    But all the above would only convince me of 80-90% of the price. The fair production and environmental/personal freedom aspect of the phone are both the reason for the higher price but also why I'm happy to pay the price. I'd rather know that €500 is supporting things I want to see more of, than €300 is encouraging and perpetuating things that dislike.

    But I also fully understand that I happen to have a little money to spare - a few years ago I was very tight with money, so as much as I would've liked to support it I'd have to make do with what I had. There's other ways to help if money's tight: Like I think also FP themselves say, "the most sustainable phone is the one you're already using" (or something along those lines).

    In short, my advice from my personal (limited) experience would be:

    • If you can afford it and don't have very high needs, the FP4 is a good long-term investment.
    • If you want a higher-end phone/even longer parts availability, go rather for the FP5.
    • If you want a high-end phone but foresee that you'd like to continue switching to higher-end phones fairly frequently, a non-FP would make more sense.
    • If you are very tight on money and the FP4 is too expensive, a cheap conventional mid-range phone would provide most of the same functionality (bar longevity) for a significantly lower price.


    Finally, one note on the warranties: iirc (do correct me if I'm wrong), the FP4 will allow for an extended warranty of 5 years only until the end of 2023, after that it'll be 3 years. So if you're going for a FP4 it'd make more sense to buy before the year ends. The FP5 continues to offer a 5 year extended warranty regardless of when you buy it.

  • How I take notes.
  • I'd probably start with Tengwar transliterations of English to get a feel for the script, and perhaps after that try my hand at Sindarin/Quenya (which to my outsider's eyes seem as daunting as they are beautiful).

    Tecendil looks indeed handy, thanks for the tip!

  • How I take notes.
  • This looks great, very clean and consistent hand-writing!

    Did you copy the letters from the books one by one, or are there any further sources you could recommend? I'd been meaning to dabble in calligraphy one day (hoping to create something like the above), but haven't found anything directly focusing on Elvish yet.

  • Which is better for a Lemmy instance name? or
  • From the two TLDs, .world sounds like a great choice for something interest-related, like a small world that one can dive in temporarily to escape the real one. .life could also work, but sounds more all-encompassing, perhaps more suited to something that influences the majority of your life (like a profession or a life's work).

    Both hobbit and tolkien are good choices, like others have mentioned this can be used well to communicate the focus of the instance.

    Good luck with the setup!

  • Invite for Moderators
  • Nice to see the community grow! I haven't moderated a community before (in fact, never even had a Reddit account), but if that's not a deal breaker then I'd love to lend a hand!

  • What to the slave is the Fourth of July? | Frederick Douglass
  • I'd heard about Frederick Douglass but this is the first time I actually read something from him. Excellent writing and points; a good example of criticizing a group while simultaneously framing it from a perspective of desiring the best for it. It's all the more impressive by the fact he was self-taught.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Starting higher education in Flanders
  • I have a similar background and went to Flanders for a Master's, and have been very satisfied.

    There's several good universities, and most everybody speaks good English (even outside of the university environment) - to the degree that it can even be difficult to practice Dutch unless asking people deliberately to do so. Nevertheless, learning some Dutch helps with some everyday things like the supermarket, and should you aim for an intermediate+ level (think B1/2) it can give you an edge when looking for a job later.

    Job opportunities are generally better than in most European countries, both in the industry and with all the organizations hosted in Brussels.

    University fees are low compared to the UK (though similar to other European countries), but living costs are high. Expect to pay at least €400 rent for a small student room, and monthly expenses of another €400 if living in simple student conditions.

    Public services are mostly good, with decent education, excellent healthcare and mostly reliable public transport (trains are alright, but buses can have issues from time to time). Most places are safe (besides the occasional bike theft), and police are actually nice.

    I've grown to like the people here. Coming from southern Europe they can appear somewhat closed, and indeed tend to keep to themselves mostly. But if you show genuine interest in the country and it's ways, and even start learning some Dutch, it will be appreciated and you'll find people to hang out with and even become friends (of course, the alternative to just mingle with internationals is very common). In general they're polite, helpful and professional even when they don't know you, it's just that it takes a while to break this first "acquaintance" barrier. Sharing a dorm with them is usually a good way to get to know them better.

    Quality of life depends on who you ask. The weather is pretty much what you'd get in England, and night life is limited to a few places and not too long either. But there's a lot of opportunities for activities, sports, culture etc., and the region has a rich heritage with beautiful cities (also some nice nature in Wallonia). Work-Life balance is excellent which coming from the South is a very welcome change (Belgians will work well and efficiently until their shift is done, and then not touch work again until the next day).

    If you have any specific questions, I'm happy to answer them :)